Meow! 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Ranked!

Caring for pets is not only therapeutic but a rewarding experience. Most animal lovers prefer dogs over cats since felines get a bad rep for not being “affectionate” enough, though cats can make great pets, too. In fact, they’re so good at being the perfect family pet that babies even love them. Ever seen YouTube videos of a tabby cat protecting a newborn? Or even the video that went viral when a cat leaped to a little boy’s rescue from a stray dog. Bottomline is that felines can be man’s best friend, too.

Not only that, but cats have just as many breeds to choose from as well as dogs. Those who thought our pooches cost an arm in a leg should check out this list of the 10 most expensive cat breeds ever known!

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10 The Ragdoll $1,000

The Ragdoll is one of the most well-known and sought-after breeds in the market. Their silky coats and hypnotizing blue eyes capture us immediately. Ragdolls also have a laid-back vibe that makes them capable of adapting to any environment, and they're particularly great with small children. In fact, these large felines love humans more than their own species. Research even states that they’ve been known to follow their owners around the house, going from room to room. Ragdolls are also trainable like dogs and can be taught how to play fetch. It’s no wonder these guys are so popular! With all these great qualities in a single feline, the $1,000 price tag doesn’t even matter.

9 The Peterbald $1,000

Another expensive kitty is a feline that comes from Russia with love, known as the Peterbald Cat. It shares a resemblance to other skinless and bald cats like the Sphynx and Oriental breeds, but the Peterbald is in a league all its own! The feline came into existence in 1994 when the Hairless Donskoy was bred with the Oriental Shorthair, making for one unique cat. Despite its appearance, the Peterbald remains a popular cat throughout St. Petersburg, Russia, and even in America today. There are at least five known variations of this cat, providing customers with a choice other than just bald. Additionally, the Peterbald is known to have a killer personality, making the purrfect addition to any family. However, the pet owners should beware that this kitty cost a maximum of $1,000 as well.

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8 The Maine Coon $1,200

Ragdolls may be giant domestic cats, but they’re not nearly as awesome as Maine Coons. These cats come baring a rich history and origin story that can be described as fickle and full of speculation, but nonetheless, their backstory is interesting. They’ve been featured in plenty of ancient folklore, so that must count for something. What’s for certain about this breed is that they survived near extinction. Had Maine Coons been wiped out, no one would ever know how truly beautiful these cats are. These felines have huge brains with the brawn to match, making them both intelligent and sturdy cats. Their fur coat is soft but thick, making them water-resistant and winter-prepared cats. One of the Maine Coon’s most distinctive features is probably the little tufts of hair on their ears, an obvious indicator that they share a common ancestry with Bobcats. Though these cats are a popular addition to families everywhere, Persians, unfortunately, come in first. Although, the price tag says otherwise since pet owners will pay an average cost of $1,200 for a Maine Coon! Hey, it’ll be worth the cost!

7 The Egyptian Mau $1,800

Speaking of mystical cats and folklore, the Egyptian Mau is probably one of the most enchanting felines that’s ever lived. With their wildcat-like spot pattern and jade eyes, these cats make an exciting pet. Not to mention they are descendants from the cats cared for by ancient Egyptians, including Pharaohs. Back in those days, cats were sacred to Egyptians and murdering them, even by accident, faced an immediate death sentence. The Egyptian Mau, like the Maine Coon, has existed for years, thanks to the old Egyptian laws. Not only are they ancient and possess an enchanting beauty, but Maus have other unique features that set them apart from other breeds. Their best feature is probably the “cheetah gait”, as they have built a rep for being the fastest and most agile domestic cat. The Egyptian Mau cost a maximum of $1,800!

6 The Siberian Forest Cat $2,000

The Siberian Forest Cat is another gentle-giant that cat lovers can’t seem to get enough of. These felines are one of the most exotic domestic, large cats living. They have long and lush fur, big round eyes that come in a range of colors, and have the strength of a Greek god. These cats are Russian natives, as well, and were bred to survive the cold, harsh temperatures that plague the country. The Siberian Forest Cat has existed for 1,000 years, making it one of the oldest living domestic cats in the world. These felines have been featured in folklore, legends, and mystical fables throughout history. The Siberian Forest Cat is indeed a mystical breed, with a 15-year life span and taking a total of 5 years to reach maturity. These cats can weigh up to 25lbs., which is only 5lbs. bigger than the Ragdoll. A pet owner will spend $2,000 max from breeders. These people charge a lot of money to buy a cat, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it.

