10 Most Impressive Underwater Hotels Around The World

While ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is not ideal if you are caught up in the mob scene, when it comes to underwater hotels, nothing can be more magical. Did you even realize that you have the ability to

While ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is not ideal if you are caught up in the mob scene, when it comes to underwater hotels, nothing can be more magical. Did you even realize that you have the ability to be Ariel or King Triton for the night, as you sleep under the sea with a tropical paradise right outside your mega-aquarium window? Well, it is. Plus, not only can you find an underwater hotel to explore on your next vacation, you have options from which to choose. From beauty to adventure to fun, whatever draws you to the sea, you will be sure to find what you want at one of these amazing hotels.

Some hotels allow you to soak in the beautiful underwater fauna while taking in a spa day, while others require you to be scuba-certified in order to even access the hotel, and might be based for those travelers looking for something a little more stimulating for their next trip. No matter what type of hotel you choose though, you are sure to have an experience that you and your family will never forget. In order to make sure you pick the one that is perfect for you and your family, here are our picks for the 10 coolest underwater hotels you should check out.

10 Atlantis

If you did know that underwater hotels existed, there is a chance that the reason you knew was because you have heard of, visited, or stayed at the Atlantis. The underwater Atlantis is based in Dubai, and is not the same as the famous one in the Bahamas. However, it is still well-known in its own right.

9 Jules Undersea Lodge

8 The Manta Resort

If you are looking for a cool place to stay on your next trip to Zanzibar, then the Manta Resort might be just what you need. This hotel offers the special underwater room that allows you to get an exclusive view of the local area’s underworld.

7 The Utter Inn

Do not think that Sweden wants to be left out of the fun of the undersea hotel industry. At least, not if artist Mikael Genberg has anything to say about it.

6 Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

If you are a little hesitant to take part in a full underwater excursion, but would like to see a little bit more of the world under sea, then the Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort might be the perfect combination for you.

5 Hydropolis

If you prefer a more modern experience, then the Hydropolis might be right for you. This hotel, located in Dubai, is still under construction, so it is so new that you know it is being built with all the modern amenities to go along with the unique glimpse into the surrounding gulf.

4 Subsix at Niyama

If after your underwater dinner at Conrad Maldives you decide you want a little more time to spend under the Indian Ocean, then you'll want to hop over to Subsix at Niyama. There you will find an underwater club.

3 Poseidon Undersea Resort

Located in Fiji, this cool place has a whole lot to offer. For example, would you like beautiful sea creatures to grace you with their presence at your wedding? Then this is where you should go. The Poseidon has an underwater chapel that allows you to get married with a coral garden as the backdrop (imagine how beautiful your wedding photos would be).

2 Lime Spa

Still in Maldives? After that night out at the club, you may want to take some time to simply relax and enjoy the solitude. That’s perfect because also in Maldives is the luxurious Lime Spa.

1 Lovers Deep

Lovers Deep just may be the most unique hotel on this list. That is mostly because it is not actually a hotel at all. It is a submarine. And when you stay there, you get to pick its Caribbean location.

Don’t think that submarine means unsophisticated, though. As the name suggests, this destination is intended for romantic getaways, and as such, they deck it out in all the finest luxuries. When you want to get away from the world and spend time with just the one you love, then you might find this is a great place for you to stay.


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10 Most Impressive Underwater Hotels Around The World