The 10 Most Expensive Pairs Of Shoes In The World

Every style-conscious person loves a great pair of shoes - they can pull and outfit together, or absolutely ruin it. They can make someone feel like a million bucks... or leave them hobbling home with blisters on their feet. There's no doubt that shoes are important, but that can also mean that they are incredibly expensive.

Yes, there are always the bargain basement shoes available, but after a certain point, everyone realizes that these are cheap for a reason; they hurt, they don't last, and they just don't look good. Shoes are an investment... but the pairs below might be ones that only the uber rich can afford to invest in!

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10 Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes - $1 Million

The Marilyn Monroe Shoes are very beautiful, but one would have a hard time guessing that they cost $1 million. That is because these shoes are elegant, but they are also pretty simple.

Judging by their name, one might think that they were once owned by actress Marilyn Monroe. But the only connection they have with the star is the Swarovski crystals that are on them. The crystals were once a part of a pair of Monroe’s earrings.

Actress Regina King wore these shoes to the Academy Awards in 2005. Then, a different version of this pair of shoes was sold at an auction.

9 Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos - $1.09 Million

These strappy stilettos are very stylish, and they cost $1.09 million. One of the reasons why these shoes are so expensive is because they have 464 diamonds in them.

These shoes were also made out of platinum fabric, which makes them appear to be very shiny. Apparently, Weitzman had a very specific reason for creating these shoes. The world got its first peek at these shoes when actress Laura Harring wore them to the Oscars. One of the most interesting facts about these shoes is that the diamonds can come off of them so that they can be worn as jewelry.

8 Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos - $1.6 Million

The inspiration for these shoes was The Wizard of Oz, and they are the eighth most expensive pair of shoes in the world, since they are worth $1.6 million. These shoes have a very elegant and delicate look to them.

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They do not actually have much in common with the famous shoes the lead character wears in The Wizard of Oz. But both pairs of shoes are the same color. These shoes were originally supposed to be worn at an award ceremony in 2003, but the war in Iraq changed those plans, since lots of people were in a somber mood at the time.

7 Tom Ford Custom Loafers By Jason Arasheben - $2 Million

These shoes are valued at a whopping $2 million, which is likely due to the fact that both shoes are completely covered in diamonds. These are very unique, and they have an interesting history.

Singer and television personality Nick Cannon wanted to have some Tom Ford loafers customized, so he took his idea to jewelry designer Jason Arasheben, who is the founder of Jason of Beverly Hills, and this pair of shoes was the result. Cannon even wore these shiny shoes on America’s Got Talent a few years ago. These shoes have approximately 14,000 diamonds on them, so their expensive price tag is not a big surprise.

6 Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels - $2 Million

Stuart Weitzman collaborated with jewelry designer Eddie LeVian in 2006 to create Weitzman’s Tanzanite Heels, which are worth $2 million. These shoes are very different from many of Weitzman’s other designs, since a lot of the other ones only use one kind of gemstone.

These are made with multiple gemstones. Tanzanite Heels are made with 185 carats of tanzanites, as well as 28 carats of diamonds.

These shoes feature a beautiful tear-shaped tanzanite that dangles from the ankle strap. They also have oval and pear-shaped tanzanites in them as well. They were first seen in 2007 at the New York Public Library.

5 Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers - $2 Million

Like many of Weitzman’s creations, these $2 million shoes are inspired by a work of fiction. These shoes are based on Cinderella, and they are made out of Italian leather.

The toe and ankle straps on these shoes have a design that looks similar to lace. The heels are four inches tall, and they are clear.

Usually, both shoes in a pair look exactly the same. But these shoes look a little different from one another since the right one has a five carat amaretto diamond on it. Country singer Alison Krauss once wore these on the red carpet.

4 Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels - $3 Million


These open-toed heels are worth $3 million. They have sapphires, diamonds, and rubies on them, so it is easy to see why they cost so much.

Actress Rita Hayworth actually wore these shoes in the film Shawshank Redemption. These shoes have a chocolate brown color to them, and they also have a satin flower on the top.

They are made from Sienna Satin. These heels show that Weitzman is a very versatile designer, since many of his shoes have much brighter colors on them. Weitzman is capable of making lots of different shoes for any type of occasion, and they each have their own unique look.

3 Harry Winston Ruby Slippers - $3 Million

The Wizard of Oz has inspired lots of things, including this $3 million pair of slippers that were created when the 50th anniversary of the film rolled around in 1989. Ronald Winston, whose father was jewelry designer Harry Winston, wanted to celebrate the anniversary in a very special way, so he recreated the shoes that Dorothy, the lead character, wears in the film.

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The original pair was covered in red sequins. These shoes look similar, but they are a little different since they have rubies and diamonds instead. They were once worn by actress Judy Garland, which is fitting because she was the star of The Wizard of Oz.

2 Debbie Wingham High Heels - $15.1 Million

Designer Debbie Williams was the creator of the second most expensive pair of shoes, which cost $15.1 million. These do not look like just any pair of shoes. They have a really distinct appearance, and that is because they are meant to resemble a cake. They even look a bit like a gingerbread house, thanks to their dark color.

Williams is known for designing some over-the-top things, and these shoes are no different. They are not something that should be worn often, but they are definitely nice to look at. The soles and zippers are made out of gold, and 24 carat gold paint covers the leather.

1 The Passion Diamond Shoes - $17 Million

The Passion Diamond Shoes cost $17 million, which means they are currently the most expensive shoes in the world. These luxurious shoes are made out of diamonds and gold, and they were created over the span of nine months.

These shoes contain hundreds of diamonds, two of which are 15 carats apiece. Anyone who wants to see these beautiful shoes in person has to travel to the Burj Al Arab, which is a seven-star hotel located in Dubai.

These shoes are on display there, but they were actually designed in Italy. These shoes definitely look expensive, so the hefty price does seem fitting.

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