The 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses Brands, Ranked

One it comes to fashion, most of us strive to look our absolute best. How many times in our lives have we spent hours in front of the mirror choosing between several pairs of jeans and switching from a shirt to a tank top? It can become overwhelming sometimes. But nothing sends fashionistas over the edge quite like accessories.

Accessories are those wonderful things that can really make or break an outfit. So we tend to invest a little something extra when it’s time to buy them. And particularly with sunglasses, since it’s as much about style as it is about keeping those eyes safe. But how far are you willing to go on your search for the perfect pair? Let’s take a look at the ten most expensive sunglass brands in the world!

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13 Ray-Ban

We kick off this list with what is probably the world's favourite and most popular sunglasses maker. Ray-Ban is one of those brands you can't help but associate with a cool and stylish personality. They're extremely creative with their designs, and the quality is, of course, top-notch.

Even though they don't sell their models for thousands of dollars, you can still find pairs that go for nearly $500. Which, let's face it, isn't exactly reachable for most people out there. We'll give it to them, though - they can come up with pretty affordable items at times. We can only hope to be able to upgrade to the highest version.

12 Fendi

An iconic Italian brand, Fendi prides itself in selling high-end products including leather pieces, perfumes and accessories of the best quality. The brand has come a long way since its original inception in 1925, and is now regarded as one of the top retailers for luxury leather goods.

Their sunglasses compl with the brand's norm of elegance meets futuristic design. Usually, a pair of Fendi's sunglasses will go for a few hundred dollars. Again, it's not exactly an extremely reckless purchase, but very few people outside of the rich and famous have the buying power to acquire a pair of these babies!

11 Cartier Paris

If you're looking for finesse, then this is the brand that will deliver it at your door. Well, probably not at your door, but certainly at one of their gorgeous boutiques spread all across the globe. Cartier is known for producing some of the most beautiful and expensive jewellery out there, and sunglasses are no exception.

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Those amongst us who have simpler taste might choose to drop around $2,000 on a pair. But if we're talking about reaching for the extreme in terms of fashion, luxury, and opulence, then perhaps one of the $25,000 pairs, which include diamond incrusted lenses.

10 Lugano Diamonds

When something sounds Italian, it's pretty hard to not immediately associate it with luxurious and high-quality. And even though Lugano Diamonds is actually America, the second part of this statement very much applies to the company founded in 1974. They started by selling some of the most beautiful and exquisite jewellery in the world, but soon branched out into the world of sunglasses.

The keyword when it comes to Lugano Diamonds and their sunglasses is uniqueness. You won't see pieces like these anywhere else in the world! Just be mindful that they are not for everyone's pocket - one of their best pieces retails for $27,000!

9 Bvlgari

This actually Italian brand has been around since the 18th century. It was originally founded in Rome, but it's unique and exquisite offer of leather accessories, perfumes, jewellery, and watches, quickly turned it into a world-wide phenomena.

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The style and quality associated with Bvlgari is present in every single one of their pieces, including, of course, sunglasses. And not just any kind of sunglasses, but those who are incrusted with diamonds and other precious stones. Their Flora sunglasses retail for $59,000, but you can find something at a slightly nicer pair - like $31,000 diamond incrusted pieces.

8 Bentley

When you are a car manufacturer, saying that the leap towards producing accessories is a big one is an understatement. But Bentley had one thing that not all car brands can brag about, and that's an incredible reputation for coming up with some of the prices, most luxurious models out there. The kind that only the 1% can afford to acquire.

So when the time came for Bentley to shoot their shot at sunglasses, they hit the nail on the head. They're stylish, they're clean, they're elegant - and they cost a small fortune. Both because they're produced by Bentley, and because some are limited edition. Are you prepared to dish out $45,276 for your own pair?

7 Gold & Wood

Gold & Wood has made it's mission to focus primarily in sunglasses and eyewear. And making it as one of the top luxurious brands on the fashion industry, when you have to compete with giants like Valentino, Gucci, and Prada, isn't exactly easy. So a lot of props need to be given here.

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As you can guess by the name, Gold & Wood prides itself in using only the highest-quality materials known to mankind. Including, of course, the finest diamonds. You can shoot for the stars and buy the $55,000 pair. But if you're feeling like going easy on your bank account, you can always decide on the $30,000 option.

6 Clic

Clic doesn't exactly make us think rich and luxurious. Our brain is probably quicker to think about office materials than expensive sunglasses, but somehow, the brand made it work. The most recent brand to be featured on this list, Clic made a name for itself thanks to its unique design of sunglasses models.

The brand has been recognized for being one of the most expensive in the world, and most of their models are limited editions. Putting a price on exclusivity is always a little hard, but these guys did their best. One of their pairs went as high as $75,000.

5 Dolce & Gabbana

Is there anything Dolce & Gabbana can't do? The brand has been around since 1985, and like the best things fashion and beauty-related, it's Italian. They might have started of as a designer consulting studio, but now they are an icon of the industry, and one of the most successful and highest-earning companies out there.

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From clothes to makeup, there's nothing Dolce & Gabbana hasn't excelled at. And of course, sunglasses are part of their portfolio. You can find more modest models going for a few hundred bucks, but you can also find something like their DG2027B, which goes for a staggering $383,000 a pair.




1 Chopard De Rigo

Everybody make room for the Swiss! The only brand from the chocolate and watch country to be a part of this list is also one of the priciest. Sunglasses are what they are know for, and the brand is here to completely change your notions of what is an acceptable price for sunglasses.

They use a lot of rare materials in order to make their pieces come to life. These include, of course, diamonds and gold. And in that case, it's no wonder that you can find sunglasses with a price tag of $350,000...and above! You know, just a little something to wear on my face and protect my eyes. Go big or go home!

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