10 Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold In Los Angeles

We tend to associate Los Angeles County with the sale of prime real estate. The entire town is filled with A-list celebrities and rich entrepreneurs who spend their money like it grows on trees. These houses are extravagant and contain every luxury one can imagine under the sun.

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We have found the most expensive homes ever sold in Los Angeles County and the numbers are more than most of us will ever make in our lifetime. The price tag may surprise you, but the amenities they include will shock you. Keep reading to learn about the ten most expensive homes ever sold in Los Angeles!

10 3555 N Carolwood Drive - $74 Million

This home was the former dream home of Walt Disney himself, and it was the final place he resided before his passing, but now it belongs to Omni Assets. The entire house is 35,000 square feet and it sits on four acres of land. A few of the special touches Disney himself had installed were a wine cellar, putting green, and two safe rooms in case of an emergency.

It has a total of eight bedrooms and was designed with ultimate privacy in mind. Your children won't have to worry about bathroom time either as there are 17 bathrooms spread about this large estate.

9 25040 Pacific Coast Highway - $85 Million

This home was bought by Daryl Katz, the owner of the NHL's Edmonton Oilers, and this price included all of the furnishings as well. The house is comprised of 9,000 square feet and provides the owner with a breathtaking ocean view.

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The infinity-edge swimming pool is what makes this estate really pop, especially when combined with the minimalist feel of the property. It might seem small at only six bedrooms, but the five acres of the ocean-front property is where the large price tag makes its entrance.

8 454 Cuesta Way - $88 Million

This is the home of Jay-Z and Beyonce, which they managed to obtain after talking the previous owner down from $120 million. This property is only comprised of about two acres of land and the house is a mere 9,000 square feet. A few of the luxuries included in the sale were bulletproof windows, four pools, a basketball court, and it is considered a smart home.

The couple also added another living area beneath the pools after they purchased this monstrosity. Let's not forget the helipad on the roof either because a house wouldn't be complete without somewhere to land their private helicopter.

7 350 N Carolwood Drive - $88.3 Million

This house is known as the Fleur de Lys and was sold to the company Pollmark Limited and bought entirely in cash. It was built in 2002 and was made to stay standing in the event of an earthquake.

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It has 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, as well as a pool, nine-car garage, and a tennis court. The house sits on about five acres of property and the shrubbery surrounding this palace is extraordinary. This home even has a wine cellar and cinema room to please every member of the household.

6 141 S Carolwood Drive - $90 Million

This home is officially known as the Owlwood Estate and was once home to Tony Curtis, Sonny, and Cher. The entire lot is comprised of 431,330 square feet and it has nine beds and 10 baths. Its current owner is Robert Shapiro, who is also the owner of Sturmer Pippin Investments LLC.

This estate is also comprised of a full-size tennis court and Olympic sized pool, but it has kept much of its 1936 classic feel. The majority of the house is done in beautiful wood paneling which is the reasoning behind several buyers taking the jump to own this massive estate.

5 10644 Bellagio Road - $94 Million

This is another historic home named Casa Encantada or the Weber Mansion and its current owner is Gary Winnick, Ceo of Pacific Capital Group and the founder of Global Crossing. It was built in the late 1930s and it includes nine acres of land. The living area spans 30,000 square feet and it rumored that Winnick has been doing some major renovations.

There have been tales that he hopes to put it back on the market for $225 million after all is said and done. A few of the amenities it offers is a pool and a tennis court, as well as direct access to the country club's golf course.

4 301 N Carolwood Drive - $100 Million

This outstanding estate is owned by none other than Tom Gores, the owner of the Detroit Pistons and the founder of Platinum Equity. This was more than a monetary transaction, as Gores actually traded a few of his properties for this one, while still maintaining a stake in some of their profits.

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The property resides on two acres of land and the living quarters add up to 30,000 square feet. A few of the added amenities include private hiking trails, multiple pools, a home theater with its own entrance, as well as a home salon.

3 10236 Charing Cross Road - $100 Million

Daren Metropoulos, the former co-owner of Pabst Brewing Company and a current co-owner of Hostess, brought this renowned party house, also known as the Playboy Mansion, for a whopping $100 million. The home is 22,000 square feet as well as multiple pools and jacuzzis for guests to enjoy.

A few of the other luxuries kept within this home include a zoo, aviary, wine cellar, pipe organ, and a basketball court. This home is every party lover's dream and we can only hope the excitement surrounding this mansion happens to stay alive.

2 22310 Pacific Coast Highway - $110 Million

This home was sold to Michael Smith, a billionaire who made his fortune in natural gas, and his wife for the price of $110 million. This is a beachfront property which explains the high price tag as the property only spans a half-acre. There are seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms on the property and the home itself is only comprised of 8,000 square feet.

The home also comes with a cinema room as well as an interior designed by the same man who did the rooms in the white house for the Obama family. This couple had also previously bought a home in the Hamptons a few years prior for the same exact price.

1 594 S Mapleton Drive - $119.75 Million

This is the sale to end all sales as Petra Ecclestone, the heiress to Formula One, sold the Spelling Manor to a mystery buyer for millions. The estate is comprised of 123 rooms, but only 14 of them are bedrooms.

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The property also comes with pools, a tennis court, and some koi ponds for fish. A few of the renovations Ecclestone had done before the sale include the addition of a bowling alley, tanning rooms, and a nightclub.

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