10 Luxury Goods You Can Buy At Costco

Costco is a store where you can buy items at wholesale prices to save a bit of cash. You pay a yearly fee to obtain the privilege to shop there and many associate this store with low-end products. Surprisingly, they sell quite a few luxury items that you never knew you needed.

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These products are top-of-the-line, even if their prices might not reflect the full extent of their value. They are desirable to those with some extra dough and will make anyone feel like royalty. Keep reading to learn about ten luxury goods you can buy at Costco!

10 WineStation Pristine PLUS ($4,999.99)

If you are an avid wine drinker who wants every glass to taste as high quality as you feel, then this is the product at Costco for you. It combines temperature control with wine preservation technology to keep every bottle at peak freshness for 60 days.

The machine dispenses wine for you at the touch of a button and gives you the freedom to have several bottles open at the same time. You never know if you are going to be in the mood for a Merlot or a Sauvignon Blanc, and now you don't have to make the choice when both options are open to you.

9 New Apple Macbook Pro 15.4" with Touch Bar ($2,699.99)

This new Apple computer comes with a 9th Gen Intel Core i9, 16GB of memory, a 512GB SSD, and a Radeon Pro 560X graphics card. You will be the coolest kid in school or the source of your coworker's jealousy at work if you snag this laptop from Costco.

It has great graphics and is lightning fast with the provided specs, and the keyboard even comes with a backlight. You will have it in no time with their speedy delivery, and the new 16" is already available for preorder if you want something a little bigger.

8 Osaki Made In Japan 4S Massage Chair ($6,999.99)

No luxury home is complete without a massage chair that costs thousands of dollars and transports you to a relaxing dreamland. It implements 4D technology in its design as the chair moves in all different directions and has different speeds depending upon the type of massage.

It even autodetects certain things about your body like your spinal line and shoulder position to tailor it to fit your needs. Your entire body will feel like a pile of jello after it has been pummeled into submission as the chair works its magic on your sore muscles and joints.

7 Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine ($2,999.99)

This coffee machine is high tech and creates cups of coffee that are out of this world. It uses things like a pulse extraction process, an intelligent pre-brew aroma system, and automatic foamy milk. Your coffee will taste a thousand times better coming out of this machine than your $20 piece of junk you have used for the past twenty years.

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The flavors of the beans you are using will stand out for the first time and you can even make specialty drinks based on your preferences. You can even connect it via Bluetooth to customize your drinks and have them ready when you want them to be.

6 One-Of-A-Kind Engagement Ring ($139,999.99)

This particular ring is a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that you can buy to surprise your significant other, or as a treat for yourself. There is only the one available for purchase, so make sure to claim this beauty as soon as you can.

It is an emerald cut diamond that is 4.05 carats and it has a top of the line VVS1 clarity. The band is made of platinum and it will come with a jewelry grading report that proves the item is genuine. It is a size 7, and can only be moved one size, so make sure you are within this range before splurging on this purchase.

5 Almost Heaven Monarch 4-Person Indoor Sauna ($8,999.99)

If it has always been your dream to own a sauna, then your in luck, because Costco sells them. It can seat up to 4 people and it is made of red cedar lumber that smells heavenly. There are two levels of seating and a pink salt backrest for added comfort and relaxation.

It is meant to be placed indoors on concrete, ceramic, tile, vinyl, and laminate so you can enjoy a hot sauna without having to leave the comfort of your home. There are so many health benefits associated with it that this purchase is almost a necessity despite the dip in your savings account.

4 Campania Leather Power Reclining Sofa with Power Headrests ($2,499)

If you want a sofa to end all the other sofas, then this is the one you should buy. It comes in a soft eggshell white color that speaks of your elegance and ability to keep your home sparkling clean. The sofa is covered in top-grain leather that is super modern and classy that is soft to the touch.

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It is entirely handmade and the craftsmanship is evident in the design, even as you use the powered recline to kick back after a long day on the job. It will complement any living room and show the world that your home is equivalent to a royal castle.

3 Roland Mini Grand Digital Piano Bundle ($5,499.99)

This piece combines the beauty and elegance of a musical instrument with modern-day technology. It is smaller than a grand piano for people who want something that won't take up a lot of space, but it is just as elegant. It is made of polished ebony with ivory keys, and it even connects to your phone through Bluetooth.

You can use it to stream music from your phone or use the features as an educational tool with its partnership with many apps. It might cost a few thousand dollars, and that money is worth it for anyone who loves luxurious things.

2 Pilates Machine ($2,899.99)

If you want to work on your body similar to that of many celebrities, then consider buying this pilates machine from Costco. You can achieve a total body workout that you can do right from home. There is a rebounder, foot strap, weighted metal roll-up pole, and several DVDs to help you get started.

You will be shedding pounds in no time with this luxury device that may have put you out a couple of grand. You can be proud of your body, despite the decline of your spending habits, as you work toward a more confident and expensive you.

1 Japanese Wagyu, 6 lbs ($2,299.99)

This is 6 pounds of A5 grade Kobe beef boneless tenderloin roast, otherwise known as Japanese Wagyu. It is certified by the Kobe Niku or Kobe Marketing Association and it is the highest grade possible that you can buy.

The cattle it comes from have a very pure genetic line that allows for the best meats and they can only be found in this region of Japan. It might seem a bit out of your price range for 6 pounds of meat, but perfection always comes at a cost.

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