Luxury Items No Man-Cave Could Be Without

Batman had one and we're pretty sure our favorite married and single celebrities have their own man caves too. The manly hideout where women are not invited, where men can be men without explanation or having to "talk about it". Yes, every man needs a respite from the world, a place where they can be alone or hang out with their male buddies.

Snoop Dogg is said to be a man-cave lover, where he plays video games, watches sports and simply chills. Where else would it be best for him to do that but in his own self-designed arena surrounded by all of his favorite things?

Every man cave is different, of course, depending on the man. Not too surprising, men of wealth generally want the same items included in their man cave as the middle-income earning male, but with a more elaborate spin. Boys will by boys, so we know what's important and have found the best of the best in theater seating, audio systems, bars, complete remote automation, lighting, safes, cigars and more. Of course, what man cave would be without some type of game, from pool to video to personal bowling alleys, we've seen it all. We applaud and support a man's right to his own privacy and time to regroup, regenerate and enjoy his free time doing all of the things that make him a happy person. So if your man doesn't have one, check out the luxurious versions of what most men would probably want in their cave. Here are some of the cave items and ideas he will just love.

10 Toilet with Control Panel: $1,500

The Americans have yet to discover the amazing control panel variations of toilets that those in the far east have used for years. These efficient and fun toilets are finally making their way into our homes; we think they are a key ingredient to the ultimate man cave. Although this model shows about 12 functions, the most deluxe models have over 30, many with music and volume control. Notice the various options on this control panel and revel in the fact that someday this could be yours. Of course, every man cave should have two, as the beer that's on tap behind the fully-stocked bar might create a bit more urgency. Once someone goes in and sees the control panel, it might be a while before they come out.

9 Barka Lounger Style Chairs: $6,000 for 3

There isn't a man we know who doesn't love to relax in a Barkalounger. Soft cushy materials or leather allows the lucky user to sink into the chair and become one with the lounger. The theater seating models come equipped with motorized features that raise, lower and re-position the back of the chair. Most swivel and glide and come with cup holders or tray accessories for snacks and libations. These are considered to be the top-of-the-line in comfort and can be custom ordered to match the man cave decor.

8 Hidden Flat Screen: $6,000

The first levitating TV that can barely be seen until it is used. Thin cables hold this sleek motorized tube which drops down to a preset location and opens to reveal the viewing material. When powered off, the screen rolls back up and returns to its previous position. It is the Black Diamond technology, which is still patent pending, that makes this hidden television the best new thing on the market and definitely worth owning. The technology reduces and absorbs the surrounding lighting so the picture can still be viewed. Zero glare and reflection is something to want while watching sports indoors on a sunny day.

7 Gurkha's His Majesty's Reserve Cigars (40) - Limited Edition: $30,000

Cuban cigars have always been the quintessential standard for the delicately wrapped smoke-ables. Then a few years back, Altadis of Spain came on the scene with their "Cohiba Behike", that were then considered the most expensive cigars in the world. However, not to be outdone, Gurka has created an even more expensive brand, His Majesty's Reserve, a 7.5 inch long, robust cigar that is said to be laced with Gurka cognac. So when wealthy men relax in their man cave, they are possibly smoking on a $750 cigar. It's not likely you'll see them around often as only about 50 boxes are made each year.

6 Catalina's 61 inch Theater Spa Tub: $40,000

Relaxing in a hot tub while watching your favorite game is an unarguable luxury that any man would love to include in his man cave. Add a few integrated features such as a 61-inch LCD high definition screen which raises, lowers and stores within the wall of the spa. The inside of the tub is white opal and the outside comes in bronze leather. There are 68 adjustable massage jets, a Trevi waterfall and a waterproof remote. It hold 850 gallons, offers a unique fiber-optic lighting system and is perfect for relaxing those tired muscles at the end of a long week while watching your favorite games.

5 Home Gym with Flat Screen: $67,000

Nothing says manly like a good workout sweat. When there's no time run to the gym, this home gym includes plenty of equipment for its proud owner and his buddies. They never have to miss a beat of their favorite game, with the wall-mounted flat screen that can be viewed from any piece of equipment. This particular gym belongs to the Jewel of Maui, a Hawaiian mansion, but we think it is the perfect combination of cardio, weight training, sound system and mirroring for the best experience.

4 Wet Bar Fully Stocked: $200,000

Very few men would be happy without a fully stocked wet bar in their man cave. Having more than one beer on tap is more than most could hope for. The ideal wet bar includes four on-tap beers alongside the finest in scotch, vodka, gin and tequila. Of course there is a little wine cooler to keep some bubbly on hand and every mixer a guy could want. Replete with extra pub chairs for buddies, this bar is so complete it might be hard to get that alone time.

3 Game Room: $175,000

A game room that includes a poker table, pinball machine, arcade games, a pool table and an air hockey game might be enough to keep a man from surfacing from his cave for days. That's not to mention the video games that are available on the giant flat screen in the other room and possibly a little beer pong over on the bar. This room has it all. Of course, a more outdoorsy man might prefer a little virtual golf, tennis or horse shoes and with today's technology, anything is possible.

2 Man Cave Hidden Room for Valuables: $250,000

Behind a bookcase, a large piece of art, a dresser or an attached desk, is a hidden room to stash those outrageously expensive valuables. Maybe hiding that 100-year old bottle of scotch is a good idea when the post-golf game hangout is happening. Or it could be used to simply hide from the world. We don't pretend to know exactly what might be hidden behind the bookcase, but we're sure our men will find plenty of use.

1 Kipnis' Outer Limits - Home Theater: $6 Million

Jeremy Kipnis created this home theater with every realistic component he would find. It has a customized KSS 8.8 channel audio system with added Snell subs, enough power and amplification to knock your socks off. Any guy would be tempted not to leave this room, particularly if his favorite game was streaming in on the ultra-high resolution Sony SRX-R110 Digital Cinema Projector that has a resolution of 4,095 x 2,160. This system is for seasoned audio and videophiles who love to feel like they are in the middle of the action.

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