10 Luxury Goods You Can Actually Buy At Walmart

Walmart is known for its low prices and the fact that they carry almost every product we need in our households. They sell things like food, kitchen items, pet supplies, outdoor necessities, and so much more. We like to think the items in their stores are all affordable, but there are quite a few luxury items on our lists that we can find at this superstore.

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We have searched their stock for the most luxurious products that money can buy. A few of the items might surprise you as the veil over your eyes is lifted. Keep reading to learn about ten luxury goods you can actually buy at Walmart!

10 High-End Pool Table ($3,967)

This pool table is made by the Holland Bar Stool Co., and it is 8 feet in length. It can be made from either red Appalachian oak or hardwood maple, and it is plated with steel. This product is a bit heavy as it weighs just over 800 pounds, but it will look beautiful in anyone's game room.

The logos are dyed onto the cloth itself, so you never have to worry about a rough finish, and it is made using the best pool cloth in the entire world. Your home will turn into the luxury establishment of your dreams the moment this expensive piece is added to your collection.

9 Solid 14k Yellow Gold Diamond-Cut Rope Chain Necklace ($3,600)

The best way to tell someone you love them is to buy this expensive gold chain necklace. It is 28 inches in length, and it is handcrafted in Italy. The metal is pure 14k yellow gold, and it will look exceptional around any woman's neck.

This is a statement piece to match any outfit, and it will make them shine as bright as the $3,600 you paid for it. It is the ultimate luxury item you can't live without as it propels you into the upper class of society.

8 Leica S (Typ 006) DSLR Camera ($12,797)

This DSLR Camera will cost you a small fortune, but it is the only way to take pictures during family events. It has a 37.5MP low noise CCD image sensor that will allow even the worst picture-takers the ability to take high-quality photos.

It even comes with a carrying case and specialty items to clean your camera like a professional. You won't be disappointed the first time you print out the pictures you took of your family as all of your portraits are turned into magazine-like images.

7 Bronze Lady Musician Fountain Sculpture ($39,999)

This was created by Metropolitan Galleries, and it was made using the meticulous Lost Wax Bronze Casting method. It is perfect for any outdoor garden or to sit in your living room as the centerpiece of your decor.

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The product is made entirely of bronze, which means if it is left outdoors, it will oxidize over time to give you it a beautiful color, unlike anything the world has ever seen. It can become your new family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation as they remember how luxurious a life you lived.

6 Red King Crab Legs ($779)

If you want to serve a fancy dinner or treat yourself to amazing food, then you should consider buying this 20-pound box of crab. They are filled to the brim with succulent meat that will fill any guests hungry belly.

It might be a bit more expensive than a date to Red Lobster, but that is fine because it is worth it to have the best of everything money can buy. You can pair it with other seafood dishes, or classic sides like broccoli and mashed potatoes.

5 Gold Brass Tuba ($13,949)

This F tuba is made entirely of gold brass, and it has six valves that really pack a punch when you play it. The sound is projected to fill an entire room, and it is perfect for any solo musician who desires to play alone.

It is one of the best on the market that no other tuba out there has yet to beat, and it will showcase your exceptional ability to play on a luxury item. You will probably have to save a few paychecks before you can buy this beauty, but it will be totally worth it to see the reactions of your listeners.

4 EdgeStar Full Size Built-In Outdoor Kegerator ($5,924)

If you have ever wanted to have a draft beer in the comfort of your own home, then this is the luxury item you should buy from Walmart. It has a modern stainless steel exterior, and it can even be placed in an outdoor kitchen area.

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It uses the forced air refrigeration technique to keep every keg as cool as can be, and it even has a lock to prevent anyone from gaining access to the unit without your permission. You will bring the party every time you host for your guests as they sip on the freshest beer in the neighborhood.

3 Lane Boots ($2,258)

These boots are handmade upon order, and they will turn any city girl into a country rockstar. It utilizes Swarovski Crystals across its genuine leather frame as they form glittering peacocks.

You will be the star of any rodeo you attend and even the center of attention in Las Vegas. It might put you out thousands of dollars, but at the end of the day, your reputation will skyrocket to the stars.

2 Built-In Electric Fireplace ($4,999)

Your living room deserves a bit of warmth in the winter, even if it is with fake flames. Customers can purchase this landscape fireplace that is made to be built-in to a wall. It looks entirely natural and it acts as a 5,000 BTU heater.

You can add a bit of class to your home as it can sit below your TV, so you can watch your shows and enjoy the dancing flames of a lively hearth. It might cost you a bit more than a smaller version, but the other types won't fit your style of living.

1 Gold Plated Apple Watch ($1,299)

Apple Watches are already considered a luxury item, but this Walmart item takes it to the next level by plating it with 24K gold. The watch itself is even equipped with a specialty sapphire glass, which makes it virtually unscratchable.

It is luxury at its finest as you turn this into the fashion piece of the century. Your friends will be jealous of your fashionable jewelry that combines modern style with class, and they will want to know where they can buy their own.

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