10 Luxurious Products Any VSCO Girl Has To Have

VSCO girls are all over the internet, and it is a new type of lifestyle that a lot of young girls follow. Parents are left confused as to what this means, but it's relatively simple. They wear certain clothes and carry the right accessories, as well as use the VSCO app to filter all of their social media pictures.

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If you or your loved one wants to turn into the VSCO girl of the century, then there are some luxury products you have to buy. A few phrases will like "And I OOP" or "SkSkSk" will be coming out of your mouth in no time. Keep reading to learn about 10 luxurious products any VSCO girl has to have!

10 Arizona Exquisite Birkenstocks ($252)

You can purchase this pair of Birkenstocks for your favorite VSCO girl and they will be flattered as it is a part of Rick Owen's limited collection. It is made of soft suede in the color of velour dust and it is a shade that no one else will have.

It is a shoe that will last ages and the money will be well spent as you can expect them to wear it every day. They will become the queen of their VSCO girl club when they put a pair of these on, which would be a win in anyone's book.

9 Versace Printed Silk Hair Scrunchie ($150)

If you want to be the best VSCO girl you can be, then you can't just buy a pack of scrunchies from the dollar store. This Versace scrunchie is on sale for $150 and it is the best thing you could possibly buy to boost your reputation.

You can buy this at Saks Fifth Avenue and it's made in Italy and entirely of silk. You can only dry clean it when it becomes dirty, which adds to your prowess as a luxurious trendsetter in this field of style.

8 Large Puka Gold-Plated Necklace ($420)

When you buy a necklace made of puka shells, you need to make sure it is the best one out there. This is why the gold-plated necklace is the only one that should be on your Christmas list this year.

It might cost $420, but luxury always comes at a price and it is a purchase you will never regret. The normal puka shell necklace might only cost about $10, and that is why it is not special enough to be worn by a VSCO girl at the top of her game.

7 Fjällräven’s Kånken Art Laptop 15 Backpack ($120)

It is still not clear how this Swedish backpack came to be a staple in this trend, but it is a necessity for anyone trying to pull off this lifestyle. This is a special edition backpack that will be a rare find among girls living this lifestyle as it costs quite a bit more than the standard backpack.

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It comes with a padded pocket for a laptop computer, as well as front and side pockets. VSCO girls will also love how a portion of the proceeds go toward helping environmental and climate initiatives and it is made of recycled materials.

6 64 Oz Wide Mouth Hydro Flask ($64.95)

It is mandatory to have one of these water bottles in your possession before you even consider calling yourself a proper VSCO girl. If you want to play it up than it is best to purchase this Hydro Flask so you can carry the maximum amount of water and never even think about using a plastic water bottle ever again. The great thing about this bottle too is that you can decorate it with so many more vinyl stickers, or choose a select few bigger ones that you might have fallen in love with.

5 Gucci Oversized Sequin Tiger Logo Tee ($1,100)

When you are focusing on the VSCO girl style, it is important to buy oversized t-shirts that make it look like you might not be wearing any shorts. This tee from Nordstrom will help you accomplish this task as it comes down below your backside with an '80s inspired Gucci design on the shirt.

It is made entirely of cotton, and it is recommended you dry clean it. We can't disagree because at $1,100 we would do everything to keep this shirt in tip-top shape. Customers are lucky because the company will wrap it in their signature box for no extra charge which is a bonus for any VSCO girl.

4 Tiffany & Co. Rose Gold Vermeil Reusable Crazy Straw ($375)

There are times when a Hydro Flask runs out of water or you decide to sip on something else at a restaurant, which is when you whip out your luxurious reusable straw. It is made of sterling silver and covered in rose vermeil, with a signature blue Tiffany accent on the end.

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This straw will last you a lifetime and it will be the only thing a VSCO girl needs to be at the top of her game. It will be hard to compete when a single straw costs more than some VSCO girl's entire outfits.

3 Fujifilm SQ20 Instax SQUARE Instant Camera ($200)

This polaroid camera will allow a VSCO girl to take all of the instant pictures she wants, and she can even see what they look like before she prints them. It is a staple in this lifestyle to have this device on hand every moment of the day in case the need for a picture arises.

It even allows you to edit photos on the device itself so you can capture the perfect VSCO girl moment. This camera has its own set of filters to choose from and it will be something that anyone in love with this trend will use daily.

2 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4X4  ($65,000)

You could buy a fully loaded 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon in white to become the ultimate VSCO girl. It might put you out about $65,000, but you will have so many followers after this investment.

It comes with leather-trimmed bucket seats, all-weather floor mats, and remote start. You will be offroading with your fellow VSCO girls in no time in this beast as you become the talk of the town due to your excessive investment.

1 Pura Vida Dreaming Outloud Bracelet Pack 2019 Edition ($45)

It might be the least expensive thing on this list, but it is still pricey for what comes in the package. This is a limited edition bracelet they released for 2019 and it comes with things like a bus charm and tangerine seed bracelet.

They are basic items that you could make at the store for under $10, but brand names matter to this lifestyle. This will be the icing on the cake of your VSCO lifestyle choice as you live it with pure luxury in mind with the items you buy.

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