The 10 Most Expensive Homes Ever Sold In Miami

Everyone dreams about getting the key to their very own place. These keys will sometimes open up the door to a modest apartment or a mega-mansion. The pile of bricks you can own will depend on how much dough you have in the bank. There are mega-mansions and luxury homes all over the world. Sunny Miami, Florida is a state that has some of the most extraordinary properties ever sold. From intricate architecture to over the top amenities, these homes seem to have it all. It's time to RSVP yes to this invitation to explore 10 of the most expensive homes ever sold in Miami...

10 100 Pointe Dr. - $27.5 million 

You do not necessarily need to live in a big mansion to feel like you are living large! 100 Pointe Drive is the location of a beautiful condo building. Unit #3602 has a price tag of $27.5 million! If you have that kind of dough, this may be the condo for you. It includes 7 bedrooms, 6 and a half bathrooms and one hell of a view. The unit was actually converted into one giant space. It was originally 3 separate units. It now totals 8,229 square feet. This condo provides the best amenities like two heated lagoon pools and a spa!

9 1 Star Island Dr. – $32 million

Star Island is an area in Miami that houses multi mega-mansions. To live at 1 Star Island Dr. you will have to pay a whopping $32 million! The price tag will buy you 58,332 feet of absolute heaven. Sitting safely within a gated community, this home is totally secure. The home features hardwood floors and beautiful marble. The main home has five bedrooms, a jacuzzi, and a three-car garage. The property also holds a separate guest house with three bedrooms. The guest house has 30 feet ceilings and a massive courtyard. Anyone would be lucky to live in this tropical paradise!

8 212 West Dilido Dr. – $20.325 million

This property was last sold in 2017 for a whopping $20,325,000! The lucky buyers get to come home to seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 13,655 square feet of spectacular! The home looks like a page straight out of architectural digest.

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This home is also known as Casa Clara. It is best known for impeccable views and a perfect mix of dramatic décor and comfort. Casa Clara has an elevator, waterfront view and a decent amount of land. The amenities are very modern and sophisticated. This home does not take long to sell because it is so top-notch.

7 1633 N View Dr. – $23 million

This home is drop-dead gorgeous. It is located in the middle of all the Miami action on Sunset Island. This mansion has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. The home is perfect for hosting a great party. It is equipped with a saltwater pool, jacuzzi, and amazing views. There is more than one dining area for the owners and guests to enjoy. It is the perfect home to have a chef cook your next meal using state of the art steel appliances. Whether you are reading in the library or choosing an outfit in one of the walk-in closets, this house has it all for you!

6 5004 N Bay Rd

Your next address could be 5004 N Bar Ro in Miami Beach for $26,500,000! This home has a rare gem that makes buyers want to pull out their checkbooks; a rooftop pool! If you are not up for a swim, you can enjoy a good workout in the fitness center and cool down in the steam room. If you are interested in catching the latest flick, you can watch it in the built-in movie theatre. The home screams relaxation, it even has a massage and yoga deck for you to wind down. Sotheby's Realty is looking to sell this beauty fast!

5 2920 N Bay Rd

This beautiful pile of bricks will cost you a mere $35, 000,000! For this price tag, you can live with six bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms. The entire home is 9,159 square feet of decadence. The ceilings are huge and the home looks really modern.

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Living in Miami, it is essential to be near the water. This home has a dock that can fit a yacht that is over 100 feet! That's not just all, the dock area can also hold smaller boats and jet skis. This home is definitely for water and outdoor lovers. Who will the next lucky owners be?!

4 370 S Hibiscus Dr

If you love the look of an ultra-modern home, this mansion is definitely for you. The photos make it look like a private tropical resort and not an actual mansion! Located in Miami Beach, this stunning home will cost you $28,800,000! It has a very open concept and bold colors throughout each room. The infinity pool overlooks water where boats and yachts sail by on a regular basis. There is so much outdoor lounge space for you to party it up or soak up the sun. This home is sophisticated and eagerly waiting for its rich new owners.

3 10 Palm Ave

10 Palm Avenue in Miami is a legendary home. It has cream and brown coloring and is basically a mini-resort. The look of the home was actually inspired by Casa Blanca and the Monte Carlo Hotel. This home will never leave you feeling dull. It has a 120-foot pool, a pool much bigger than many hotels! This pool has a water slide and a guest house nearby. The home is relatively new as it was built just in 2003. At night, the house lights up with custom lighting the pool and mansion walls. It is truly a great work of art.

2 100 La Gorce Circle- $34.9 million

Now, this home is no joke. It will cost you $35 million to live in this amazing place. The mansion has a huge stretch of water surrounding it. It has roughly 500 feet of waterfront where you can park an array of boats. There is a huge clay tennis court and 950 square foot kitchen! This home is the perfect fit for a buyer who likes to have a huge amount of land. This is one of the few homes built on an extra-large amount of land compared to the others around the same area. This home is private, classy and worth the price!

1 46 Star Island Dr. – $65 million

This home totally trumps the others. The mansion will set you back $65 million and you will become a part of history for living there. The home truly is iconic. It has 40 rooms and is 18, 400 square feet! There is even not one but two areas for staff to live in! Maintaining the property alone is a full-time job! The home was built in the 1920s has been renovated to keep it impeccable. Some famous faces that have lived here include Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Combs, Shaquille O'Neill, and Don Johnson! Whoever the next owner is will have their hands full!

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