10 Most Expensive Diet Food Delivery Services

Even if you can have all the money in the world, there are just some problems you can't pay your way out of. You can pay someone to clean your house, raise your child or even get you out of prison, but even if you are one of the richest people, there is one exception. You can't pay someone to lose weight for you. So what’s the next best thing? Having someone cook diet food and deliver it straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is pay for the food and eat that and nothing else. Food delivery services offer nutritionally complete, delicious and most importantly, portion controlled meals.

Meal delivery services have been around for years. We all know the lower end ones like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, but despite celebrity endorsements, they don't exactly cater to the rich and fit. In recent years, a surge of super healthy diet delivery services have garnered an incredible amount of praise and attention. They don't offer pseudo-healthy overly processed junk food. These companies deliver freshly made, chef prepared meals. No matter what your dietary requirements are, if you can pay for it, someone will make you a healthy meal, whether it is vegan, raw, gluten free, sugar free, Paleo or something else.

However, using these services, which are basically one step below having a private chef, doesn't come cheap. Please note the prices below are for seven days of meal delivery service, but other options and prices vary within each program. Another detail to keep in mind is that availability varies greatly between locations. Different plans may be offered for local and national markets even within one program.


10 Freshology: $384.65

If Freshology were a reality show, it would be called Dieting with the Stars because it is endorsed by so many celebrities. Some of the names include Sofia Vergara, Hilary Duff, Marlee Matlin and Bradley Whitford. Freshology offers a variety of plans including gluten free, low carb and Fresh Mommy for new moms, as well as a regular healthy diet for weight loss and maintenance. The emphasis is on being healthy and enjoying food, as opposed to rigid menus designed with a specific weight loss system in mind. However, people lose weight easily on this diet because it is portion controlled and fresh. For $384.65 per week, your body can be as fresh as your food.

9 The Food Program by Tracy Anderson: $384.65


The Food Program by Tracy Anderson is the brainchild of both Tracy and actress/lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow. Tracy Anderson is one of the world's most renowned fitness trainers whose clients have some of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood including Madonna, Bethenny Frankel, and Jennifer Lopez. Meant to work in conjunction with her fitness program, The Food Program delivers a lifestyle and not a diet. It includes three meals a day as well as snacks and desserts. All the food is fresh, locally sourced and organic when possible. Examples of food served includes kale chips, salmon burgers, wellness shakes and raw chocolate pudding. For $384.65 per week, you can get into the program.

8 The Chef's Diet: $384.93

A celebrity favorite, Rick Fox, Dominic Monaghan, Jennifer Garner and Mary-Louise Parker are big fans or rather, very well toned fans of The Chef’s Diet. This program delivers three meals and two snacks daily in New York and Los Angeles. There are menus for various needs including for people who are diabetic, those who keep kosher, people with heart issues as well as weightless and maintenance choices. All of the menus are, as the name implies, filled with chef favorites including Portobello Napoleon with Grilled Eggplant, Roasted Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Vinaigrette; Pecan Pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup and Grilled Canadian Bacon and Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Luau beans lemon zest and macadamia nuts. Three meals and two snacks are delivered each day. While not inexpensive at $384.93 a week, it is the much less expensive than hiring a personal chef.

7 Paleo Delivers: $385


Paleo Delivers was created by celebrity chef and nutritionist LaLa and is available throughout most of Southern California. The Paleo Diet, which has become popular in recent years, is based on eating foods that the cavemen could hunt or gather. So, most of the diet consists of meat, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits and some nuts. The Paleo Delivers Programs consists of three meals and two snacks per day, all of which are gluten, potato, dairy, grain, bean and sugar free. All food is organic, seasonal and locally sourced. Paleo perfect foods like turkey sausage, grilled basil chicken salad with pears and almonds; and egg white omelettes with spinach and tomatoes are offered. Snacks includes almond macaroons, carrot cake and ginger brownies. While those snacks don't sound Paleo, for a cost of $385 per month, you better believe they are. Need more proof that a Paleo diet gives you a hot body in any era, just check out proud Paleos Jack Osbourne and Megan Fox.

