10 Of The Dumbest Celebrity Purchases

It seems like there are no longer any limits to what celebrities have been purchasing. It's as if anything goes when you've got the dough. There seems to be little concept when it comes what these celebs have been buying. Does anybody know the value of a dollar anymore? When you are swimming in cold, hard cash, the world is your playground and money can buy you anything you ever wanted.

It is hard to imagine that one really does need a crystal encrusted bathtub for example. Bathing is hygienic, why on earth do sparkles need to be involved in your washing routine? Some celebs love this life of glamour and it shows how they love to plunk down the cash on stupidities. These spending habits are not only limited to the younger generation who hold the excuse of being naive but spans across to the old and wise as well.

Coming into a boatload of money can definitely be exciting and overwhelming. When you have so much cash, it seems like it just gets spent on things that don't really make sense to the average joe. Are these purchases things these celebrities have desired their whole lives? Or is it just a splurge in the moment? 

Either way, we have seen it all and money makes the world go round in tinsel town, so expect to see more insane purchases on the rise. Here are 10 of the dumbest celeb purchases thus far...

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10 Justin Bieber's Grill - $5,000

via greathdgallery.com

Oh Justin, you never fail to amuse us with your crazy antics. From sporting gas masks in the streets to your troubles with the law you definitely keep us on our toes wondering what your next crazy move will be. Back in 2011, Justin Bieber contacted Ben Baller of If & Co. jewelery company to make him a custom made gold grill. The grill held the pricetag of roughly $5,000 and was purchased as part of his Halloween costume. Baller states that he doesn't usually make grills, but made an exception for Bieber. He also let all of the beliebers out there know that the grill was not permanent. His fans started to freak out, thinking Justin ruined his teeth forever. This $5,000 costume accessory can easily be removed and inserted with ease. Justin currently has a net worth of $200 million, so this crazy purchase was just a drop in the bucket for the superstar.

9 Beyonce's Gold Leggings - $100,000

via www.afrizap.com

It is hard to imagine that some clothing can be sold for the same amount as houses, cars and college educations. For Beyonce, this never seemed to phase her. She dropped $100,000 on a pair of gold Balenciaga leggings! Leggings! That is insane, we hope that she never takes these off for that price tag. This bootylicious star rocked the pants at the 2007 BET Awards and was definitely a shining star. Perhaps she got them to dazzle on stage, which she always done. These leggings can be seen from outer space as they are all gold and flashy. They hug nicely to the curvy star making her look incredible. For leggings costing that much, we wonder how much of her dough she spends on everything else?! She works hard for her money, and has fun spending her cash.

8 Posh Spice's Cell Phone - $35,998

via www.usmagazine.com

7 Kim Basinger Buys Town - $20 Million

via www.braseltontownship.com

This sounds like a whole lot of crazy. Basinger purchased a town in Georgia with high hopes of a promising future for it. Unfortunately, things did not unravel the way she had planned with the purchase. She wanted to turn this town into a huge attraction. She wanted it to be a production studio with a theme park. Her big idea came to her when she was stuck in traffic in that area and spotted a sign. The sign read: "If you lived here, you'd be home by now." This apparently sparked the wheels to turn in her head, signing a $20 million check for the town. The town of Braselton didn't manifest itself as it did in her dreams; she later sold it $1 million as Basinger declared bankruptcy. Dropping such a large sum of money on a town, spur of the moment, was probably one of the dumbest things that Kim has done in her life. Although the original idea sounded exciting, unfortunately it was not as promising as things panned out.

6 Crystal Covered Bathtub for Blue Ivy - $5200

via btb.torontoisfashion.com

Money was no object when it came time for Auntie Kelly Rowland to splurge on a gift for her best friend Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy. Kelly spent $5,200 on a Swarovski crystal-covered bathtub for Blue. This 3,000 pound tub includes 44,928 pink crystals! This is just another glamorous addition to all the things this baby already has, such as a 2,200 square foot nursery. Perhaps Rowland felt iffy about spilling the beans to the media about the baby's sex before parents, Beyonce and Jay Z could. She was caught saying: "I have no idea what I'm going to buy Beyonce at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible." Oops! We are sure all is forgiven after unwrapping such an extravagant "congratulations and I'm sorry gift!" If baby number 2 is on the way, we wonder what insane purchase they will receive or buy...

