10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular countries to visit due to its unique blend of traditional customs and futuristic technology. Aside from the famous cherry blossom season and the high-tech cities such as Tokyo, Japan is also known as a land of luxury. Japan’s outstanding sushi is simply self-explanatory, but the island country also features plenty of other luxury foods at all of the high-end restaurants. While you can find cheap eats in Japan, there’s no doubting the quality and taste of the more pricey food places. Today, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at ten of the most expensive restaurants found in Japan and what exactly makes them so great.

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10 Misoguigawa

Unlike many of the other restaurants on this list, the primary focus of Misoguigawa is far from sushi. In fact, it’s a French-style Japanese restaurant that’s been around since the early 1980s. The most popular choice by far at this quaint and stylish restaurant is their $270 multi-course option, featuring eight dishes prepared in a kaiseki-style. Due to the ingredient’s rarity and need for freshness, this eight-course meal must be ordered at least five days in advance. However, the wait is worth it for Misoguigawa’s famous filet, potato souffle, roasted pumpkin, and chocolate dream. Furthermore, the restaurant provides a multitude of private rooms for your dining pleasure.

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9 Beige

Interestingly enough, the second restaurant on this list also features French food prepared with local ingredients for a unique mix of the two cultures. Located on the top floor of a Chanel building in Tokyo, the restaurant lets you enjoy your $190 four-course meal with a view! Although expensive, guests have nothing but positive feedback for the delicious dishes served at Beige. The award-winning chef especially recommends the chilled lobster bisque, sea urchin from Hokkaido, premium Kobe beef, and a delightful chocolate camelia to finish up. Beige also offers great vegetarian options at a lower price to suit everyone’s needs!

8 Aragawa

When you’re walking to Aragawa, you might be skeptical of its worth. After all, what kind of high-class restaurant is parked in the basement of an office building? This exclusive restaurant focuses specifically on the extremely rare Kobe beef, a steak so marbled that it’s known to melt in your mouth. Due to the fact that Kobe beef requires special cattle-raising methods, the meat is in low supply but high demand all around the world. For around $340 bucks per person, you can enjoy the one-of-a-kind steaks offered at Aragawa. However, the restaurant only seats 22, so you’ll want to make your reservations well ahead of time.

7 Kitcho

If you’re into the traditional Japanese multi-course meals known as Kaiseki, then Kitcho is the absolute best place to satisfy your cravings. Of course, at an astonishing $600 per person, not everyone can afford a delectable meal there. Holding three Michelin stars, Kitcho offers picturesque dishes that are enjoyable for all five senses. Even common items such as fatty tuna sashimi are made into a work of art here at Kitcho, and the menus change with the seasons to always bring customers the freshest ingredients. As a cherry on top, the restaurant features multiple private rooms fully staffed with welcoming servants, allowing guests to achieve a zen state of mind.

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6 Michel Bras Toya

Up next, we have yet another French-Japanese fusion restaurant, Michel Bras Toya. The restaurant’s high altitude location coupled with their floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer guests with an exceptional view of Lake Toya and the surrounding nature. Offering authentic flavors from southern France, the cheapest option there is $200 per person, while a higher-up menu costs $285. The award-winning chefs throw together new creations to suit every season, and each dish is made with the freshest ingredients money can buy. A unique guest favorite at this classy restaurant remains the Bourgogne snails with carrot jus, kohlrabi, and sorrel. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit, then you are in for a huge treat!

5 Ginza Kojyu

Not only is Ginza Kojyu one of the most expensive restaurants in Japan at $230, but it is also named as one of the top fifty restaurants in the entire world. Although the location of Ginza Kojyu is very inconspicuous, being on the fourth floor of a random office building, the hidden placement makes Ginza Kojyu more special and exclusive. The focus of this restaurant is to provide guests with delicious multi-course meals that focus on the natural flavors of the ingredients rather than the added spices. The chef lightly seasons each dish to accentuate natural beauty. Ginza Kojyu is most famous for its delectable, silky soft sashimi decorated with cucumber, seaweed, and daikon.

4 Sushi Masuda

With two Michelin stars, Sushi Masuda stands out from the crowd for its innovation of presentation in addition to preparation methods and taste. The sushi chef was trained for nine long years before assuming the position, and he’s got plenty of tricks up his sleeves that makes the sushi experience at Masuda worth the $350 per person price. Almost every aspect of traditional sushi is reinvented for the better here, with a unique blend of rice featuring the perfect firmness complementing each dish. The ingredients are nothing but the freshest there is, featuring delicacies such as hirame, sayori, and shirako. Even if you can afford it, it’s very difficult to score a spot at the tiny six-seater eatery.

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3 Sushi Mizutani

Sushi Mizutani is not only expensive, but it also maintains a high aura of secrecy due to the banning of photography inside. The only way to see the picturesque restaurant and beautiful dishes is to go to sample them for yourself. Guests pay at least $280 for dinner, yet the only feedback seems to be praise! Customers have fallen deeply in love with the rich and flavorful Tamago, the silky sashimi, and the pieces of sushi that resemble works of art. In addition to the food, guests can also choose from a selection of sake and Japanese spirits to complement their meal.

2 Narisawa

We’ve all seen beautiful, colorful arrangements of food at fancy restaurants, but it is hard to imagine anything topping this eatery’s amazing artwork! The perfect koi pond in the picture above is actually one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. With two Michelin stars, however, there’s more to Narisawa than the beauty of the dishes. The chef offers local delicacies available only in select seasons from nearby provinces, justifying the $300 per person cost. The Japanese cuisine found at Narisawa is truly one of a kind, and cannot be replicated in any other country. The most impressive aspect of the restaurant is that the chef prides himself in maintaining absolutely zero food waste!

1 Nishi Azabu Sushi Shin

Last but not least, Nishi Azabu Sushi Shin is also a very well established sushi restaurant with high regard to flavor and quality of ingredients. At $180 per person, you can enjoy classic Japanese dishes such as fatty tuna sashimi, green uni, purple uni, and eel. However, Nishi Azabu Sushi Shin also provides a variety of seasonal delicacies available for limited times. During the summer, a popular option is the fatty mackerel sushi paired with the house-made sauce for a special treat. Guests are delighted with the quality of the fish and the overall welcoming, helpful service that they encounter at this restaurant, making it worth the hefty price.

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