5 The Scottish Fold $2,000

The Scottish Fold also has positive characteristics that make for a great addition to a family. They are even-tempered, quiet people lovers. These cats also have a serious rep for being rather unique in appearance. A Scottish Fold’s ears are especially unusual, having been folded downward or backward, like horns. People immediately think “health problems” when they see this feature, but, as it turns out, the Scottish Fold has minimal complications with hearing. The folded-ears are an essential dominant feature that was developed back in the 1960s in Scotland by a barn cat named Susie, who spectators believe is the ancestor of the breed. Taylor Swift probably knows all about Scottish Folds, given that she owns two of her very own. Be sure to catch a glimpse of Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson in Swift’s “ME!” video that was released back in April of this year! Owners can expect to pay a total of $2,000 for the breed as well!

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4 The Bengal Cat $10,000

The Bengal Cat is far from a Scottish Fold or any domesticated cat for that matter, which is reason enough why pet owners have to pay a maximum of $10,000. The feline is a cross between a Bengal, Snow Leopard and housecat, making it a mixture of wild and domestic that customers seem to go crazy over these days. Seriously, though, who can deny how beautiful they are! These cats come in a variety of coat colors, the most sought-after is the Snow Bengal pelt, which is the rarest and, not surprisingly, the most expensive version to buy. Second to that, is the traditional Bengal coat, with all the exaggerated spot pattern owners expect to find in these cats. These exotic cats are great pets, but beware, they are highly active and still have a “wild” side that needs tending to every now and then!

3 The Khao Manee $11,000

Exotic cat breeding is big business for animal breeders it seems. The Khao Manee is a centuries-long native to the beautiful Island of Thailand and was a protected species for years. The first Khao Manee ever to touch American soul arrived in 1999, when a breeding program was created to help the dying species thrive in controlled environments. The Khao Manee isn’t yet registered under any cat associations in America, but that hasn’t stopped animal lovers from purchasing the so-called Diamond Eye Cat. These felines have traits that are unique for most white cats such as the odd eye color combination of both green and blue. There’s something weirdly interesting about a cat having two different colored eyes. By there being so many interesting and expensive cats on our list already, the Khao Manee breaks the limit by $11,000.

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2 The Savannah Cat $20,000

Another exotic feline that breaks records is the Savannah Cat. Using a combination of the African Serval DNA and a household cat, breeders were able to create a cat that made the perfect addition to any family. Most wonder if the Savannah Cat is great with other pets, and the answer is yes. In fact, this feline prefers having dogs as playmates, possibly because they’re more equal in size and strength than the average household kitty. Not only do these cats make for great family members, but their appearance alone makes them appealing. Savannahs are famously known for their tall, sleek bodies and large eyes. Their pelts are especially interesting as they can range in color anywhere from golden to smoke and even snow. While the Savannah is a beautiful cat, it can cost at most $20,000 thousand.

1 The Ashera Cat $125,000

Similar to the Savannah Cat is the Ashera Cat, which was also created through the merging of two feline species, though they are even more beautiful in comparison. Their origin story runs along the same lines as the Savannah cat but reads something like a script for the next installment of a Jurassic Park movie franchise. The Ashera cat is a mix of an Asian Leopard, the African Serval, and a traditional housecat. Despite this cat’s double dosage of inherited wildness, it is said to have a calm demeanor and can be quite the independent kitty. Pet owners who are seeking a cat that acts and appears dog-like will love The Ashera as it is both loyal and full of energy. The feline also comes in an array of color pelts such as white and cream colored, making them one of the most popular cats in the world. While some places charge between $16,000-$17,000, breeders have an asking price of $125,000 for these beauties! That’s an insane amount of money to spend on a cat!

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