10 Of The Most Expensive Cigar Clubs In The World

Cigar clubs have been built all over the world for decades, if not centuries. Some are smaller and even rundown, while others are expensive to get into, and are very luxurious.  Cigar clubs started to gain in popularity during the mid-1990s. This happened because many businesses instituted a ban on smoking in their establishments, and as a result, smokers were forced to seek elsewhere to smoke in public. Ultimately, they turned to cigar clubs.

There are different kinds of cigar clubs, some allowing the smoking of both cigars and cigarettes, while others only allow the smoking of cigars. Most of the cigar clubs that we will take a look at and discuss on this list are cigar only, since they are higher-end and very expensive to get into. There are expensive cigar clubs all over the world, but most of them are found in big cities in California, Nevada, New York, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. These higher-end cigar clubs are also more than just cigar clubs; they’re essentially entertainment centers. Visitors can smoke cigars and converse, while also playing games such as pool or cards, while also heading to the bar for a high-end drink.

Even though we have discussed where most of the expensive cigar clubs are located, there are some other expensive ones that will not be on this list. These cigar clubs can be found in Australia (again, in the big cities), Quebec, Canada (which banned smoking in indoor public locations, with exemptions for cigar clubs and similar establishments) and in the United States, especially in Miami, Florida, Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. With that in mind, we will now take a look at the ten most expensive cigar clubs in the entire world.

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10 Casa Fuente, Las Vegas USA

via usatoday.com

This cigar bar is well known throughout Las Vegas, for being extremely luxurious and being very energetic. This is one of the most popular expensive cigar clubs in Las Vegas. It is very beautiful inside and has very comfortable furniture, making it an excellent choice for those who choose to smoke their cigars in peace and away from the stress in their lives.  There is also a bar that serves a wide variety of beverages as well. Located on the Las Vegas Strip, Casa Fuente definitely isn’t going out of business anytime soon!

9 Cigar Cloud Nine, Abu Dhabi UAE

via kempinski.com

This cigar bar isn’t just a cigar bar or entertainment center, it’s also a restaurant. Cigar Cloud Nine is located right along the beach in Abu Dhabi, so you can enjoy your cigar while gazing out at the vast blue sea. There are also a number of beverages and food sold at the bar, including cognac, champagne, oysters, cocktails and caviar. Cigar Cloud Nine is only open from the evening until early morning, so if you like smoking your cigars at a high-end club during the daytime; you’ll have to keep searching.

8 Club Macanudo, New York City USA

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Club Macanudo is one of the most popular high-end cigar clubs in the entire state of New York, located nicely on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the heart of the city. This is also a rare cigar club where non smokers can stop by as well, to visit with friends, enjoy the drink or embark on a romantic evening with a loved one. This club is also significantly stricter than usual cigar clubs, as guests must adhere to a very strict dress code.

7 Redmoon, Beijing China

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Like Cigar Cloud Nine, this cigar club is also a restaurant, but there’s quite a large amount of space here that serves as a cigar area only. The bar offers a number of high-end, exotic forms of wines, whiskies and cocktails. Adding to the overall experience is the Chinese music that plays. All in all, the Redmoon has a very Oriental theme and feel to it, making it significantly more unique than your average cigar club. Additionally, unlike many other cigar bars, you can visit the Redmoon throughout the day, starting at noon

6 Velvet Lounge, New York City USA

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The Velvet Lounge is definitely not your typical cigar club, as you don’t come here for entertainment. Instead, you come here strictly for business. There is no bar, no appetizers and no food. Although, there are many different kinds of high-end cigars, a lounge and many private rooms for meetings to be held.

5 Monty Cristo’s, Dubai UAE

via kempinski.com

This cigar lounge comes equipped with a hotel and a golf course, so already, it definitely stands on its own among cigar clubs. This is a true entertainment center, as there are many different kinds of games to play, ranging from pool to billiards to cards, and a golf course where guests can play a competitive game of golf with friends, after choosing from a very wide variety of high-end cigars that you couldn't find anywhere else. The furniture here is also extremely comfortable inside the lounge, allowing you to relax after having some fun playing the games.

4 The Carnegie Club, New York City USA

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The Carnegie Club is perhaps the highest end (and expensive) cigar club in New York City. Some of the most rare and priciest cigars can be found here. The interior of the Carnegie Club is also very Gothic, setting it wide apart from not only other cigar clubs in New York, but from the entire world as well. In addition, there’s also a bar that offers some very exotic drinks and cocktails.

3 Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge, Dusseldorf Germany

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Many consider the Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge in Dusseldorf, to be the largest cigar club in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. It has been the recipient of many bar awards throughout the past decade, which is no doubt attributed to the very luxurious décor, comfortable furniture, large menu, an excellent variety of expensive drinks at the bar and a very calm cigar lounge. If you ever embark on a personal quest to visit as many cigar clubs as you can, this one has to be on your list. The Capella Bar and Cigar Lounge is opened every day in the middle of the afternoon, so it’s definitely a more evening/night oriented cigar lounge.

2 Library Bar, Dubai UAE


The real highlight of the Library Bar in Dubai is the gorgeous interior, consisting of quality leather couches and chair, and a menu that is made up of only of cigars. You can also get another menu with a wide variety of Italian and Arabic foods and cocktails. Outside, there’s a golf course located right next to the beach, so it’s not hard to spend a full night here and have fun. It’s also not hard to imagine why this is one of the most expensive cigar clubs in the entire world.

1 The Garden Pavilion, London UK

via theritzclub.com

While it’s hard to know what the most expensive cigar club in the entire world is, a very likely candidate is the Garden Pavilion in London, located at the Ritz Hotel. Guests have a choice to either sit inside in the very decorate and luxurious interior, or outside in the beautiful green garden. There are very few cigar clubs in the world that offer as wide a variety of cigars, as the Garden Pavilion, and it’s easily the most expensive and high-end cigar club in the United Kingdom. The Garden Pavilion is opened from early afternoon to early morning, every day, making it a very night oriented cigar club.

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