5 Bono Buys Plane Ticket For Hat - $1,700

via manofmany.com

You would think dropping $1,700 on a plane ticket, an actual person would be sitting in the chair. That is not the case for Bono, as he reserved that place for his hat. Yes, his hat, the things that go on your head. This hat was reportedly one of Bono's favorites and he forgot it in Italy. Bono then dropped the dough to have his hat flown from London to Italy first class. This trip included a first class flight, 2 separate taxi rides, travel insurance and of course a very generous tip. Bono has one of the higher net worths for a musician, landing him at the $600 million mark. With so much income, Bono can have the freedom to literally fly hats around the globe. It seems so crazy, but perhaps it's just the norm for these mega rich celebrities. We can think of a few better things to do with $1,700 that doesn't involve escorting hats around Europe!

4 Rihanna's Hair - $1 Million

The Barbadian beauty spares no expense when it comes to her beautiful look. She is always looking so flawless from her unique style, her make up, banging body and yes, her hair. Looking 100 per cent all the time definitely costs the star some big bucks. An apparent $1 million per year goes into the constant up keep of her mane. She is never seen with the same do for long and is always trying something new. Over the years, she has donned a short pink pixie wig, to long fire engine red extensions. Her natural dark brown and curly hair always looks great, but with so many changes all the time, it is hard to remember which is real and which is fake! Either way, Rihanna slays when it comes to looking amazing and her hair will continue to cost her a pretty penny.

3 Justin Bieber's Date Night At Staples Center - $475,000

Love was in the air in September 2011, when Bieber went all out to date Selena Gomez. The Staples Center was privately rented out for Gomez and Bieber to dine and watch a movie in the 20,000-seat venue. They shared steaks and pasta from The Lexus Club and later watched Titanic on an inflatable movie screen. This date costed an estimated $475,000 but was gifted to the pop sensation for his performances at the center. Justin's shows make him an apparent $300,000 a night and this gift to him was a sign of appreciation for his successful shows at The Staples Center. Although the couple has been on and off for years, recent reports show that things are definitely back on for the duo. How can he ever top that date night though?

2 Daniel Radcliffe Buys Mattress - $17,000

via moviepilot.com

When trying to get a good night's sleep, it is important to have a well made bed and naturally the most plush and comfortable mattress. Radcliffe is definitely aware of this because he didn't even blink an eye when dropping $17,000 on a mattress. He purchased a custom-made Savoir mattress. The old mattress he had in his dorm he claims was not comfortable and therefore needed something superior and grandioso! At that cost, we hope Daniel never leaves his bed and is getting all of the beauty sleep possible. Money is no object to this Harry Potter star as he began to earn insane amounts at just the young age of 11. With the success of the Harry Potter franchise, Radcliffe is sitting comfortable on a net worth of $110 million. With all of that money, who knows how many mattresses this star will keep buying for his extreme comfort.

1 Mike Tyson Buys Bengal Tigers - $140,000

via moviepilot.com

Mike Tyson purchased two Bengal tigers, each weighing over 500 pounds. These endangered species resided on the premises of the mega rich and popular Mike Tyson. We are not sure if Tyson knew what he was getting into when buying these tigers as they require tremendous upkeep. It is definitely no comparison to owning a domesticated dog or bird; these felines are still wild animals at the end of the day. They are so powerful and can destroy any human with one bite, even this quick boxer. Tyson kept the tigers well fed with an estimated $200,000 worth of food per year. The tigers consumed roughly 40 pounds of meat a day and it was important to keep them well fed, so you are not their next meal. Unfortunately, Tyson gave up the tigers as it was beginning to cost him an arm and a leg, so to speak. Some animals are just not meant to be domesticated and need to be in the wild where they belong, no matter how much money you are willing to spend.

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