10 Most Expensive Things Lady Gaga Has Bought

Lady Gaga is one of the most successful artists of all times. Her first album, The Fame, in 2008, gave the singer the start of A-List celebrity status and that was just the beginning. The artist has collected multiple music prizes in the last decade, but it seems that the sky is the limit to her. In 2018, she shared the screen with Bradley Cooper in the movie A Star is Born, and she received an Oscar for her role.

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The singer and actress has a net worth valued at more than $300 million. It seems more money than anyone can spend in a lifetime, but Gaga seems to know how to spend her millions.

10 Lavish Mansions

While most of us dream about having one perfect house, Lady Gaga can afford all the houses she dreams about.

The singer has a spacious 10.270-square-foot seaside home in Malibu that she calls her "gypsy palace." The truth is that there is nothing gypsy on this US$ 22.5 million house.

The place has three bedrooms, a master room with a fireplace, a saltwater swimming pool, a fancy barn to her horse Arabella, riding trails and even a bowling alley.

She also has other properties in California, New York, and a penthouse in London.

9 Cars

Gaga also has a passion for cars and she doesn't hold back when it comes to spending money on them. The actress and singer has 19 vehicles in her garage.

She seems to have all classics in her garage and often is seen driving them around. In 2016, while she was promoting her album "Joanne," she showed up in a pink Cadillac that belonged to Elvis Presley.

We have also seen her driving her Rolls Royce Phantom, a Lamborghini Huracan, a Porsh, a vintage blue Chevy, the Yellow Silverado that appears in Kill Bill, and many others.

8 Ghost Detector Machine

Yes, you read it right. Lady Gaga has spent $50 thousand dollars in an electromagnetic field reader. The machine is supposed to keep ghosts away while she is singing on stage.

It was not a random purchase. In 2010, she also spent some thousands in a paranormal staff that was in charge of checking her hotel rooms before entering them.

7 Diamond iPad

We all love our gadgets. But Gaga takes it to a whole new level and make it become a collector's item. The A Star Is Born actress has a pink iPad totally encrusted with diamonds and personalized with her initials on it.

The White Gold Plated iPad 2 was a limited edition, customized by Computer Choppers, specialized in luxury gadgets.

The device features 228 white VS diamonds that are inscribed in the Apple logo, which itself is made of solid 14-carat Gold.

We just wonder if she is still using the iPad, since it seems to be outdated.

6 Michael Jackson Items

No one can doubt Lady Gaga is the ultimate Michael Jackson fan. In 2012 she spent thousands and thousands of dollars at an auction and purchased 55 items that belonged to the King of Pop.

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The auction made a total of US$ 5 million, but the amount Gaga spent on it was not revealed. Among the things she bought are the jacket that Jackson wore on the Bad tour brought (US$240 thousand) and a pair of crystal-encrusted gloves sold for more than US$100 thousand each.

5 Her Own Jet

The airport routine is really annoying, right? The check-in and security process, the waiting can be exhausting. At least it was what Lady Gaga thought when she bought a Private 757 jet. She paid US$ 67 million for it.

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Of course, it is completely customized and has an onboard kitchen with private chefs, several bedrooms with access to exclusive bathrooms and a large. People who fly on this plane can also use towels personalized with Gaga's name on it.

All that comfort certainly helps the singer to deal with the jet leg better than most of us.

4 A Birthday Cake

Lady Gaga is a huge fan of Tony Bennett. She was very nervous and emotional when they sang "Cheeky to Cheeky" in 2011.

It seems that their friendship went beyond the recording studio and promotional events. She surprised Bennett with a towering cake to celebrate his 89th birthday. On the occasion, she also sang “I’m Beginning To See the Light” and led guests to sing "Happy Birthday."

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The cake was prepared by Duff Goldman’s Charm City Cakes. (And guess what? He isn't cheap.) It included fractured small dolls of Bennett, his dogs, and Gaga on the top.

3 Fur Coats

Gaga is one of the most iconic fashion celebrities of our generation and some items she wears can become very controversial. And we are not talking about the dress made of meat.

While she was in Russia, in 2013, she bought a Barguzin Russian sable for more than US$200 thousand and a green-dyed silver fox coat for almost US$19,000.

She was very criticized and replied on her social media when someone asked it the fur was real.

2 Koi Fish

In 2013 Gaga went under a hip surgery and had to cancel her world tour to recover. It was undoubtedly a hard time for her and she had to stay home and to keep entertained and Netflix TV shows were not enough for her. She bought 27 koi carp fishes that came from Japan.

However, this entertainment came at a considerable price. Gaga had to pay $60,000 in US dollars for the aquarium. Koi fish, as you may or may not know, are considerably larger than your average goldfish. They would require a big enclosure.

1 Outfits

Lady Gaga is known for her unique outfits and they are part of her DNA as an artist. Very few artists in history have managed to surprise the world with so many remarkable outfits.

So it comes with no surprise to know that she spends a small fortune on clothes. In 2012, she bought an Alexander McQueen gown during a charity auction. They were personal friends, and it might also be an emotional choice.

In her Malibu house, she has a room where she keeps her most precious fashion items, like Gianni Versace pieces.

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