10 Luxury Goods You Can Buy At Sam’s Club

Sam's Club is owned by the same people who created Walmart, but it focuses on selling bulk items at lower prices. People often shop here for basic necessities like food, clothing, and other household supplies, but they usually don't realize that this store is also into selling luxury goods to their customers.

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We have compiled a list of some of these pricey and fabulous things that you can buy at Sam's Club. These are found in a variety of categories that cover all aspects of living a rich lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about ten luxury goods you can buy at Sam's Club!

10 Night Owl Security Cameras ($1,499)

When you live luxuriously chances are there are probably more than a few things you want to keep safe from potential thieves. This is why Sam's Club sells this bundle that comes with 14 wired cameras that you can set up around your house.

The picture will come through in 4K Ultra HD, and they even have night vision to help you watch videos under the cover of darkness. It might put you out quite a bit of cash to buy and install it, but it will mean that all of your prized possessions remain safe for a lifetime to come.

9 Engagement Ring ($79,419)

If you wanted to splurge on a new ring for yourself, or finally propose to the love of your life, then this is the ring for you. The band is made of 14K white gold, and the total diamond weight adds up to 4.79 carats.

The main diamond is cut in the princess style with a clarity of VVS2. You can order it in sizes 4 to 11, as well as quarter sizes, for that perfect fit. It will glitter on anyone's finger and be a prominent talking point in any potential conversation.

8 TruGolf Vista 12 S-Series Golf Simulator ($19,494)

We constantly see celebrities, political figures, company CEOs, and other wealthy individuals playing golf during their free time and on the job. This is why this item exists to help these individuals improve their golf game from the comfort of their own home.

It features simulation software, a variety of games, software to help fit you for a club, and a place to practice. There are 96 real-world courses in the simulator and everything is projected onto a screen for you to see.

7 SAMSUNG 82" Class Q900-Series QLED TV ($5,997)

A good television can never be outmatched, and this one is a literal monster. It has an 8K resolution so you can see all of your favorite movies and TV shows with the best possible images. It is also a smart TV, which means it comes with a variety of apps and other online additives that take it to the next level.

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The size of it should be discussed as well because it will fill up an entire wall with a single picture. You probably could go smaller, but why would you when something this great is out on the market.

6 Emerald Home Paladin 9-Piece Dining Set ($2,499)

There are a total of nine pieces that come with this dining set, as well as a luxurious price tag. The seats are all upholstered for superior comfort and style in a trendy rustic charcoal gray finish. The table can extend when necessary, as it has its own self-stored butterfly leaf.

Your guests will be in awe of your expensive and luxurious taste as they take in the dining set you splurged on with your extra cash. This is one purchase that is worth the extra dough as it lasts a lifetime in your dining room.

5 Coleman KT196 Go-Kart ($1,199)

A luxury item is anything you can buy that is not necessary for you to live, and this go-kart falls into that category. Many people desire to make this purchase of this machine that can send them flying over the Earth on four wheels.

It was built to last with a hardy frame that can handle bumps and bruises. It can hold up to 95 gallons of fuel so you can go riding for hours on end at 15 mph. You will be offroading with your family in no time as you bond over this luxury vehicle.

4 NewAge Products Pro 3.0 16-Piece Set ($5,459)

Your garage deserves to look organized and as modern as the rest of your luxurious home. This is why many people like to buy this luxury garage organizer for thousands of dollars. It might come with some pretty poor reviews, but you are already hooked on the lockable cabinets to keep your tools safe.

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It comes with sixteen pieces that are made entirely of steel and they can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight. You will be set for life as each of your tools is given a new home where they will stay forever.

3 Chronomat 41 Men's Watch by Breitling ($7,299)

Women's jewelry might be fairly expensive, but men can cost a pretty penny when it comes to bling, too. This men's watch will put you out thousands of dollars, but the plus side is that the bracelet and case are made of stainless steel.

It also comes with a mother of pearl dial, gold hands, and the ability to resist water up to 300 meters. This is quite a steel and any man, or even woman, would look dashing with this beauty on their wrist. It will glint in the sunshine and ooze luxury as it helps its wearer tell time day after day.

2 Valencia 68" x 38" Fire Table ($1,999)

People who like to buy luxury items for their home, tend to want to show it off by throwing a lot of parties. No one has ever complained about a fire pit, even if it is run off of propane, which is why this is the perfect luxury item for them to buy.

It is made of glass fiber reinforced cement to withstand high temperatures and no two look the same. You can scatter lava rocks atop its surface to create the perfect ambiance and warmth for any evening when you are hosting your friends.

1 Trampoline Playground ($1,399)

Kids need a bit of luxury in their lives too, which is why Sam's Club sells this trampoline and playground combination piece. It will empty your wallet, but it is worth it to have your kids love you forever.

They can swing from the monkey bars, swing to their heart's content, or jump for hours on end. There is also a basketball hoop so kids can practice their game before they hit the court on the big day. It even has a water drainage system to prevent corrosion of the frame so your playset can last for years.

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