10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

A long time ago, it was hard to imagine what it would be like to use the internet to buy something. These days, people are doing that regularly, since there are lots of websites that allow them to shop online.

Some people have even been known to buy things that are not real. Spending a few dollars to advance to the next level of a game is something lots of people do. But there are others who spend large amounts of money on items like this.

Most of the people who do this are those who enjoy online gaming. Here are some of the most expensive virtual items that have ever been sold.

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10 Karambit Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) - $2,000

The Karambit Crimson Web is a knife that is featured in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and it is worth $2,000. To people who do not play this game, that price might seem a bit too high, but that is actually not the most expensive knife in the game.

The knife that will put the biggest dent in a gamer’s wallet in this game is actually the M9 Bayonet, which is worth a whopping $23,850. One lucky player was able to purchase this item for $400. It seems that the person who sold it did not know how much it was worth, which is why it is not known as one of the most expensive virtual items anyone has ever paid for.

9 Blue Party Hat - $4,500

The blue party hat from Runescape was sold for 2.1 billion in-game coins, which is basically the same as $4,500. This item was part of a Christmas-themed event in 2001, but players had a very limited amount of time to get it.

Those who are into gaming probably know that having a short time to get something makes it much more special and limited than some other in-game products, which is what happened in this case. This item was very popular at the time, but players deleted it once they found out they couldn’t do much with it. The hat also came in other colors as well.

8 Revenant Super Carrier - $9,000

One of the most expensive virtual items anyone ever owned is the Revenant Super Carrier, which is a rare ship in EVE Online that is worth $9,000. The guy that owned this item had some serious bad luck during an epic battle in the game, which led to his expensive ship being destroyed.

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One of the other players decided to turn against his allies, which is when he led them into some seriously dangerous territory. This ship went down, and so did many of the others that were involved. It was a really sad thing to witness, considering how valuable the Revenant Super Carrier is.

7 Zeuzo - $9,700

Zeuzo, a character from the game World of Warcraft, was once sold for 7,000 Euro, which is equal to approximately $9,700. Anyone who played this game during the 2000s probably remembers Zeuzo being one of the best characters since she had some truly awesome gear.

But this character did not last long. Zeuzo was eventually deleted from World of Warcraft because it didn’t follow some of Blizzard’s rules as far as selling characters goes. Some of the things this character wore in the game were actually rare items themselves, and that is part of the reason why the character was so expensive.

6 Echoing Fury Mace - $14,000

Echoing Fury Mace is something Diablo 3 players are probably very familiar with, and it was once sold for $14,000. As far as in-game gold goes, this item was worth 40 billion.

Apparently, it took a long time for players to realize how much this virtual item was worth. People were selling and buying Echoing Fury Mace for much less than it was worth for a while. It was once sold for $250.

But that didn’t last long. One player purchased it and realized how valuable it was, so they ended up getting a few thousand dollars richer when they sold it themselves.

5 Sword - $16,000

One gamer dropped $16,000 on a sword in a game that had not even been released yet. This sword is shown in Age of Wulin, and gamers everywhere were spending large amounts of money on the products that were featured in it.

This sword was the most expensive thing sold from that game, and one of the most expensive virtual items that has ever been sold in general. Some of the other things players invested in before the game was released cost as much as $2,500 and $1,600. Apparently, the player who bought this sword had a very easy time playing the game after it came out.

4 Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog - $38,000

One player enjoyed the game Dota 2 so much that they decided dropping $38,000 on the game’s pink war dog was not a problem for them. This in-game pet is extremely useful to players, so it is more than just a pet one can spend time with.

This fake animal is a courier. Those who are familiar with this game are likely to know that couriers are very important, since they can transport items to different locations throughout the game.

This particular courier does not look much like the others, since it has a rare color. There are only four pink war dogs in the game.

3 Amsterdam - $50,000

The real Amsterdam wasn’t sold, but the virtual version of the city was, and it raked in $50,000. This fake city was created in Second Life, and someone dropped thousands of dollars on it during an auction on eBay.

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This version of Amsterdam is certainly not something kids should play around with, since it is very adult-oriented. Second Life’s version of Amsterdam is incredibly realistic, and it even features lots of buildings that look like ones that are in the real place. There are even bicycles and cars that can be seen in it.

2 Crystal Palace Space Station - $330,000

The Crystal Palace Space Station in Entropia Universe was sold for 3,300,000 Project Entropia Dollars, which is equal to $330,000. At the time, this was the most expensive virtual item that anyone had ever bought.

While it may not have held that title for very long, that is still a pretty big purchase for a fake space station. In this universe, the Crystal Palace orbits Planet Calypso.

As big as this purchase was, it was eventually topped by something else someone sold in the same virtual universe. Gamers really seem to enjoy these fake worlds, since they have no problem spending lots of money on them.

1 Club Neverdie - $635,000

The Entropia Universe features lots of expensive things, including Club Neverdie, which was once sold for $635,000. But before that happened, it had been previously sold for $100,000, and it was second most expensive virtual thing that was ever sold.

The person who sold it for $635,000 was not just any average gamer. His name is Jon Jacobs, and he is an actor and an entrepreneur. Apparently, he also has his own theme song, which is not a very common thing.

Jacobs is known as “Neverdie” in this virtual universe, and he is quite famous. Club Neverdie sits on an asteroid near Planet Calypso.

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