10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Haircuts

In the ancient world, hairstyles determined the wealth, age and social group of an individual man or woman. While they varied from one country to another, each had a significant social impact upon the civilization. In Egypt, for example, both men and women would wear their hair down to their shoulders or cut it to the nape of their neck. Young adults would shave their heads to mark that they had not yet become of age. When they did, however, they would be allowed to choose which hairstyle they preferred as an adult.

Flash forward to modern times, and the importance of hair is still eminent, as it has become a powerful expression of an individual’s identity. From bobs to mohawk’s, haircuts are constantly evolving and transforming attitudes toward what is considered beautiful. Women put so much time and money into their long mane, because hair care gives one a sense of pride and confidence in the way they look and feel about themselves.

Magazine covers displaying celebrities with silky, sleek tresses bouncing around along the frame of their face enforce this ideal of beauty and aesthetics. While the average American woman drops $100 on one salon appointment, that sum won’t even begin to cover the cost for these Hollywood celebs strands. Some of the most celebrated names of the hairstyling world, such as Elizabeth Arden and Oribe, have earned their claim to fame by dedicating their lives to hair. See which styles made the all-time fashionable cut!

10 Jennifer Lopez: $400

This diva’s precious locks are allowed to be touched only by world renowned hairstylist Oribe. This legend got his start as an assistant in the late 70’s- early 80’s to Garren, one of the most sought-after and well-known hairdressers at the time. Oribe quickly rose to the top, as he was an eager learner and willing to please clients. Now, he himself is one of the hottest stylists for major Hollywood celebrities. Jennifer Lopez gets a weekly trim that comes to $400, just to snip the ends off of her slightly new growth. Oribe’s mastery lies only within the realm of haircutting; he does not dabble in the art of hair coloring, so there must be a great deal of pampering and primping that goes into these weekly salon appointments.

9 Jennifer Aniston: $600

Known for sporting the iconic Rachel haircut, Jennifer Aniston trusts hairstylist Chris McMillan, who was the style creator for the sitcom Friends. Known as Hollywood’s “Mane Man,” this celebrity hairstylist charges $600 per service cut. Allure magazine has ranked him among “The Influencers,” an elite group of creative artists who are the most influential among their peers and do not follow specific “trends,” but rather create their own. Chris McMillan has definitely done this with Jennifer Aniston’s low-key layered cut that she continues to maintain no matter what the cost.

8 Rihanna: $2,000

This R&B singer Rihanna reportedly requires a week of continuous hair care to maintain her fierce short styles that she wears on and off stage. With hair being one of the most important things for her image, she gives celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen full responsibility to keep her looking perfect. For more than 15 years, Ursula has been creating haute hairstyles for her clients. Rihanna is the perfect example for her most notable edgy and versatile cuts, which the stylist continues to transform.

7 Michael Douglas: $6,000

As the son of Hollywood star Kirk Douglas, it wasn’t hard to declare his own claim to fame. At the age of 25, the actor landed his first big time gig for the film Hail, Hero! In preparation for his role as a student who drops out of school to join the army, Michael Douglas had to part with his long mane for a scene in the movie. The cut was valued at $1,000 in 1969, and would be equivalent to about $6,000 today. Although Douglass wasn’t thrilled with the loss of his strands at the time, a nomination as “Best Newcomer of the Year Award” from the Golden Globes was a promising start. Unfortunately, Jon Voight claimed the award with his performance in Midnight Cowboy, which left Douglas unceremoniously stranded.

6 David Beckham: $6,000

The recently retired soccer superstar and British heart-throb, David Beckham, got his iconic blonde locks trimmed and shaped as a requirement for his endorsement contract with a company called County Chemicals for their hair cream product called Brylcreem. Originally a pomade for classically well-groomed gentlemen back in the 1920’s, the company needed a modern face to promote an edgier and more sports driven look. The price of this new marketing image came to $6,000 and also cost this world famous soccer player his rugged mane.

5 Beverley Lateo: $16,000

Hailing from Pisa, this Italian allowed hairstylist to the stars, Stuart Phillips, of the Covent Garden Salon in London to give her a fresh new “do” at her request. Her layers required extra care and precision, so Phillips was the “go- to” stylist for the job. While doughing out $16,000 for a haircut may seem ludicrous, this isn’t the only pampering Beverley Lateo received during her stay at the London salon. The client lazed in the lap of luxury all day long with a service deluxe for her trip, which included a limousine service, a champagne lunch and a luxurious massage; among other spa treatments.

4 Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah: $31,000

This royal figure of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, pays an average of $31,000 to get his mane cut by his trusted barber of 16 years, Ken Modestou; of the Dorchester Hotel salon in London. Modestou, always at the Sultan’s beck and call, has flown first class to Brunei just to get the job done. While $31,000 is a single salary for the average American, for the Sultan it is just a small price to pay to look his best. At an estimated net worth of $20 billion, he can afford the royal treatment.

3 First Lady Mamie Eisenhower: Price Unknown

This trendsetting 1950’s First Lady is known for her trademark, the Mamie Bangs. At the time, this style received mixed reaction, and hairstylist Elizabeth Arden was responsible for cutting and styling the First Lady’s hair in Paris. Mamie was delighted with her new look and from then on, Elizabeth Arden was the only hairdresser for her. While the cost of this haircut is unknown, it is safe to theorize that these bangs required big bucks! Knockoffs of the Mamie Bangs cleared off the shelves at $15 to $20 each piece, as they had become an iconic statement.

2 John Paul Dejoria: $40,000

Hair care guru and co-founder of the company John Paul Mitchell systems had his iconic ponytail snipped off back in 2005. Leeza Gibbons was responsible for this shocking chop, who is a famous TV personality of all things. John Paul Dejoria, reportedly worth $4 billion, was not the only one who paid for this extravagant fee. His family helped out as well, as the sacrifice of his locks contributed as charity to the International Red Cross for the benefit of the tsunami victims in Asia.

1 Anne Hathaway: $8 Million

This lovely leading lady’s dedication to her art was tested during the making of the film adaption to the Broadway play, Les Miserables. Director Tom Hooper wanted Anne Hathaway’s hair to match her character portrayal of destitute Fantine for a realistic effect. Fellow actress Nicola Sloane was entrusted to savagely hack off Anne’s long mane in the scene where Fantine sells her hair in exchange for a pitifully small amount of money. The actress was distraught over the loss of her long locks, however her fate was not as dreadful as Fantine’s, as she was rewarded a paycheck of $8 million; an ironic luxury of a modern day movie star.

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