Historical Lake Como Villa Now Open For Overnight Stays

Villa Sola Cabiati, an aristocratic villa that dates back to the 16th century, is opened for overnight stays. Managed by the prestigious Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

According to Forbes, this is a beautiful historic property with a perfect front lawn and a garden with a private swimming pool, this villa by the lake is an Italian dream come true.

The villa, that is still privately owned, is available for three-night minimum stays and luxury weddings. A journey back in time, Villa Sola Cabiati was inhabited by Italian nobility and received Napolean in 1796. It backed with antiques, art and frescos, that date back to the Serbelloni family who used the lake villa as a summer residence. Photographs of the family and close friends are still on display throughout the house.

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Villa Sola Cabiati comes with a private chef, butlers, and housekeeping staff, and can accommodate up to twelve guests in six suites and spacious living areas. The guests are allowed to use two limousine boats courtesy of the prestigious Grand Hotel Tremezzo that manages the property and is just a few minutes away.

Although the ground floor of the aristocratic villa is for the guests, the upper floor is a private museum with important pieces of art that can only be visited under strict supervision. The two floors are connected by the grand staircase that is decorated with a marble statue of Hermes and covered with refined tapestries.

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A wood-carved bed where Napolean slept in 1796 is also one of the rarities of the villa where you can also find Napoleon´s famous bicorne hat, and a china set that the emperor offered to the Serbelloni family as a way to thank them for their hospitality.

In the upper floor, a grand room is decorated in light shades of blue with increscent fresco ceilings.

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Some of the products consumed by guests are grown at the villa, and the private chef is at your disposal, to satisfy all of your eating wishes. The large rooms are beautiful spots for private dinners.

A life experience that will make you feel like true aristocracy from 18,220 pounds per three nights for 12 people. All the pampering is included in the price!


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