10 Most Expensive Haunted Houses You Should Visit

Haunted houses are no longer just a passing fad to be visited on Halloween. Thanks to the magic of reality television, viewers are able to follow the ghost hunters into some of the scariest houses aro

Haunted houses are no longer just a passing fad to be visited on Halloween. Thanks to the magic of reality television, viewers are able to follow the ghost hunters into some of the scariest houses around the world as they search for the paranormal. Some of these haunted houses are actual houses, while others are castles and mansions. If you’re curious, here is a list of the 10 most expensive haunted houses around the world and their claim to paranormal fame.

10 Franklin Castle – Value $260,000

This house was last up for sale in August of 2011 for a price of $260,000. Compared to some of the other haunted homes that have made the list, this is a fairly inexpensive price tag. Prior to a number of legal issues, neglect, fire and the fall of the Cleveland economy, this was once the home to a very wealthy grocer that turned to a banker. Built in 1865, the home experienced a number of unexplained deaths related to the home. The current owner has some plans to turn Franklin Castle into a quaint bed and breakfast; however, guests can feel confident that they will hear weird sounds when they opt to stay.

9 Kimball Castle in Gilford N.H – Value $879,999

This castle, which is located in New Hampshire, has a total of five bedrooms, a total of three baths and sits on a total of 23 acres, which is home to a number of outbuildings. The castle was built in 1897 by Benjamin Kimball after he was inspired by an interesting castle that he saw while in Germany. At the time, the construction of the structure cost $50,000, which would equate to over $1.2 million in modern dollars. The previous occupants of the structure have stated that the doors will open and close and they are able to hear the sounds of horses in the existing stable on the property.

8 Amityville House in New York – Value $1.15 million

This house, located in New York has been the center of many movies and books regarding paranormal activity. Back in 1974, the resident at the time, Ronald DeFeo Jr. had killed all six of his family members while they were asleep. One year later, the Lutz family, which was not fazed by the killings, moved into the home and left only 28 days later due to the walls oozing, furniture moving, doors slamming and offensive smells.

7 The Surgeon’s House in Arizona – Value $1.2 million

The original owner of this home was a chief surgeon, and had the structure constructed in 1916. It was transformed into a type of bed and breakfast during the year of 1992 and many guests have reported seeing ghosts of a couple dancing, a maid and a person walking into one of the bedrooms with a doctor’s bag.

6 Lalaurie House in New Orleans – Value $2.3 million

This home, which was purchased in 1831, was owned by a couple that had many slaves, all of which they treated poorly. There was a fire in 1834 that killed many of the slaves that lived there. The guests that stay in this location have claimed to hear sounds including screams, as well as a ghost that walk on the balcony. At one point, the actor Nicolas Cage owned this particular home.

5 Britannia Manor II – Value $4.1 million

This home has gained the title of the most famous haunted house due to the filming of an HGTV special in 2007. The house was built back in 1987 and is located in Austin, Texas on the top of a hill. While the house may not actually be haunted by legitimate paranormal residents, it has been the host location for numerous spooky Halloween parties and haunted house fun.

4 Ennis House – Value $4.5 million

This house was designed in 1923 by designer Frank Lloyd Wright. It has a concrete block type of exterior and a very distinctive Mayan architecture. This house has been home to a number of sci-fi and horror movers.

3 The White House in Washington D.C. – Value $110 million

This is one of the most difficult alleged haunted houses for ghost hunters to gain access to; however, there has been a number of stories emerge from this famous house. It is rumored that Abigail Adams, who was the wife of former president John Adams, is the oldest ghost, however the most famous is that of Abraham Lincoln. Another paranormal presence that has been witnessed includes Thomas Jefferson.

2 Winchester Mystery House: Unique Architectural Design

This is a house, featuring over 160 rooms with stunning Victorian architecture. The entire feel of this home is simply creepy and features architectural design such as labyrinth like hallways, and secret passageways. Additionally there is a séance room, leading many to believe that this home was constructed specifically for the spirits that may dwell nearby.

1 The Cassadaga Hotel: Exudes a Powerful Vortex of Energy

This hotel, which is famous around the world for the paranormal activity and spiritual community that it resides in, sits in the very heart of a small town that is very spooky itself. Surrounding structures include older cottages, which are mainly home to the psychics, spiritualists and a number of other mediums that actually live there. The hotel that is said to be home to a number of spirits also is home to an extremely powerful vortex of energy that even the biggest skeptics have claimed to feel.

There is no question that haunted houses are a place of curiosity for scientists, as well as thrill seekers that are trying to explain the many events that are reported at these locations. Those that have no fear for the supernatural may love taking vacations to any number of the reportedly haunted houses or hotels to see if they experience anything, such as paranormal activity. For others, however this is definitely a no go vacation that will send them running in the other direction at the first scare or chill they feel down their spine.

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10 Most Expensive Haunted Houses You Should Visit