10 Most Shockingly Expensive iPhone Apps

The iOS App Store has over 1.2 million applications that can be downloaded to users' iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. The average iTunes app runs anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99. To make sure app creator

The iOS App Store has over 1.2 million applications that can be downloaded to users' iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. The average iTunes app runs anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99. To make sure app creators don't overrun the app store with million dollar apps, Apple put a cap on the price of apps at $999.99. Of course, most apps don't come even close to costing that much. However, there are a few apps that come very close to the boundaries of the maximum price.

The majority of the most expensive applications are those created for a specialized industry. They work along with various software programs and assist professionals in their required field. These professions range from piano tuners to small animal veterinarians. Each of the ten most expensive apps are available in the iTunes Store.

10 iDIA - Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal - $399.99


If you have a small animal like a cat or dog, you've been to the veterinarian's office. You may have also had your animal diagnosed with a disease or injury that requires advanced treatment. Chances are, as the veterinarian was explaining your animal's ailment, you were nodding your head but not really understanding what the veterinarian was saying.

9 The Alchemist SMS - $999.99


This app is designed to assist steelmaking and scrap metal recycling industry professionals. According to the app's iTunes' description, the program will take into account "the user's available inventory of metal scrap [and create a Charge mix] to meet the user's desired molten metal chemistries."

8 DDS GP Yes! - $499.99


Unless you are a dentist, this app is not at all worth its $499.99 price tag. But if you're a dentist (or just fascinated with teeth) this app will help you convey your treatment plans to your patients through a great visual display.

According to the app's website, there are over 200 demonstrations including cosmetic dentistry, tooth decay, implants, cracks, surgery, hygiene, ortho, and a whole lot of other dental related terms.

7 QSFFStats - $999.99


There are some serious flag football fans out there... at least that's what the creators of QSFFStats must have been thinking. In 2011 this app hit the iTunes store for a cool $999.99. Why does it cost so much? Your guess is as good as any. It can keep track of the stats for all passing leagues and upload play-by-play stats by email, and... That's it.

6 BarMax CA - $999.99


Passing the California bar exam takes hours of preparation and years of studying. But even with years of law school, no one is guaranteed to pass the required exam. In fact, in 2014 less than half of all students who took the California bar exam passed. So, needless to say any help that law students can get is appreciated.

5 MobiGage NDI - $999.99


Like many other expensive apps on this list, MobiGage is a specialized app. It's intended for those that work with measurements and the inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies. For the cost of $999.99, MobiGage can create, edit, and run measurement plans. It automates the inspection processes of parts and assemblies. The app, which was created by Titansan Engineering Inc., is able to save plans, email reports, test connections to a measure device, create a measurement plan, and many other measurement specific tasks.

4 Alpha-Trader - $999.99


If you're into investments and love gambling with the stock market, then this app may be worth the $999.99 to you. It was created for investors and investment professionals and is described on iTunes as a "fully integrated investment trading suite".

3 Agro - $999.99


Ever wondered what an agronomist does? Probably not. But you'll need to understand their profession if you want to know anything about this almost $1000 app. Agronomists, who are commonly referred to as crop scientists, work to improve the quality and quantity of food that is produced for a nation. They often visit clients and farms, which is what makes this app handy.

Using Agro, an agronomist can create a report while they are conducting their tests rather than writing down their data, taking it back to their office, and then writing a report later.

2 CyberTuner - $999.99


The vast majority of the world won't have much use for this app, but according to iTunes reviews, it is a must for professional piano tuners. The creator of this $999.99 app, Reyburn, has been well known in the tuning software industry for 20 years. According to the app's iTunes page, CyberTuner is superior to other piano tuning apps because of its ease of use and clarity of functions.

1 VIP Black - $999.99


Any app that's known as "The Millionaire's App" has to be pretty darn pricey. Not only does this app come with a hefty price tag, it's also very exclusive. If you do have $999.99 extra dollars to spend on a single app, that doesn't mean you'll be allowed to use it. First, you have to be vetted and approved. The only way that is going to happen is if you can prove you have assets above $1 million.

If you are worthy enough to be part of the VIP Black community, you will be able to access services such as Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Firmdale Hotels, Virgin Limited Edition, a barrage of concierge services, personal trainers, private jets, and pretty much anything your millionaire heart desires; but only for one year. After a full 365 days you will have to renew your membership and pay another $999.99.

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10 Most Shockingly Expensive iPhone Apps