10 Most Expensive Pieces Of Eyewear In The World

How much have you paid for your eyewear recently? You might see loads of advertisements telling you that you can get eyeglasses for less than a hundred dollars when you consider the frames.

However, eyewear has become extremely expensive in recent times. Much of this is due to the many different kinds of features that come with glasses including not only the computing processes used to measure lenses but also things like the ability of lenses to transition from dark to light settings and even cases where you can get magnets to affix sunglasses onto.

In fact, the National Association of Vision Care Plans recently reported that you might pay close to $263 for eyewear on average. This is a total for a basic pair of eyeglasses that are adjusted for your prescription in mind. This doesn't include reader glasses or decorative sunglasses.

Naturally, you might think that $263 is way too much for eyewear. However, that's nothing compared to some of the many different models that have been released in recent years. To make things worse, you could pay more than $263 if you have scratch-resistant lenses, lenses that adjust to light or even bifocal or trifocal features on your lenses. All of these features can be a real hassle to bear with but are important to check out if you want something that's really suitable for what you might like or require for your general vision.

This listing of the ten most expensive pieces of eyewear includes many items that are made with some interesting things. It's amazing to see just how some people are willing to not only make these products but also buy them if they feel interested in what they have to offer.

(*Note: Not all photos correspond to their descriptions due to lack of public access to photos)

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10 Cartier Paris 18k Gold Sunglasses - $25,000

Cartier Paris makes many fashions with 18-carat gold accents. These include products with gold from the 1980's that has been re-purposed for today's refined fashions. The 18k Gold sunglasses from the company features this gold around the lenses and includes about 7.5 carats of diamonds spread around the lenses with black arms on the back. The strong weight of the diamonds and the quality of the gold used here make this product good for $25,000 in its normal form today.

9 Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses - $27,000

For $27,000 you can get one of the many different pairs of sunglasses that Lugano Diamonds sells. These are designed by Barton Perriera and include options like gold sunglasses with pink lenses and 2.85 carats of pink diamonds as well as a leopard print option with 3.59 carats of black diamonds to go with a light brown tone on the lenses. These models are interesting but you will have to pay $27,000 no matter which option you want to go for.

8 Gold and Wood 119 Diamond Glasses - $30,000

Gold and Wood make a number of high-end fashions and its glasses are no exception to this. You can find Gold and Wood glasses with 119 diamonds around the lenses plus black buffalo horn styles around the rear parts of the glasses. These make for something that's very reflective and easy to spot in any place but you will have to pay $30,000 to get these glasses.

7 Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses - $55,000

The 253 diamond glasses from Gold and Wood are made in Paris with horn temples and 253 brilliant cut diamonds. These include 22 diamonds that are made with a refined princess cut. There are no solid frames around the lenses themselves but they may not be needed considering how refined the frames are in the overall picture of things. This will go for $55,000 on the market thanks to the many fine diamonds that you'd get on all parts of the glasses.

6 Bulgari Flora Sunglasses - $59,000

The Flora sunglasses from Bulgari features 18-carat white gold with diamonds and blue sapphires around the body of the glasses plus a series of small aquamarine accents. These are designed with solid black frames at the ends and around the lenses. These sunglasses cost $59,000 but you could also get a base model without as much gold or as many diamonds for around $25,000. Naturally, all the precious items used here are totally real and will be easy to spot in any place.

5 Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses - $65,000

The Luxuriator Canary Diamond glasses is made by Franco out in Los Angeles and features a series of small diamond jewels embedded around the entire body of the glasses. It features paved diamonds plus dark lenses that are able to adjust to light as needed. These glasses go for $65,000 primarily because of the fine diamonds but the 18-carat gold plating around the body of the frames makes this expensive just as well.

4 Cartier Panthere Glasses - $159,000

Cartier has a unique set of glasses called the Cartier Panthere set. This eyewear is named for having a unique panther accent on each side. This crouching panther look is very unique and includes an 18-karat white gold design plus 561 cut diamonds and 645 brilliantly cut blue sapphires. These are appealing and great designs to use but you will have to pay a good amount of money to get them. These lenses can be found for close to $159,000 and have to be specially ordered.

3 Shiels Emerald Sunglasses - $200,000

Shiels Jewelers recently made a unique pair of sunglasses that are made with emerald materials. This is made with a fine gold frame that is very thin and made with a series of small wires. The lenses themselves are interesting in that they are made with authentic emerald gems. These lenses are relatively thin and fine while allowing the eyes to see through them with ease. Still, these unique frames will go for $200,000 on the market if you want to buy them.

2 Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses - $383,609

Dolce and Gabbana, one of the world's top designers, made the DG2027B sunglasses with a golden frame and brown-tinted lenses to make something that's appealing for people to wear. This is authentic gold used in the frames, thus jacking up the price of this product to a total of around $383,609. It's an alarming total because of how fine gold is and because it is also a very scarce product on the market when compared to what others make today.

1 Chopard Sunglasses - $400,000

Chopard has a pair of sunglasses that is available for $400,000. These sunglasses contain 51 river diamonds with full cuts to make them visible. These are four-carat diamonds as well. The tip ends have a 24-karat gold trim to them. The trim is not even made in a solid design as it has a bunch of small holes around it. This is an amazing feature to find when looking for great sunglasses but it will cost you a fortune to get.

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