The 10 Most Expensive Skin Care Brands, Ranked

Whether it's reducing under eye darkness, minimizing pores, getting rid of acne, blurring age lines and wrinkles, or hydrating dehydrated skin, every woman in this world faces skincare dilemmas on a daily basis. While some may try natural remedies at home such as DIY masks and cucumber slices on the eyes, most women choose to splurge on skincare products.

With skincare brands making you believe that anyone can have perfect skin, every woman has an elaborate skincare routine today, spending hundreds of dollars a year. However, drugstore creams don’t cut it for some, and they spend thousands of dollars on luxury skincare brands that use unique and expensive ingredients to cure your skin woes. These luxury skin products include real caviar beads and 24K gold, making them ultra expensive and super luxurious. Scroll below to see the 10 most expensive skincare brands in the world, ranked.

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10 SK-II

After discovering the affects of constant exposure to sake on the skin of elderly workers at a Japanese brewery, scientist discovered the age defying properties of yeast. After scientists isolated the key ingredient, Pitera, as the magic worker, the skincare brand SK-II was born.

Today, the cheapest product you can buy from SK-II is a facial cleansing oil priced at $70, while the most expensive product, the LXP ultimate revival creme, retails for $385.

9 Chantecaille

The French brand Chantecaille is all about harnessing the botanical power or flowers and other plants in order to create beauty enhancing products. Unlike many other brands on this list, Chantecaille works with labs around the world to perfect their skincare technology and harvest the best textures, colors and scents for their products.

Today, the cheapest product you can buy from Chantecaille is a travel sized rosewater spray retailing at $32, while the most expensive product, the nano gold energizing face cream, retails for $420.

8 La Mer

After 6000 experiments that spanned over 12 years, Dr. Max Huber discovered a fermentation process that utilized sea kelp with other ingredients to fashion a miracle broth. This miracle broth works as the cell-renewing ingredient in La Mer products today, including the Creme De La Mer, the brand’s most priced product.

Loved by celebrities around the world, now La Mer produces a range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers and other skincare goodies. While you can buy a small sized La Mer product for as cheap as $25 today, the most expensive product sold at the brand, Genaissance de la mer, retails for $665.

7 Estee Lauder

This renowned brand began in New York City, back in 1946 when founder Estee started to produce skincare products along with her husband Joesph Lauder. After initially only formulating an oil based cleanser, a lotion, a creme and a creme pack, Estee Lauder eventually widened its product range and went on to establish and acquire many other cosmetic companies.

Today, the cheapest product you can acquire at Estee Lauder is a night cleansing foam for $11, while the most expensive product, the Re-Nutriv Recreation face creme, retails for $680.

6 Sisley

Launched in 1976 by founder Hubert d’Ornano, Sisley is a family run French company that blends novel technologies with natural and rich ingredients to manufacture its incredible skincare range. The brand believes that each active plant extract can be employed for a specific skin concern, while the essential oils used in their products enhance this action.

Today, the cheapest product you can acquire at Sisley is a cleansing brush retailing at $43, while the most expensive product, the serum duo prestige set, retails for $865.

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5 Guerlain

The French brand Guerlain was established by perfumer Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain in 1828, making it one of the oldest skincare and perfume houses in the world. This luxury brand first began with creating perfumes, and soon ventured out into manufacturing luxurious makeup and skincare products, all created in France.

Even though Guerlain finds pride in the effectiveness of their skincare range, many have criticized the lack of information provided on the ingredients that go into their products. Today, the cheapest product you can buy at Guerlain is a serum retailing at $24, while the most expensive product, the Orchidee Imperiale Black Treatment, retails just over $1000.

4 Orogold

As the name suggests, Orogold is all about enhancing one’s beauty through the use of gold, a technique they claim has been widely used in history by the likes of Cleopatra, people of ancient Rome and the Ch’ing dynasty. Orogold blends the ‘opulance’ and beauty of 24K gold into each of their products to evoke a radiant glow and help fight signs of ageing.

Today, the cheapest product you can buy at Orogold is a lip balm retailing at $58, while the most expensive product, the 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration, retails for $1200.

3 La Prairie

Much like a host of other luxury brands, La Prairie originates from Switzerland. It all began with Dr. Niehans exploring cellular therapy in 1931. Before publishing his research in 1960, La Prairie became internationally recognized for treating royals, celebrities and other renowned personalities in their clinic.

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The brand launched its first cream in 1998 and has since dabbled into a lot more luxury skincare products. They blend a lot of expensive ingredients, but are most notably known for their introduction of skin caviar, a range of products containing real caviar beads and extract. Today, the cheapest product you can buy at La Prairie is a foam cleanser retailing at $90, while the most expensive product, the platinum rare cellular elixir, retails for $1245.

2 JK7

While skincare products are designed to protect and augment the health of your skin, many such products contain harsh ingredients such as chemicals and preservatives. This is true even for many high end skincare labels. However, JK7 prides itself in having a fully natural and chemical free range of products that contain nurturing ingredients such as essential oils and herbal extracts.

All JK7 products are environmentally conscious, don’t divulge into animal testing, and are all handmade in their own facility in Hawaii. Today, the cheapest product you can acquire at JK7 is a lip balm retailing at $145, while the most expensive product, the JK7 rejuvenating serum, retails for $1200.

1 Vine Vera

Vine Vera blends rich natural ingredients together in order to create their extensive skincare range. These ingredients include plant extracts and other antioxidants. The key antioxidant used in their products is resveratrol, which is usually found in red wine and grapes. Resveratrol is known to reduce stress, which in turn reduces signs of ageing on the skin.

Today, the cheapest product you can acquire at Vine Vera is a hand cream retailing at $26, while the most expensive product, the resveratrol Malbec DNA magnetic mask, retails for $3000.

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