10 Expensive Things Owned By Mark Zuckerberg

As the creator of the most frequently used social media in the world, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world. Although one might imagine that he lives a life of luxury, the Harvard drop-out actually maintains a relatively low-key lifestyle compared to other men in the top 0.1 percent. In fact, Zuckerberg is known to drive very average cars, such as a Volkswagen GTI. With that being said, Zuckerberg definitely owns certain luxuries that only men of his status can afford. After all, he doesn’t have 68.2 billion dollars under his name for nothing! Read on for a list of the most expensive things owned by Mark Zuckerberg!

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10 Palo Alto Home

Although Mark Zuckerberg lives a relatively humble life, one thing that he loves to splurge on is real estate for his wife and daughters to enjoy. One of his most frequently used residences lies in the charter city of Palo Alto, California. The $7 million estate is also conveniently close to Facebook’s headquarters!

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The beautiful mansion has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, wood floors, a large saltwater pool, a sunroom, a fully equipped spa, and even an entertainment pavilion in the backyard! While there’s no way that Zuckerberg and his family need all that room on a daily basis, they certainly have a good house for throwing legendary parties!

9 Kauai Properties

Of course, one property isn’t going to cut it if you’re as rich as Mark Zuckerberg. However, the Kauai properties may seem a bit much, even for a man of his status. The multi-billionaire spent over $100 million to purchase a whopping 700 acres of land on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, which includes sections of white sand beaches, water, and miles of just plain old land. While it may seem incredulous that anyone would make such a large purchase, Zuckerberg’s motivation actually makes perfect sense. He and his wife Priscilla Chan purchased the lot in order to ensure the preservation of the natural state of the land, which is great for both the environment and secluded family getaways.

8 Pagani Huayra

While Mark Zuckerberg mostly drives around in beaten up average cars, he does have one pricey vehicle in his collection that has rightfully earned a spot on this list. Although the brand is less well known, the aesthetics and performance of the Italian Pagani Huayra is right up there with Lambos and Ferraris. This $1.3 million beast of a car boasts 720 hp in a twin-turbo engine and beautiful butterfly-style doors that are a dream to put your eyes upon. While Zuckerberg definitely should stick to his Volkswagen for family ventures, the Pagani Huayra is definitely a head-turner for when he wants the extra attention and speed!

7 Ulysses Yacht

Since Mark Zuckerberg usually doesn’t like to buy excessive luxuries for himself, we were all a little shocked when he pulled out $150 million to buy a fancy Ulysses yacht from a billionaire in Norway.

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Equipped with a helicopter hangar, a pool, and 15 fully stocked private suites, the yacht serves as Zuckerberg’s personal cruise ship. Up to thirty guests can enjoy themselves by swimming, watching movies in the theatre, playing billiards in the game room, and relax in the luxurious suites. Furthermore, the Ulysses is known to be able to sail halfway around the world without needing to refuel!

6 Security

As one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, it’s natural to make some enemies during your lifetime. For Mark Zuckerberg, legal issues involving Facebook means that he’s facing added danger in recent years. To protect one of their most valued members, Facebook shells out over $10 million annually to provide a full security team for Mark Zuckerberg. If you’re wondering why a security team is so expensive, keep in mind that their duties do not just compose of protecting the man. The security team is responsible for configuring safe transportation, protecting Zuckerberg’s wife and kids, as well as guarding all of Zuckerberg’s pricey real estate locations 24/7!

5 Private Jet

While private jets sound like an absurd luxury for anyone to have, they’re actually more of a necessity for international celebrities and famous figures such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. After all, it is much easier for his high-class security team to prepare every aspect of the flight for Zuckerberg’s safety when the plane is privately chartered. Furthermore, Zuckerberg is a man of privacy and certainly would not enjoy the outbursts from other passengers on commercial flights. Therefore, he spends about $5 million annually in order to fly around in a luxurious private jet for both personal and business ventures!

4 Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

Ever the innovator and problem solver, Zuckerberg just couldn’t be content with his work in software development and computer science. With the aid of wife Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg put $600 million into creating what’s known as the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, an organization dedicated to researching cures for infectious diseases. Currently, the Biohub is partnering up with UC Berkeley, Stanford, and UC San Francisco to fund laboratory research towards the fight against the disease. The organization seems to be worth every penny Zuckerberg invested, as it is succeeding in bringing together brilliant scientists and engineers from all around the world to a great cause.

3 Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

In addition to the Biohub, the Zuckerberg couple also decided to make something even bigger, establishing the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which is worth billions already. In 2017, Zuckerberg pledged to fund $6 billion to $12 billion towards the initiative over the next few years, making the organization one of the most expensive things he owns. Additionally, Zuckerberg signed the Giving Pledge, promising to give away 99 percent of his fortune, presumably to the initiative, over the course of his lifetime. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is dedicated to everything science related in order to make the world better for everyone, and it’s one of the best things Mark Zuckerberg has ever invested in.

2 Shirts

Interestingly enough, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t believe in a variety of fancy clothing options. Actually, we’ve basically only ever seen him in one grey t-shirt. Reportedly, Zuckerberg admitted to only owning copies of this one shirt, as he believes clothing choices to be silly. Frankly, someone of his status couldn’t be bothered to care about what to put on every day. However, what seems to be a cheap grey t-shirt is actually a luxury item in disguise! Zuckerberg actually specially orders Brunello Cucinelli shirts for his wardrobe, with each one costing about $400. Although we can’t fathom why a simple grey shirt would cost so much, a wardrobe full of $400 shirts does sound like something Zuckerberg would own.

1 San Francisco Home

Lastly, we’re finishing up today’s list with yet another of Zuckerberg’s many real estate acquisitions. Apparently, the Palo Alto home wasn’t enough for the bay area, for Zuckerberg saw no issue in shelling out over $9.9 million for a luxury home in a quiet, low-key neighborhood of San Francisco. Following the purchase, the billionaire then continued to spend over a million in renovations, adding a greenhouse and a completely remodeled kitchen. The mansion features over five thousand square feet of living space, and is comparable to the Palo Alto home, which is interestingly just 35 miles away from this San Francisco mansion.

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