The 8 Most Expensive Luxury Cruises

Everyone loves a good cruise; it’s the ideal travel adventure that has something to offer for every age group in your family. The grandparents adore their daily round of Bingo in the afternoon and try out their luck on the slot machines at night, the parents relish the spa and line up for the theatre on time, the teens relax by the pool and make new friends, while the children play in the arcade and enjoy the free ice-cream and buffet all day round.

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Cruises are action-packed vacations that never allow you to get bored. You can expect incredible food, fun activities and beautiful destinations lined up for you every day. However, if you book a vacation on one of the cruises we have on our list today, you can expect a far lot more from your holiday! These luxury cruise ships are redefining the cruising experience. From the moment you board one of these ships, you are treated like royalty and offered the finest and most luxurious service, food and living quarters. Scroll below to see the most expensive luxury cruises out there today!

8 Queen Mary 2 | RMS

Christened by Queen Elizabeth in 2014, this cruise ship is one of the most popular vessels across the globe today. The finest cabin on board spans across two floors and 2,500 square-foot of space, featuring a private gym, a deck and premium bath, and bedding amenities.

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What makes this ship truly exclusive is its acceptance of pets on board. You can bring along you little furry friends to enjoy the dog kennels and luxurious pampering offered by the kennel master on board. The deck plans are reminiscent of older cruises, including the illustrious Titanic. You can book a room aboard this RMS ship for upwards of $800.

7 The Riviera | Oceania Cruises

Much like other luxury cruise ships, the Riviera offers its guests high-class service with a devotion to detail thanks to its 1.5:1 passenger-to-crew ratio. Launched in 2011, the Riviera was ‘designed to be distinctive and special.' The newly furbished owner’s suite is solely furnished by Ralph Lauren home and embodies his love for sailing.

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The culinary center onboard offers exclusive and stimulating cooking lessons for passengers, while the multiple dining options onboard the ship provide a selection of indulgent gourmet cuisine. You can book a room on this cruise for upwards of $1,710.

6 Viking Star | Viking Ocean Cruises

The Viking star offers a passenger-to-crew ratio of 930:550 and some of the greatest amenities available on-board cruise ships. Unlike other rival cruise lines, the Viking Star presents inclusive pricing for certain staterooms even though each room on the ship features remarkable luxuries such as a veranda, heated bathroom floors and anti-fog mirrors.

You can grab the lowest category balcony room for upwards of $2,099 or a low category suite starting at $3,499. However, you may not be able to reserve a stateroom aboard this ship for a while. On March 23 2019, the Viking Star engine failed due to the harsh Norwegian winds, causing the ship to rock wildly on the water and almost tipping on one side. There were several injuries reported and a couple of passengers were airlifted from the ship, throwing the ship out of commission for some time.

5 Crystal Serenity | Crystal Cruises

Originally launched in the year 2003, the Crystal Serenity is still one of the most expensive and luxurious cruise ships on the market today, thanks to the millions of dollars invested in its upgrades. With a 1.5: 1 passenger to crew ratio, you can sure expect world-class service and detailed attention to all your needs while you’re on board!

Tired of waiting in long buffet lines? The Crystal Serenity offers suites and penthouses with butler service to take care of all your wine-and-dine needs. However, what really sets this cruise apart is its incredible enrichment program where eminent lecturers, thought leaders, sportsmen and politicians share their journey and wisdom with the guests aboard. You can sail the Crystal Serenity for upwards of $2,435.

4 Seabourn Ovation | Seabourn Cruises

With a passenger to staff ration of 1: 0.75, the Seabourn Ovation is the newest addition to the Seabourn cruises fleet of luxury ships. All 300 staterooms onboard are categorized as suites, all of which feature balconies for you to enjoy your morning coffee along with a scenic view of the azure-tinted ocean waters.

The cruise offers gourmet food by the renowned chef Thomas Keller, who has worked at 3 Michelin-starred restaurants, and entertainment by the illustrious lyricist Time Rice, the writer behind some of your favorite tracks from Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King. All this wonder can be yours for a price tag upwards of $3,999 aboard the Seabourn Ovation.

3 Silver Muse | Silversea

With a capacity of 596 passengers and 411 crew-members, the Silver Muse has one of the greatest passenger-to-crew ratios of any cruise ships currently sailing the waters. The largest and latest ship of the Silversea fleet, the Silver Muse is an epitome of luxury sailing. Every room on-board is classified as a suite and offers luxuries such as Egyptian cotton bedding and Bvlgari bath amenities.

With 8 gourmet restaurants, all featuring distinct cuisines, the Silver Muse is the pinnacle for onboard dining experiences. You can book a suite on board for upwards of $4,500.

2 Seven Seas Explorer | Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Launched in July 2016, the Seven Seas Explorer was dubbed the ‘most luxurious ship ever built,’ by the Regent Seven Seas cruise line. This ship offers a 750:542 passenger-to-crew ratio and some of the best decadent dishes, celebrated artwork and elite staterooms with massive balconies (up to 995 square-feet) that can be found aboard cruise ships.

Passengers can enjoy luxury treatments at the world-famous Canyon Ranch spa on-board the Seven Seas Explorer. For those who like the finer things in life, this ship offers the largest stateroom available on any current cruises sailing the water. The Regent suites span across 3,875 square-feet and feature two balconies, a private solarium, a garden, and a private spa. You can cruise in luxury on this ship for upwards of $4,599.

1 Silver Whisperer | Silversea

Silversea might already be one of the leading names in the luxury cruise sector today, but in early 2020, this fleet’s Silver Whisperer is going to break all records and be crowned the world’s most exclusive cruise itineraries with its 140-day world tour expedition that travels to all 7 continents across the globe.

The tickets to this expedition start at $62000 and go all the way up to $346,500 for the owner’s suite. With exotic locations such as Bora Bora, Antarctica, Muscat and Mumbai on its roster, this cruise vacation is going to be an experience like no other!

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