6 Living Paleo Foods: $392

Living Paleo is a national delivery service started by Doctor Kellyann Petrucci who has written five books on the Paleo Lifestyle. Unlike some other Paleo plans; there is a little room to customize, with plans for dieters transitioning to Paleo, a regular Paleo maintenance plan and another plan for people who do Crossfit or have an equally rigorous regime. The food is wheat, gluten, dairy, grain and soy free. Some of the meals on this diet are Blueberry Stuffed Acorn Squash with Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast and Sesame Broccoli with Cod for lunch and Thai Cabbage Salad with Chicken for dinner.  There are no snacks on this program, but the food is designed so that hunger is eliminated between meals. At a cost of $392 per week, your wallet will stay empty, but your stomach will not.

5 The Fresh Diet: $419.93


The Fresh Diet is a daily program available in New York, L.A., Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto. However, there are weekly programs which can be shipped nationally. There is a choice of three meals, two sides and two snacks created by an executive chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu. This program is fully customizable allowing you to choose whatever you want to eat from the online menu. Meal choices include Stuffed Flank Steak with Okra and Kale, Santa Fe Wraps, and Whole Wheat Blueberry Waffles. Example of snacks and desserts include Sweet Potato Chips with Guacamole and Chocolate Cherry Peanut Butter Cookies. For $419.93 a week you can have a fresh body like Maria Menounos or Shenae Grimes.

4 Z.E.N Foods: $454.65

Z.EN. is an acronym for Zero Effort Nutrition. This program, which is available in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County and several surrounding areas, has an internationally inspired menu with foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. There are several options to chose from including gluten free, healthy living, vegetarian and weight loss programs. Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Z.E.N. delivers three meals a day, plus dessert and a snack. Examples of meals on this program include Filet Mignon with Creamy Butternut Squash & Asparagus and Chicken Tikka Masala with Brown Rice, Dahl, and Mango Chutney, Strawberry Whole Grain Pancakes with Ricotta Cream and Fresh Fruit, and Pulled Pork with Caribbean Couscous Salad. Celeb fans include Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Zac Efron and Denise Richards. For $454.65 per week, you shouldn't have to make more than zero effort to get a hot body on this diet.


3 California Chef $469


California Chef is the plan of choice for actors Sean Astin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While there are several options for families, vegetarians and seniors, California Chef places a strong emphasis on their Diet Meal program. Their website is filled with countless testimonials about how clients have lost anywhere from twenty pounds to over seventy pounds. The program has organic and non-organic options and includes three meals, a snack and a dessert. Some of the meals include protein waffles with maple syrup, blueberries and turkey bacon; cheeseburger pizza, and chicken enchiladas. The snacks include fruit smoothies and brownie sandwiches. At a price of $469 per week, your waistline and wallet will equally dwindle.

2 Sakara Life: $574

Sakara Life is an organic, gluten-free, vegan plan available in the New York City metro area as well as Boston. Sakara's philosophy is about the importance of a healthy vegan lifestyle and not so much about weight loss or fitness goals. The food is fresh and seasonal with no additives, preservatives or sugar. Very uniquely, the food is sweetened with dates, bananas, coconut crystals or agave. Sakara’s food choice are incredibly unique. Breakfast can be Chia and Coconut Protein Waffles with Amber Maple Syrup. Orange and Balsamic Reduction Pumpkin Salad is one of the lunch choices with Spicy Sea Veggie Rolls with Rockin Ginger Miso is a delicious dinner option. Super model Iman, gets her super body using Sakara. You can change your lifestyle for $574 per week.

1 Food Matters NYC: $1,050


Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon is one of many people who use the Food Matters NYC Delivery Service. They say everything in New York is more expensive and at $1,050 per week, Food Matters certainly fits that bill. It is a highly personalized service that tailors each meal to a client’s specific needs and nutrition goals going far beyond weight loss. If a client has food allergies or wants clearer skin or more energy, Food Matters will create healthy versions of their favorite foods to reach those goals. For example, there are quinoa vegetable chips that are made to taste like Doritos. Other foods include Wild Salmon Kabobs and Cacao Pot De Crème for dessert. Three meals, two snacks and one dessert is delivered daily to the New York City area only.


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