10 Most Expensive Outfits Beyoncé Has Worn

Beyoncé is a global icon who has amassed an immensely loyal following known as the Beyhive. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone out there who hasn't heard her name. She astonishes millions on the regular as a singer, dancer, and performer. She maintains her legendary status by pushing the bar on both her art and the music industry as a whole.

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How does she keep people so enthralled with her after all this time? By refusing to compromise. She knows people come to her shows to see spectacle and glamor. Her team spares no expense when it comes to outfitting the Queen Bee. Check out some of the most expensive outfits she has ever worn.

10 Casual Wear

How much do you spend on your travel ensemble? Beyoncé doesn't skimp, even on her plane-wear. This look may appear casual and dressed down, but in reality, every item is from a designer brand and worth thousands of dollars in total. According to Billboard's breakdown of this outfit, her Dior over-the-shoulder bag is the cheapest item at $660.

The most expensive piece of clothing here? That would have to be her Saint Laurent boots, the retail value of which is well over $3000. Even her AC/DC graphic Gucci tee cost $720 at the time this photo was taken in 2017. This is how Beyoncé looks just while hanging out on her (private) plane with Jay-Z! Not even her casual wear is cheap.

9 Travel Wear

Beyoncé doesn't stop at dressing up for her airplane trips, and she extends her extraordinary fashion sense to all days of her vacation. Page Six documented the lavish European trip taken by the Carters in 2018. For a breezy day outdoors, Bey rocked a $2,675 Versace mini-dress in leopard print. The look was complemented with a matching pair of $995 sandals.

For a boat trip, she was spotted wearing a Missoni swimsuit and matching cover-up. Her seemingly simple beachwear was worth more than $1,000. For a day at the art museum, she broke out a yellow Fendi dress that retails for $3,310 and Jimmy Choos that set her price tag for the day close to $5k.

8 Met Gala 2016

If you're going to a Met Gala, the goal is always to go big or go home. The 2016 gala theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. Beyoncé decided to rock out with a custom-made Givenchy dress made out of 100% Talalay latex, an organic type of latex.

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But the real price tag for her dress came from the pearls adorning the entire gown from head-to-toe. Each pearl was rumored to cost $8,000. If that's true, then that would put Beyoncé's gala gown at well over $300,000. You could pay back your school loans with just a handful of her dress!

7 Formation Music Video Outfits

Beyoncé went all out on the "Formation" music video. Bazaar highlighted each of her outfits worn in the video, and the total cost of all nine ensembles is $83,960. Her priciest item is not an outfit, but an accessory. Her Yeprem 18k White Gold handpiece cost her a cool $22,200.

She spent an additional $3000 on Dylanlex jewelry and accessories including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. But her Alessandra Rich dress wasn't cheap either, coming in at $2,345. She spared no expense in outfitting her dancers either. Many of the girls who joined Beyoncé in the video were clad in custom Gucci, each one costing several hundred dollars apiece.

6 2015 Coachella Outfit

If you were lucky enough to see Beyoncé in concert at Coachella in 2015, then you would have seen her rocking a boho-chic ensemble complete with a printed Saint Laurent dress costing close to $5,000. E! reports that her fringe waist-coat also cost several thousand dollars.

As if that wasn't enough, she rocked some designer sunglasses with a pair of Ray-Bans. All in all, her look for this one show came close to $10,000. Out of her many expensive ensembles, this one does appear to be one of the more comfortable ones! The maxi dress allowed the singer plenty of room to move around on stage to deliver a stellar performance.

5 Maternity Style

While pregnant with twins in 2017, Beyoncé wore elaborate and lavish gowns to accentuate and celebrate her maternity. Her maternity photo shoot where she wore lingerie and a sheer veil started a brand new photography trend for expecting mothers around the world. Perhaps her most notable look was the golden gown with Grecian accents she sported at the Grammy Awards.

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Being pregnant didn't keep Beyoncé from staying chic. At the Inaugural Wearable Art Gala, she wore an elaborate headpiece and body-clinging red evening gown. Altogether, the entirety of Queen Bey's maternity wardrobe is estimated to have cost the singer more than $50,000.

4 2014 Grammy Awards

At the 2014 Grammy Awards, Beyoncé performed her hit song "Drunk in Love" on stage, and she was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with her husband, Jay-Z. But what really stole the show for her was the stunning white lace Michael Costello dress she wore on the red carpet.

It is entirely handmade with illusion mesh and lace. Per an interview Costello did with InStyle, the dress was trimmed with an elegant horse wire hemline. The hemline alone took 14 hours to sew into the dress. The gown is estimated to have cost $20,000 to make.

3 2016 BET Awards Performance

As part of the Formation World Tour, Beyoncé performed for the BET Awards, and she stunned audiences with her exquisite Swarovski crystal-encrusted bodysuit. The bodysuit was designed by Julien MacDonald, who spoke with Hello! Magazine about his experience in outfitting the legendary performer.

MacDonald explains that the bodysuit contains more than 30,000 Swarovski crystals and took him around three weeks to complete. The bodysuit was explicitly designed for the singer, and when describing what she wanted for the look, she told MacDonald to style it as something she could wear during an African beat. Estimates for the bodysuit range in the thousands.

2 2016 Grammy Awards

As per usual, when it comes to music award shows, Beyoncé likes to show off and go all out. She proved this by showing up to present at the 2016 Grammy Awards in a wedding gown! Who says you can only wear a wedding dress at a wedding?

VH1 states that Beyoncé's gown cost more than the average American spends on their entire wedding! The dress was priced at $12,980. The gown came from Inbal Dror's fall collection. Beyoncé didn't even walk the red carpet that year; instead, she saved all her grandeur to make a spectacular entrance on stage.

1 Wedding Renewal Dress

Speaking of wedding gowns, Bey is notorious for keeping her personal life private. Fans had to squint to catch a glimpse of her in a stunning wedding gown when she posted a "2018 in review" video. They spotted the singer in a gorgeous white dress, and fans guessed she and Jay-Z had gotten their vows renewed.

This was confirmed later when the wedding gown designer, Galia Lahav, posted on Instagram affirming this. The dress Beyoncé supposedly chose was the Thelma design from the Victoria Affinity couture collection. Vogue reports that Queen Victoria's wedding dress inspired the dress. It is estimated the price tag for this vow renewal dress was around $70,000.

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