10 Most Expensive Things Prince William and Kate Own

The Royal family has been known to partake in their fair share of luxury. The more than conservative family has found it difficult to hide their lavish lives outside of Buckingham Palace, with media becoming a larger part of their lives. Amongst these luxuries, there are properties, vehicles, jewels, and clothing items. All of which have been purchased or commissioned by the Royal family. Prince William and Kate Middleton are no strangers to this luxury. The traditional couple, although not loaded like many would think, hold millions worth in luxuries. Some of which have been passed down by their parents and other acquired through their own interests.

10 Kiki McDonough Earrings

Amongst all items owned by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Kate’s earrings are some of the most affordable. If you have $2,000 to spend on earrings that are. The Duchess has her earrings custom ordered from designer Kiki McDonough, a jeweler. Through her relationship with Prince William, Kate has been pictured wearing various items made by the jeweler, during every public event she has attended. All earrings are different and most custom made to coordinate with her outfit. The duchess is also known to splurge on her clothes, purchasing some of the most expensive brands known in the world.

9 Princess Diana’s Watch

Within Royal’s extensive collection is the Late Princess Diana’s Cartier Tank watch. The watch that had been gifted to Princess Diana by her father is made of gold, in a rectangular form. The watch was chosen by Prince William as a keepsake after his mother passed away. Holding much sentimental value to the prince, he gifted the $2,000 watch to Kate. The Duchess has worn the watch on many occasions, adding to her classic style. The style created by Diana incorporating the watch has been adopted by Kate. Creating small modern changes to the late princess style, she created her own.

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8 Omega Seamaster 

Prince William is no stranger to his share of jewelry. Although his comes in the form of watches. The prince is an avid collector of watches. Much like his younger brother Prince Harry. The most frequently worn is the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M. The watch valued at $3,100 is the same watch used by James Bond in the movies. Prince William can be seen wearing the watch to most events, and even some images dating back to his youth picture him wearing different models of the watch, as well as during his first meeting and outings with Kate Middleton.

7 Cartier Ballon Bleu

The Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to Cartier. Favoring the brand just as much as the new royal Meghan Markle. The Duchess owns the seemingly affordable Cartier Ballon Bleu watch, which is valued at $5,500. The watch comes encrusted with diamonds and a dial that holds a diamond. With the kind of attention, it receives, no wonder she wears it frequently with most of her outfits. The watch resembles that of Prince William’s late mother Princess Diana, who was also frequently seen wearing the Cartier watch gifted to her by her father. The current Royals seemingly favor the brand for its timeless value.

6 Polar Bear Brooch

The Duchess of Cambridge comes in again with another jewelry. The Polar Bear Brooch gifted to her during her tour of Canada in 2011, has a worth of $7,000. The brooch created in the subarctic town of Yellowknife was forged with locally mined diamonds, as a symbol of the prosperity of the otherwise unknown town. The Duchess has not been seen wearing the brooch during any other occasion, except during her stay in Canada with Prince William. The day the brooch was gifted to her she wore it during the celebrations. Kate Middleton has an extensive collection of brooches.

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5 Audi R8

Much like his younger brother, Prince Harry, Prince William is an avid collector of sports cars valued much higher than other items in his collection. The Audi R8 is one of his prized possessions valued at $165,450. The car is the one he had used on his wedding day in 2011. The car is the only one not made in Great Britain that is a part of the Royal family’s collection. Kate Middleton is often seen using the car as well, she is recognized as someone who favors the Audi model. These aren’t the only cars used though.

4 Aston Martin

Adding on to Prince William’s car collection is the Aston Martin Db6 Volante. The car resembles that which the Prince's late mother Princess Diana owned. She had been seen driving a different model of the car back when she was first married to Prince Charles. The Aston Martin is valued at $359,200. Not the most expensive car ever owned by a member of the Royal family, but one of the most luxurious. It was used during Prince Charles’ wedding in 2011. Duchess Kate has only ever been seen in the car during their wedding day when she rode out of Westminster Abbey to the wedding party hosted afterward.

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3 Kate’s Wedding Dress

The iconic dress worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day is a fairy tale wedding come true. The wedding itself was the transition to Royal life, something Kate would never come back from. As most of the wedding, it was expensive. But not as expensive as the dress. The Alexander McQueen model is worth $400,000. One of the most expensive dresses in history. Rivaled only by Meghan Markle’s dress a few years later. The dress was a pure white and accessorized with simple earrings and a crown from the Queen’s collection, the Duchess of Sussex also borrowed one on her wedding day.

2 Diamond Sapphire Ring

The Diamond Sapphire for the Royal family. The ring that the Duchess got married with is not a one of a kind item, though it does have sentimental value. The item that was a part of Princess Diana's collection was given to her by Prince Charles as a wedding ring. When she passed away Prince Harry chose the ring as a memento of his mother. He wanted to give it to his fiancé, but he and his brother had made an agreement that whoever got married first would use it as an engagement ring. When Prince William got married, he gave it to Kate. The ring is valued at $500,000, as opposed to when Prince Charles first bought it at $37,000.

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1 Anmer Hall

This estate is one of the many properties owned by the Royal family. This is Kate’s personal project where she restored the 19th century home to make it her full-time residence. The estate is valued at 1.7 million dollars and is beside Sandringham Palace owned by the Queen. It is noted that the estate only became the family’s permanent home after Princess Charlotte was born. Anmer Hall not only serves as their permanent residence but as a vacation home as well, being right next to Sandringham Palace they are able to spend all their Christmas time over there without hesitation.

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