10 Expensive Secret Rendez-Vous Hideaways

Where do the rich and famous head off to get some personal time for romance, relaxation and pampering? As it turns out, there are so many incredible hideaways in every part of the world it was a tough job narrowing them down to ten.

Each of them includes top quality amenities and features, in addition to being set in some of the most gorgeous surroundings in the world. Privacy, of course, was our number one requirement and this group definitely made the cut. Seclusion is more than flying to all corners of the world, although that helps. It's about having a 5-star trained staff who invisibly handles each element of the stay. As a guest, you barely lift a finger or even notice how it all comes together. You just know everything is there when you need it and your privacy is their priority.

One thing is for certain, clandestine rendezvous seems to be the best way to avoid paparazzi and annoying fans and gives our celebrities a chance to spend some quality alone time. These days, the celebrity photographers are relentless and remove every shred of privacy some of these people have. We're willing to uncover these hideaways without fear of their privacy being breached.

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10 Le Manoir des Impressionnistes - Honfleur, France: $700/Night

Le Manior is set high on a hill overlooking the English Channel and is surrounded by sunflowers, grassy knolls and other Monet-type visuals. In fact, Monet, Boudin and Courbet were frequent visitors of Honfleur. The area is noted for its scenery and it is said it is the specific spot where impressionism was born. Although this Normandy destination is featured in many travel guides, the chances of being recognized or bothered are slim to none. Staying at the XVIIth century manor will make you feel like you are in a world of your own.

9 La Valencia - La Jolla, CA: $1,300/Night

Tucked away in the middle of the hustle and bustle of La Jolla, Calfornia, this hotel has been a celebrity favorite since 1926. The architect, Reginald Johnson, originally designed this glamorous structure as an apartment hotel. At the time, Hollywood was in its golden years so the untouched village and beaches of La Jolla were often used in films. Once the stars discovered the La V, it became their hideaway. This luxurious hotel is magnificently situated on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. For the perfect romantic supper for two, rent out the hotel's Sky Room, which is on the top floor, only seats 30 and has near panoramic views.

8 Auberge du Soleil - Rutherford, CA: $1,500/Night

This lush getaway puts you in the middle of the idyllic Napa Valley setting. With spectacular views, this 33-acre property full of vineyards offers "private maisons". In fact, the Champagne Private Maison boasts 1,800 square feet of indoor and outdoor privacy. The master bedroom includes a fireplace, the master bath includes a steam shower for two and the stunning living room includes a fireplace, sitting area, dining alcove, built-in bar, refrigerator and espresso machine. For some outdoor fun, step out onto the terrace and into the sunken hot tub while the two of you enjoy the view. Although Auberge has amazing restaurants, private dining in your maison will keep the paparazzi away. After all, this hotel started as a fine restaurant that was created by restaurateur Claude Rouas over 30 years ago.

7 The Point - Saranac, New York: $2,500/Night

The Point is a 5-star resort in upstate New York and was built by Willam Avery Rockefeller over 100 years ago. Not sure you can call this "roughing it", as this is the epitome of luxury and amenities. The staff takes extra care to ensure the hotel guests the utmost in privacy. The log cabin decor is replete with the finest in materials and fabrics while giving it a homey and comfy appearance. Leave it to a Rockefeller to know how to develop a long-standing structure.

6 Ashford Castle - Cong, Ireland: $3,300/Night

No one, but no one, will find you when you're tucked away in one of the five-star suites at the Ashford Castle. With a sitting room that measures 24'x12', a 15'x13' bedroom and a 15'x10' bathroom, you'll have enough space to be together and apart, as you wish. The three restaurants and one cocktail lounge provide culinary delights and wine fit for the chicest, clandestine getaway. For extra romance, get a room with a view of the lake.

5 Necker Island - British Virgin Islands: $3,700/Night

Little did we realize that Richard Branson's private island would have vacancies for such reasonable prices. This is normally his private hideaway, but during the year there are select weeks that can be reserved. Weekly rates start at $25,400, but the price includes everything: alcohol, meals, launch transfer, fresh water pools (2), Jacuzzis (2), a beach pool, tennis courts (2), windsurfing, kite-surfing, water-skiing, snorkeling, sailing, kayaks, speed boats, music, games and an extensive video collection. Or you could just hang out in the elaborately decorated hideaway and pretend you're waiting for Mr. Branson.

4 Las Ventenas al Paraiso - San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico: $3,900/Night

This villa is practically a small mansion, but makes the best hideaway for longer stays. It is so spacious, the 4,392 sq. ft. property has a full kitchen, 3-bedrooms with terraces, marble showers and Jacuzzi tubs. This villa comes with a dedicated butler service so you and your small entourage will never have to leave. Walk along the Sea of Cortez or simply enjoy the view from any number of places in the villa. Or have a romantic cocktail and dip in the rooftop deck private plunge pool.

3 Pangkor Laut Resort - Malaysia: $4,900/Night

Stay in a signature Sea Villa and the rest of the world will melt away. Although the Pavarotti Suite is highly recommended for world class luxury, the Sea Villas are an experience of their own. Complete with three meals, spa treatments and the ultimate in privacy, Pangkor Laut has everything you could want for that remote hideaway. Consider some of the daily activities such as jungle walks, infinity pool dips and cuddling in the Nap Gazebo. This sexy hideaway is so exotic and private, it's well worth the nightly price. The Sea Villas are booked for the next 18 months, unless, of course, you happen to be celeb-special.

2 Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons - Oxfordshire, UK: $5,900/Night

Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons is a luxurious hotel-restaurant located in the small village of Great Milton in Oxfordshire, England (which is near Oxford). Hideaway in the property's Blanc de Blanc suite, which is decorated in various shades of white. Complete with private terrace, sitting room, bedroom, dressing room and an incredible marble bathroom with a shower for two, this suite is the epitome of romance. If you love the best in culinary menus, the restaurant will excite and tantalize your taste buds. Raymond Blanc is known for developing the most delicious creations and uses produce from Le Manoir's two-acre garden. So fresh is on the menu each and every day.

1 Hotel Splendido - Portofino, Italy: $7,200/Night

Ahh - Portofino, Italy. Anyone who has been there or seen photographs knows it is the location for love. The Hotel Splendido is situated on a hill overlooking the Portofino harbor. This hotel, and its sister hotel, Splendido Mare, are both known for superior service and luxury. Sip champagne while laying around on one of the sun-deck terraces or simply indulge in the privacy of La Dolce Vita suite, which is tucked away from the main building.

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