10 Most Expensive Purchases Made By Chris Hemsworth

In 2011, Australian-born Chris Hemsworth debuted as Norse god turned superhero Thor in the hit Marvel movie Thor. His powerful performance captured the hearts of moviegoers everywhere and established him as one of the leading actors in Hollywood.

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With a slew of high profile roles, it's no wonder that Chris Hemsworth is raking in cash. In 2019, his net worth was a whopping 90$ million. $76 million of this fortune is derived from his acting career, making him the second highest-paid actor in Hollywood. However, Hemsworth came from humble beginnings and revealed he feels "gross" about his big paychecks. Still, he's made some pricy purchases. Scroll down to see 10 expensive purchases made by Chris Hemsworth.

10 Ringside Mayweather vs. McGregor Tickets

Undefeated boxing legend Floyd Mayweather came out of retirement to respond to outspoken MMA fighter Connor McGregor's challenge. This battle of giants quickly became one of the biggest events of 2017, and, when they did showdown, the ring was packed with A-list celebs like J.Lo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chris Hemsworth. Ringside tickets, like the ones Chris Hemsworth purchased, ran as high as $10,000 in price.

It's unclear if Hemsworth made a bet on the match (and, for that matter, if his bet was successful). However, it's clear he had a great time. Hemsworth posted a photo of him and some guy pals on a private jet on route to Sin City with the caption: "On route to #mayweathermcgregor ya kidding!!!!! #besttdayever."

9 Chrome Hearts Sunglasses

When he's not wielding Thor's mighty hammer and dressed in armor, Chris Hemsworth keeps stylish. While his red-carpet looks might be sleek and polished, his laidback, casual looks ooze surfer-vibes.

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Still, these Chrome Heart sunnies can't be swooped up from a beachside kiosk. Chrome Hearts is one of the most exclusive and trendy luxury jewelry and has found a place in the wardrobes celebs like Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian. Chrome Hearts Sunglasses (like Chris') retail for upwards of $1500.

8 Custom Mural for Byon Bay Home

Chris Hemsworth raised eyebrows, and concern from neighbors, when he bought an $8 million mansion only to tear it down and build a new home from the studs up. His controversial home features $20 million in upgrades, including a 50-meter rooftop infinity pool, a steam room, and a game room.

One of his luxury purchases is a beautiful mural commissioned by celebrated indigenous artist Otis Hope Carey for untold thousands. The massive work is entitled Darrundang Gaagal (Thanking the Ocean). Chris Hemsworth shared the piece on Instagram, writing "Blue circular line work is painted over the top throughout the composition in reference to the Ocean in an act of thanks for its healing powers and all that is received from it."

7 Birthday Spain Vacation

For Elsa Pataky's 43rd birthday, Chris Hemsworth treated her to a luxurious week in Pataky's native Spain. The two traveled across the Spanish countryside, tasting wine and snacking on Birthday treats, racking up unknown thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

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Pataky and Hemsworth had some A-list company. Matt and Luciana Damon joined the Aussie couple on a private yacht to celebrate Pataky's birthday in style, and the group was seen leaving Spain on private jets.

6 Audi Q7

In 2015, Chris Hemsworth joined the Audi team as a "film ambassador." In collaboration with Audi, Hemsworth co-hosted an exclusive screening of In the Heart of the Sea in Sydney to benefit the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Hemsworth's collection of luxury sports cars include a sleek, black Audi Q7. Chris had some high praise for his whip-- "The car’s interesting, incredibly impressive. I wanted something functional. I’ve got three kids and three car seats and occasionally a surfboard and they all seem to fit in there very nicely!” This car is valued at $90,500.

5 Cadillac Escalade

Hemsworth has been pictured driving his Escalade everywhere from the hospital, the grocery store, and red carpet premieres. The Escalade is a favorite SUV for stars, athletes, and millions all across Hollywood. Also, it's the car most likely to be targeted thieves.

However, rolling around in a car this luxurious doesn't come cheap. Hemsworth's Escalade is estimated to have cost him a cool $200,000.

4 Private Jet

Many high-ranking, high-earning celebrities are practically allergic to commercial flights. After all, why bother with the hassle (and possible security concern) of an airport, when you can charter a luxurious private jet? Chris Hemsworth and his family have been spotted boarding private jets to fly in style.

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Hoping on a Zetta Jet--like the one Chris Hemsworth is pictured boarding--doesn't come cheap. An international roundtrip on one of these planes costs upwards of $200,000 and customers can expect to pay $12,000 per hour to jet in luxury.

3 Suffolk Park Home

While Chris Hemsworth waits for his super expensive Byron Bay mega-mansion, he bought a home in nearby Suffolk Park for $4.5 Million. This beautiful home--updated with some new paint and date trees--looks out directly on the shores of Tallow Beach.

He'll sell the home when his Byron Bay pad is done, but its's not a bad place to wait for your mansion to be completed!

2 Malibu Home

While Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and their three children might spend the majority of their time in Australia, a Hollywood actor can't stay out of LA forever.

Hemsworth's Malibu home is worth $3.45 million and features clean line, gorgeous views, and some lux amenities. This home features a state of the art 750-bottle refrigerated wine cellar, a home theatre and Calacatta gold marble baths and showers.

1 Byron Bay Mansion

In 2014, Hemsworth paid $7 million for a secluded eight-bedroom Balinese-style mansion in Byron Bay, South Wales. Despite the home's elegance, Hemsworth opted to tear his new purchase down and build his dream home studs-up. Post-renovation, this mega-mansion is estimated to be worth $20 million dollars.

Renovations include a 50-meter rooftop infinity pool, a steam room, and a game room.The neighbors aren't thrilled. The controversial project has been called "obscene, greedy, flashy and vulgar."

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