10 Most Expensive Barbies Ever Sold on eBay

There's no other place on the Internet quite like eBay when it comes to finding precious items for your personal collections... especially if those collections just so happen to be extremely particular. And while dolls aren't what one would consider an extravagant or strange thing to collect, they aren't exactly stamps, either.

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Barbie dolls are perhaps the most famous dolls in the world. Many of us played with our store bought beauties growing up, and their popularity hasn't slowed down ever since the first doll was introduced to the public. And of course, what better place than eBay to look for the most unique Barbies out there? Keep in mind that if you're looking for exclusivity, then it will probably cost you. Here are the 10 most expensive Barbies ever sold on eBay!

10 Japanese Exclusive Vintage Barbie - $1,399.99

This particular seller put up a very rare Barbie Doll for auction which comes from Japan. Even though the doll had been previously used and belonged to the seller's personal collection for a few years, the rarity of the piece allowed for it to be sold for a whooping $1,399.99. Sounds pretty pricey for a Barbie, but we're just getting started!

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The Japanese Exclusive Vintage Barbie Doll was produced somewhere between 1963 and 1964, and retains the original Japanese sticker inside the box. She's dressed in gold for the evening, and sports an uncharacteristic dark hairdo, beautifully coiffed.

9 Vintage 1978 Superstar Barbie & Ken - $1,481

If spending $1,481 in an ancient Barbie Doll sounds a bit bonkers to you, maybe the fact that this was a package deal will soothe your mind. This 1978 edition of the world's favourite female doll was accompanied by the world's favourite male doll, Ken. These dolls are both packaged like they are straight from the '70s!

A true Barbie collector will appreciate this item not only because of the original packaging which sports the Mattel logo, but also due to the nostalgia points courtesy of Ken's hairdo and the pair's unique outfits. There's no better way to pay homage to the '70s than to own these two dolls.

8 Original German Vintage Bild Lilli Barbie - $1,500

Bild Lilli features on this list because many serious collectors consider her to be the original Barbie. In reality, the Barbie we all came to know and love was actually inspired by this German doll that first came into consumer's lives and hearts during the 1950s.

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Because they weren't around for long, these beauties are particularly hard to find nowadays. Their resemblance with the original vintage Barbies helps with amping up the price tag. So much so that this model was sold on eBay for the amount of $1,500. Not bad for a doll that doesn't even come with a box!

7 1981 Beauty Secrets Barbie - $1,515

Ruth Cronk was one of the most dedicated Barbie Doll collectors of all time. She spent a grand total of 45 years of her life procuring and acquiring Barbie dolls of all eras, shapes, sizes, and countries in order to create the perfect collection. She was also one of the founders of the National Barbie doll convention.

With such an impressive resumé under her belt, it would be expected that the items belonging to Cronk's collection would sell for a considerable price. Such is the case of this Spanish Barbie, which was produced in 1981. Featuring the original box, this item sold on eBay for a grand total of $1,515.

6 Vintage 1959 Ponytail Barbie - $1,840

Talk about vintage! This beautiful doll was originally produced in 1959 and remains in great condition. The Vintage 1959 Ponytail Barbie in question was the first #1 Ponytail Barbie to be introduced to the public. Although it doesn't include the box, it does include the original outfit.

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Valued at $3,500, the auctioneer sold it to the highest bidder at the time, who offered to pay $1,840 for the doll. Even though it's less than what it's worth, it's still quite the hefty sum. Especially considering the quality doesn't compare to the latest versions. But the keywords here are, obviously, exclusivity and added value.

5 Vintage Barbie Peaches 'N Cream - $1,994.28

Well, we could argue that anything that has peaches 'n cream in its designation automatically deserves some attention. And if that just so happens to be a Barbie Doll, then we're all ears! Clearly, this beauty comes to us straight from the '80s. More precisely, the year 1984. Those sleeves don't lie!

Much like Beauty Secrets Barbie, this doll is the result of the collaboration between Mattel and Spanish company Congo. From this partnership, many Barbie dolls were born, including this very exuberant piece, that managed to be sold on eBay for the not so humble amount of $1,994.28. Not shabby, not shabby at all!

4 Snoprinsessa Barbie Doll - $2,500

Having a ton of clothes to change the dolls into was half the fun of playing with Barbies. these dolls allowed little children everywhere to live their favourite fantasies, no matter what they looked like: princess, fairy, businesswoman. When it came to Barbies, the sky and the imagination were the limit!

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This particular piece is a very rare one. Produced in Scandinavia under Mattel's approval and supervision, she's the dream of any girl who are up in very snowy, cold environments and still wanted to feel beautiful. Due to how rare she is, the doll ended up selling for $2,500.

3 City Smart Silkstone Barbie - $2,995

Closing the $2,000 and above club is this sharp and elegant looking Barbie Doll fabricated in 2003. She's the most contemporary out of all the dolls in the list, but that didn't mean she was going to sell for less! On the contrary, eh final bidder was willing to pay $2,995 for this piece.

The City Smart Silkstone Barbie only saw 600 of its kind being produced, with 400 going up for sale on the Japanese market, and 200 sold to members of the Official Barbie Collector's Club. A lot of words to say that coming across one of these is far from being an easy task, which is why it comes as no surprise why it sold for almost 3K.

2 Original Vintage Brunette Barbie - $4,200

Who doesn't love an original? And most importantly, what serious collector doesn't love an original, and isn't willing to go above and beyond to get it? That's probably the case for the ultimate bidder for this Original Vintage Brunette Barbie, coming to you all the way from the far away year of 1959.

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This item in particular belonged to the auctioneers mother, which only adds extra nostalgia points to the mix. Even though the box isn't included, the fact that this is a 1959 original is enough for the doll to be sold on eBay for $4,200. You might want to go check your parents' basement after this!

1 Original Vintage Blonde Barbie - $6,500

And just in case brunettes aren't really your thing, the Original Vintage Barbie also comes in blonde. And blonde is, of course, Barbie's staple hair colour. It's literally the only difference between this doll and the previous one, but authenticity always wins the money race, right?

Plus, this item actually comes in the original 1959 box. Can you imagine owning that? It's beautiful thanks to its 1950s simplicity, but it's also quite pricey. All of these aspects combined mean that such a unique doll would be sold for quite the hefty amount. And in this case, we're talking $6,500 hefty!

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