10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Wedding Rings

They say one out of two marriages end in divorce now. It was also once said that your engagement ring should be worth two months salary. But, if they came up with that two months salary thing back whe

They say one out of two marriages end in divorce now. It was also once said that your engagement ring should be worth two months salary. But, if they came up with that two months salary thing back when marriages worked, shouldn't that get an overhaul, too? In other words, if half the world's marriages are now ending in divorce compared to 50 years ago, shouldn't men also be investing less in a ring?

Think about it: marriage might last, invest two months. Marriage might not last? A month's salary seems more fitting. The fine print is, that is not the case. Though marriage may slowly expose itself as the financial sham and life ruiner it is, it still wants all your attention and money. Nowhere is this demonstrated more than when it comes to celebrity engagement rings. It's not even like they are buying the ring they think will be most beautiful and represent their love. Nope. Celebrities just want to buy a ring that is BIGGER than the other celeb's ring. "Oh, so-and-so got a one million dollar engagement ring? Well here honey, make sure you tweet about how this one cost two."

Like with most things in Hollywood, it is a contest, ultimately paying for bragging rights. The funniest part is, most of these marriages end up failing, and the ring ends up being another quarter million lost and gone forever (which tends to mean little to people as rich as this). Here are 10 of the most expensive and extravagant celebrity wedding rings, because love should cost lots of money AND your soul.

10 Heidi Klum - $150,000


The funny part here is, it almost seems like a Victoria Secret angel would be the person most likely to get the engagement ring worth THE MOST, but here she is at the bottom of the list. Why? Because even though $150,000.00 is a great deal to most of us, it is mere chump change when compared to other rings you will see as this list goes on.

9 Reese Witherspoon - $250,000


Any man who would be willing to marry a woman who's last name is "Witherspoon" has to be brave. It seems this Legally Blonde actress was given this ring by Jim Toth, with it coming in at a hefty $250,000.00 - a quarter of a million strong, just for her ring finger. Not too shabby.

8 Jennifer Garner - $500,000


So take what Reese Witherspoon's ring was worth, and double it. Bam, $500,000.00 dollars, and you know what Ben "Batfleck" Affleck payed for this ring. That is half a million dollars for those of you who are bad at understanding money. It has since been proven that these two were basically living out Gone Girl in real life and have hated each other.

7 Khloe Kardashian - $850,000


Sadly, it is quite hard to make a list and not mention the Kardashians. Alas, such is life. Khloe Kardashian was wooed by Lamar Odom, and many think the $850,000.00 engagement ring might have helped that quite a bit.

6 Hillary Duff - $1,000,000


ONE MILLION DOLLARS (say that like Doctor Evil for best effect). You all knew the list was heading in this direction, and here we are. A few entries down from the top and we have already broken the million mark for a piece of jewelry (that we're slowly seeing is definitely not a lifetime investment). It just makes you wonder how audacious it will get by the end. Oh, just you wait.

5 Kim Kardashian - $2,000,000


If there is one thing you know about the Kardashian family, it is that everything is a contest between them. So if Khloe placed higher up for her ring, you know Kim and Kanye weren't gonna stand for that. Cue the purchase of a $2 million dollar ring for a woman who is famous for nothing, and you are beginning to see just how absurd this all really is. At this point, it is not about love or sharing lives, it's about showing off. Also, Kanye, did no one mention to you how ironic this song ended up being?

4 Mariah Carey - $2,500,000


When you plan on marrying a diva, you gotta go big. We can respect that. The last thing you want to do is drop on one knee and bust out a ring with a giant lollipop on it. You want your lady to know you love her and want to commit. In the fame world, that means hunkering down mad green to ensure she has the dopest ring on the planet.

3 Elizabeth Taylor - $2,500,000


Now keep in mind, in this case her ring is worth the same as the last entry on the list: $2.5 million. BUT she places higher than Mariah because of all the other marriages she's had. In other words, if you added together all the values on all the engagement rings she has had, the woman has walked around with Fort Knox on her fingers across her lifetime - we're not even kidding you.

2 Jackie-O - $2,600,000


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has the honor of having beat the last two entries on the list by $0.1 million. Yup, her engagement ring is worth $2.6 million, making it more valuable than all other rings mentioned on this list thus far.

1 Beyonce - $5,000,000


Ya'll knew the Queen of the World was going to number one. Beyonce and Jay Z do not play. They want the world to know they ARE the power couple right now and no one can touch them. They show us this by flying to places normal people cannot legally visit, by being friends with the most powerful people in the world, oh, and by rocking a flawless $5 million dollar engagement ring.

Now understand something. "Flawless" in terms of gems is very rare. This man bought this woman a flawless diamond ring, and that, in itself, says so much. But they are the power couple right now, and to their credit, they are very much still together and still seem very happy. I guess when you wipe your butt with hundred dollars bills, happiness is not that difficult a place to reach (and a perfect note to end this list on).



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