Luxury Hotels For Man's Best Friend

Celebrities are known to have special relationships with their pets. Famous pet owners including Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey are known for sparing no expense for their beloved pooches. Celebrity dogs get to enjoy the same expensive tastes and sense of style as their owners. But what happens when their owners are away on holiday? Well it's vacation time for Hollywood's four-legged friends. Of course for a dog grown accustomed to luxury, a traditional kennel just wont do. Instead, man's best friend gets the five-star hotel treatment at one of the many exclusive pet hotels. Many of these hotels even rival the luxuries most people have experienced while on vacation.

Animals owned by celebrities and celebrity animals arrive in style to their vacation spots with the offered limousine service. They are served organic food, and during holiday time often full turkey dinners. Flat screen TV's are standard in all suites, as well as full human sized beds to roll around in. Pet hotels come equipped with a gym for playtime and socializing with other hotel guests. Any five-star hotel wouldn't be a hotel without a spa. The spa features more than the average pet grooming services and offers specialized treatments including aromatherapy, pawdicures, and even dye-jobs for those graying mussels. If a spa day isn't enough to leave a canine feeling relaxed and pampered, then maybe a trip over to the massage parlor will help. A specialized canine massage therapist is available to leave any dog with a wag in his tail.

The celebrity dog lovers are not forgotten either. Web cams are standard in most of the rooms and common areas so that anxious pet owners can catch a glimpse of their pet 24 hours a day from their computer or smartphone. In cases where webcams aren't used, a live person will film your pet and send the video to your phone. These luxurious hotels don't come cheap but to have a pets therapy session taped on an iPhone, would you expect to spend any less than $100 a night?

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10 LA Dogworks: $70 Per Night

LA Dogworks features a 2,500 square foot indoor dog park complete with K9 grass. The facility has been seen on many TV shows and in the media. It has flat screen TV's that play Animal planet, and movie's that feature dogs. Man's best friend is free to roam and socialize throughout the day, and during the night they stay in a large room with bunk bed style furnishings. Some dogs prefer to be on top; looking into the indoor park below, while some like the safety of the ground. Dog grooming includes everything from basic ear and teeth cleaning to stylish new makeovers.

9 Pet Resort Australia: $95 Per Night

Located just outside of Sydney, Australia, Pet Resort is a five star hotel for dogs. Some of the perks include an over-sized lap pool which is constantly supervised. The suites offer full-sized human beds and decor and many open spaces for walks and playtime. There even is a Disney-themed suite is available for one lucky dog. Rooms all have an extended private courtyard, and include one-on-one cuddle time. Room service is available and complimentary pet reports for nervous owners. Floors of the suite are heated for the best comfort for their little paws.

8 Urban Tails: $105 Per Night

Urban Tails Pet Resort has opened in Dubai, one of the most luxurious cities in the world. The Royal Suite includes a limousine service and personal butler for $105 per night. The rooms have flat screen plasma TV's and raised bedding for the most comfort. Rooms are outfitted with webcams, so owners never feel too far away from their pets. The air conditioned gym is available for overnight residents and includes agility course obstacles and Fit for Life doggie treadmills. The gym flooring is made of a special epoxy material to limit the stress on a dog's joints.

7 Canis Resort: $113 Per Night

Canis Resort opened it's first location in Germany and is the first luxury hotel chain for dogs. The guests stay in private lodges and can spend the day playing with the other guests. Each dog is carefully cared for by specially trained dog sitters and under constant supervision. They have a choice of being alone and curling up in their lodge for a nap or they can play in the very spacious common areas. Spa treatments, grooming and physiotherapy sessions are also offered for an extra cost.

6 Pooch Hotel: $125 Per Night

The Pooch Hotel is located in Sunnyvale, California right in Silicone Valley. The Palace Suite will certainly make any dog feel like a VIP. It is equipped with a flat screen TV, and full-sized raised bedding. All the rooms have a webcam so pet parents can check up on there furry bundles of joy when they're away, from any computer or laptop. Dogs are treated to their choice of a rub down, swimming or treadmill time each day is included in the cost.  The spa opened in 2006 and offers pedicures for your pets and professional styling. For an extra cost, a turn down services includes a bedtime belly rub.

5 Jet Pet Resort: $129 Per Night

Jet Pet Resort is situated in Vancouver, Canada and offers large spacious suites which make it worthy of it's five-star title. The Luxury suite offers three courtyard view windows, a private plasma TV and lounge area. The room also includes 30 minutes of nightly love and a speaker phone chat. A webcam enables 24/7 access to your pets activities during their stay. One luxury bath is included in the price with a 20 minute doggie massage.

4 Chateau Poochie: $135 Per Night

Chateau Poochie caters to dogs of the highest pedigree with their five star treatment.  Nothing in this hotel resembles a kennel. The dogs are referred to as guests when they arrive. A limousine service and private jet charters are available for an extra cost. The room includes five walks a day, and three meals selected from the gourmet menu. The hotel has a private chef on staff to serve any canine's needs. The spa includes treatments such as fur-dyeing for those graying mussels, and even facials, because high class dogs like to be pampered too. The facility cost $2.5 million to build, and has crystal lighting and is located in Pampano Beach, Florida.

3 Wags Hotel: $150 Per Night

Wags Hotel is located in San Fransisco. The Golden Gate Suite is perfect for large breeds and offers all the luxuries. Every room has a 42 inch plasma TV, with cable and a movie library of over 10,000 movies. Each room has a webcam, with 24/7 access to watch your pet. The price includes nightly two-way video chats. The room has a king sized bed, with special plush bedding for the most comfort. Custom music is played to make sure the pooch feels at home during his relaxing vacation. Aromatherapy treatments and other human-like spa treatments are available for an extra cost as well.

2 D Pet Hotels Chelsea: $200 Per Night

Located in New York City this classy hotel welcomes many dogs who like to relax in style.  In the luxury suite, dogs get a Queen-sized bed and a private 48 inch plasma TV in their room, with a DVD player and a selection of movies. Dogs get pampered in the spa with a long list of possible treatments, from traditional grooming to the really bizarre treatments like styling, facials, pedicures and nail painting. A doggie boutique sells designer clothing for dogs and jewel encrusted collars. At a resort this fancy, dogs will never want to leave.

1 D Pet Hotels Hollywood: $225 Per Night

D Pet Hotels Hollywood is the celebrity hotspot for pet vacations. The yellow lab from Marley & Me stayed there during his off time from filming the movie. Other celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Minnie Driver leave their pet children here when they travel.  Some high class clients have flown in on private jets for a trip to their favorite vacation spot. The hotel has three dog parks for small, medium and large sized dogs. Hotel suites have flat screens that play dog cartoons and Animal Planet. King and Queen sized beds are in the more expensive suites and rooms come in different designs, because like humans, dogs have different tastes in style.

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