10 Crazy Expensive Things Taylor Swift Has Bought

Taylor Swift is the highest-paid celebrity in 2019, according to Forbes. The Bad Blood singer made $185 million in the last twelve months and has a fortune estimated at $360 million. It is the first time that a musician is on the top of the list twice. Her tour, Reputation, is also the highest-grossing tour in the history of the US and made $266 in just six months.

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Unsurprisingly, the singer can afford a lifestyle that just a few people in the world can have. Here is a list of ten crazy expensive ways Taylor Swift likes to spend her money.

10 Properties

Taylor Swift likes to invest in real estate and has eight properties in the United States. he They're said to be worth at least $84 million. The most expensive one is a penthouse in a building in Tribeca, that is evaluated at $20 million.

She also has properties in Rhode Island, Los Angeles and Miami. Recently, Swift has put one of her places in Beverly Hills on the market for $2.85 million. Just in case you are looking for a new home in the city and happen to be super rich, it can be an excellent opportunity.

9 Vacations

Taylor Swift has the highest-grossing tour in the country and that doesn’t come without a lot of work and dedication. To relax, Swift also deserves some time off and she takes it seriously.

At the end of the 1989 tour, the singer took her staff on vacation to Australia. She also celebrated the 4th of July with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, in an exclusive holiday to the Turks and Caicos Islands. The singer often travels with her famous squad to places like Hawaii.

8 Charity

A-listers like Taylor Swift are free to make the most extravagant purchases. However, one of her best uses of her fortune is donating huge amounts of money to charity. On her 24th birthday, she gave $100k to Nashville Symphony.

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The singer also donated one million to the victims of the Louisiana floods, her highest donation up to today. But she also gives thousands to educational funds, great causes and even helped a fan to pay his student loans. The Bad Blood singer likes to offer real support for causes close to her heart.

7 Insurance for her legs

Designers love Taylor Swift's legs and she also knows that her career (and finances) would suffer a significant impact if she can’t perform on stage if something happens to her legs. Like many other artists, then, she took out insurance to protect her legs, just in case.

She thought the insurance company would say that her legs were evaluated at one million, which is already a significant value. However, they came out with an astronomical amount of $40 million. Other huge names like Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have insurance for some parts of their bodies too.

6 Pets

Taylor loves animals and her institutions that take care of animals are part of her donation lists. But the singer also adores her pets and often share pictures of them on social media. However, her cats are a very costly breed.

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She has two Scottish Fold cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, that are among the ten most expensive cat breeds in the world. They are considered rare because not all cats are born with folded ears. The price for one of them can be up to $1500.

5 Car collection

Having an expensive car collection is almost a rule among A-list celebrities. Taylor is no different. The Shake It Off singer is so in love with cars that they are often present in her lyrics and also video clips.

In her garage, you'll find models like the Porsche 911 (worth approximately $100k), a Mercedes-Benz Viano (evaluated at $210k), and an Audi R8 estimated at $180k. The most expensive item is the Toyota Sequoia, which costs approximately $650k. Not bad for someone who isn't even 30-years-old.

4 Private Jets

Taylor Swift spends most of the year traveling to different states and countries, so it makes sense to invest in a private jet. However, the singer went the extra mile and bought not one, but two Dassault Falcon Jets. She paid between 40 to 45 million dollars for each one.

The jets have 12 seats, space enough to bring part of her staff. Taylor is superstitious and asked someone to paint the number 13 on both jets. The singer believes this is her lucky number. Considering everything she has achieved so far, she might be right.

3 Dining

Taylor Swift once revealed she loves preparing dinner for her boyfriend and squad. However, she also enjoys going out for dinner with her famous friends.

For Swift, a perfect girls’ night out should include a restaurant. When in New York, the singer enjoys going to places like Waverly Inn, The Fat Radish, Locanda Verde or the Polo Bar. She also celebrated her birthday in the city, with an intimate dinner at ZZ’s Clam Bar. The singer is also generous with tips. Back in 2013, a waiter received a $300 tip from Taylor.

2 Personal Trainer

Taylor Swift is also famous for her model-like appearance. She needs to be prepared for worldwide tours that demand a lot from her body. Therefore, she hired Justin Gelband as her personal trainer. He is the personal trainer responsible for many Victoria’s Secret models, like Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss.  Thanks to his reputation, hiring Gelband as a personal trainer is a luxury that costs lots of money.

“She is an incredible woman who is so empowered and so strong in her own body,” he told E! Online. “She’s a woman that every girl should emulate. Taylor is not perfect but she is a perfectionist, and she is somebody who always wants to be at her best. She’s someone who has inspired me to be even better in what I do."

1 Designer accessories and clothes

We know Taylor Swift for her elegant sense of style and she often appears showing off her $40 million legs in skirts, dresses and shorts. The singer loves to mix affordable and high-fashion clothes and accessories.

Swift has exclusive items, like a Christian Louboutin backpack, evaluated at $1237. In 2016, the singer was spotted walking around with an outfit estimated at more than three thousand. She loves brands like Elie Saab, J Mendel and Versace, but she also gives a chance to new talented designers like Michelle Smith, during her first world tour.

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