10 Most Expensive Celeb Engagement Rings Of All Time

When a guy decides to pop the big question, or a couple decides that they’re ready to get married, part of the excitement connected to this phase of the relationship is the engagement ring. Whether the ring didn’t cost much but features a pretty diamond, or the engagement ring is elaborate with lots of stones and sparkle, it’s the sentiment behind it that really counts. Or, at least, that’s what you’re supposed to say.

Some people say that the size of the engagement ring indicates whether or not a man will be faithful to his wife. Basically, the bigger the ring, the bigger a cheater he will be, and his wife will have millions of dollars on her ring finger to comfort her. Traditionally, the engagement ring’s size and amount of diamonds served as a sign as to whether a man would be able to provide for his wife.

These days, engagement rings have evolved in terms of size, and even the type of stones that are included in this romantic piece of jewelry. Still, there are some who feel that a pricey engagement ring is a sure way to get the person being proposed to to say “yes.” Here are 10 of the most expensive engagement rings of all time.

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10 Princess Diana ($317,200)


This beautiful ring included a featured blue sapphire stone with white diamonds surrounding it. The ring was originally given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles, and the world gasped in awe when they saw the breathtakingly attractive ring on her finger. The jewelry is a family heirloom, and has found a new home on the ring finger of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The ring is 18 carats and is still just as stunning as when Princess Diana wore it. The Duchess of Cambridge is viewed as a fashion icon, and she often wears blue or purple clothing, which compliments the engagement ring very well.

9 Anna Kournikova ($2.5 million)


8 Catherine Zeta-Jones ($2.5 million)


When Catherine Zeta-Jones got engaged to fellow actor Michael Douglas, he spent a pretty penny on her ring. Sure, they’re both rich and the $2.5 million dollars wasn’t as big of a splurge as it would have been for a man with a smaller salary. However, that doesn’t make the jewelry any less beautiful. The ring is 10 carats and the diamond is in a marquis shape. The ring is especially unique because the feature stone is set horizontally. There are smaller diamonds surrounding the main stone, and along with the diamond wedding band that Douglas purchased, the jewelry has a classic vintage feel with a twist.

7 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ($2.6 million)

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is perhaps best known as the wife of John F. Kennedy. She was also married to Aristotle Onassis, who bought her a very elaborate engagement ring. The piece featured an emerald, and diamonds in various shapes. Unfortunately, the famous first lady only wore the beautiful ring twice. When she didn’t have it on, the expensive piece was locked in a vault. The engagement ring, which has a gold band and Lesotho III diamonds, is valued at $2.6 million. Jacqueline, who passed away in 1994, also continues to serve as fashion inspiration for many, due to the stylish hats and pearls she used to wear.

6 Melania Knauss-Trump ($3 million)


Melania is the wife of Donald Trump. Trump is known as one of the world’s most prominent men when it comes to money, so it was expected that he’d buy Melania an engagement ring that cost at least a few million dollars. The engagement ring has a gold band and the diamond is emerald-cut. Of course, the diamond is also large enough for anyone within a 10-mile radius of Melanie to see it clearly any time she lifts her hand. Knauss-Trump certainly doesn’t mind showing off her valuable piece of jewelry, since there are plenty of pictures of her carefully moving her hair from her face or posing with her hand on her hip so that the ring is in plain sight.

5 Jennifer Lopez ($4 million)


It’s no secret that actor, singer, dancer, producer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, has been married several times. She also had some high-profile relationships with Sean Combs and Ben Affleck, to name a few. Lopez and Affleck were also engaged for a time, and Ben gave her a pretty impressive pink diamond ring before their relationship ended. When Jennifer got engaged to singer and actor Marc Anthony, he picked out a beautiful Neil Lane ring for her that was 8.5 carats. The ring definitely doesn’t have a traditional look to it, since it features lots of blue diamonds. Looks like Anthony has some great taste in jewelry. Even though Jennifer and Marc are now divorced, Lopez still has the $4 million ring, which is likely one of the most prized pieces in her collection.

4 Grace Kelly ($4.06 million)


Legendary actress Grace Kelly got a breathtakingly exquisite ring from Prince Rainier. He picked it out at Cartier, and it is still valued at more than $4 million. The large diamond could easily be the main attraction of any outfit she wore. Grace Kelly had a pretty “normal” childhood, although she was raised in a wealthy family and her uncle, George Kelly, was a playwright. Kelly rose to fame in the 1950s and starred in films such as To Catch a Thief and Dial M for Murder. Before she got to the big screen, she moved to New York from her native Philadelphia and worked as a model and on Broadway.

3 Paris Hilton ($4.7 million)


When one rich person named Paris gets engaged to another rich person named Paris, the results can be pretty opulent. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was once engaged to Paris Latsis, and she stated that the ring was so big it hurt her hand to wear it. A large rectangular diamond was in the center of the ring, accented by two baguette diamonds on each side. The band was made of white gold, and the middle stone was very large, even by millionaire standards. When the couple broke up, Hilton auctioned off the ring to help those who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

2 Beyonce ($5 million)


If you’re Jay-Z, what do you do if you’re in love with Beyonce, but she already has lots of expensive jewelry? You get her a $5 million engagement ring, of course. Jay-Z and Beyonce had a long courtship, and kept the public speculating for years about whether or not they were dating. They got married at Jay-Z’s New York City apartment in 2008, but before they tied the knot, the rapper presented the songstress with a beautiful ring to ask for her hand in marriage. The engagement ring is 18 carats and the feature diamond is cut in an octagon shape. The diamond is considered very high quality and is regarded as premium stone. Beyonce doesn’t wear her ring often, but when she does, there are always some photographers on hand to capture its beauty.

1 Elizabeth Taylor ($8.8 million)


Elizabeth Taylor held the distinction of having one of the most expensive engagement rings. The actress, who was just as well known for her good looks as her acting roles, was married several times. However, it was her on-again, off-again marriage to Richard Burton that got her the most relationship-related attention in the media. The ring has a 33.19 carat IIa certified diamond, which means the stone is quite high caliber and has exceptional clarity. The large diamond is Asscher cut with a large cutlet facet. Taylor was photographed unapologetically showing off her ring, but we’re guessing most people would do the same if they received a ring that fancy.

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