LeSportsac To Collaborate With Alber Elbaz For Fashion Line That Pops

LeSportsac has maintained a strong amount of popularity for many years. Between its lightweight style and stunning colors, it's not hard to see why consumers continued to love everything the designer brand releases. Better yet, they appeal to multiple different types of people — from stay-at-home moms to students, to those looking to make a statement while staying organized. But a new collaboration has consumers excited to buy even better-looking products.

As announced by InStyle, LeSportsac is collaborating with Alber Elbaz for an exclusive collection that's set to be released through Saks Fifth Avenue. Elbaz—who kept a low profile after leaving his role as Creative Director of Lavin back in 2015—seems to have returned to the world of fashion with a bang. His newfound desire to make pieces that will cause consumers to smile is just one reason why he wanted to team up with the large accessory brand. Given that LeSportsac isn't a brand that shies away from bold colors, this is a collaboration that has the designers and consumers alike excited.


Via InStyle

The upcoming collection of bag features a number of different colors, graphics, and bags that will appeal to people from multiple walks of life. This includes weekenders, makeup bags, cross bodies, totes, and backpacks all of varying sizes. Each piece has some sort of fun message scribbled about their appearance, as well as lined with a print not seen anywhere outside these bags. It's clear that the brands wanted to have fun with this collection not just to attract consumers, but because they seemingly enjoyed working together to create these pieces.

Between LeSportsac and Elbaz, the two fashion powerhouses look to reinvent the former's bag with brighter colors and loud graphics that will make consumers go unnoticed by others. These pieces are perfect for those unafraid to make a statement whatsoever. Consumers are guaranteed to not be disappointed by this upcoming collection of designer bags.

The collection is expected to release online on Aug. 15, 2018, with a price range from $30.00 to as high as $190.00. Those unable to buy from the collection can still see it on Sept. 5, 2018, during New York Fashion Week.


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