10 Most Expensive Things Kim Kardashian Has Bought

If you're still trying to keep up with the Kardashians, you may want to consider your bank account before you try any further!

Kim Kardashian, arguably the most influential of the famous family, is now reportedly making $1 million per sponsored Instagram posting. Combined with her other successes, including KKW Beauty, book deals, a mobile app, and more, all the extra cash definitely offers the star some leeway with her spending habits, which she seems to enjoy quite frequently.

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Though she doesn't always purchase items for herself, you still might be surprised to learn what Kardashian spends her mountains of money buying to support her luxury lifestyle. Scroll down to find out some of the most expensive purchases Kim K has made over the past few years!

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10 Kanye's Birthday Party - $110,000

What we wouldn't give to attend a Kardashian-planned party! Kim K went all out for husband Kanye West's 38th birthday, renting out the Staples Center for the private event.

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Of course, the guest list was nothing short of phenomenal--Justin Bieber, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, among other well-known faces were invited to party with the rapper, and athletes like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson sent their recorded wishes to Ye on the Jumbotron. John Legend sang "Happy Birthday," so honestly, it doesn't seem like it can get much better than that!

9 Aston Martin DB9 - $200,000

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to luxury cars, as you'll find out later, and she owns so many that this list could probably be comprised of vehicles alone. The Aston Martin DB9 is famous for its role in the James Bond series, and is the sleek and chic choice of many a rich celebrity.

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Kardashian's model cost around $200,000, and it's said to be in her and West's possession in their tricked-out garage of expensive cars.

8 Rolls Royce Phantom - $407,000

Kardashian purchased the new Rolls Royce Phantom in 2015 to the tune of $407,000, but she didn't stop there. Before she took her new car home, the star had it customized with matte silver paint, new rims, and tinted windows.

The work was done by Platinum Motorsport, a favorite business of the family, and Kardashian was spotted driving the vehicle solo, returning home in workout clothes. Who says that the Kardashians aren't like regular people?

7 2017 Bahamas Vacation - $440,000

Kim really knows how to treat Kanye for his birthday! Topping her previous birthday bash, she rented out an entire island for the Kardashian-West clan to enjoy in preparation for Ye's 4oth birthday.

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They stayed at Baker's Bay Gold and Ocean Club, inviting some of West's closest friends, who had their own floor in the vacation villa. The venue also included a play area for children, a private pool, a spa, and several dining options.

6 Gold Plated Toilet Seats - $750,000

Kim and Kanye took a long time to renovate their new Bel-Air home, so it only makes sense that they scouted out the best interior must-haves, right? The two decided to add some glam to their already luxurious bathroom by dropping a cool $750,000 on four gold-plated toilet seats, and though they aren't as expensive as the one pictured above, we bet they look pretty similar.

Though they aren't the first to splurge on golden toilets, it's no secret that the famous family has more than enough spare cash to purchase expensive things. That really gives a new meaning to "porcelain throne!"

5 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 - $750,000

Another gift for then-boyfriend Kanye, Kim K purchased this beautiful (and pricey) Lamborghini Aventador in 2012, just in time for West's 35th birthday.

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The black luxury Lambo was delivered to Platinum Motorsports ahead of Kanye's big day and came with a hefty $750,000 price tag. Some may think that Kanye is the better gift giver in the relationship, but Kim has definitely delivered her fair share of surprises as we can see!

4 Savoir Royal State Beds - $1 million

Another addition to their Bel-Air mansion, Kim and Kanye decided that they need the most expensive night's sleep possible, spending just over $1 million on 6 Savoir Royal State beds.

These beds are absolutely insane! They take around 700 hours to craft, and are produced from cashmere, lamb's wool, and Mongolian horse hair. The design is based upon 17th and 18th century beds, and purchasers can even choose to stitch a family crest into the mattress. In addition to the Kardashian-Wests, Madonna, Oprah, and Elton John also enjoy their own royal slumber in these sought-after beds. The beds were part of a limited run of 60 units to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.

3 Swarovski Encrusted Fridge - $1 million

As if their Bel-Air house didn't already have enough expensive amenities, Kim K is at it again with her special edition Swarovski encrusted fridge-freezer combo. The reported value of the appliance is around $1 million, and the doesn't include the other appliances she also purchased to complete the kitchen.

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Kardashian must have an affinity for expensive ice-related purchases, as she and ex-husband Kris Humphries had a set of $260 ice tongs listed on their wedding registry. At least those are a bit more affordable than Swarovski!

2 Hidden Hills Mansion - $20 million?

And, because they can, the Kardashian-West family decided not to move into their Bel-Air mansion after all and instead purchased this $20 million home in Hidden Hills near Calabasas. The 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom house used to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley, and also boasts two pools and two vineyards.

Though the purchase price was allegedly around $20 million, momager Kris Jenner clapped back at reports of the house's worth, claiming that it was now valued at $60 million after renovations. Whether or not that is accurate remains to be seen, but it is a lovely home either way.

1 NYC Airbnb - $30 million

Only Kim K could stay in an Airbnb worth more than her own mansion. When the starlet decided to travel to New York City for a month long trip away from the West Coast, Airbnb did not play around and hooked her up with a five bedroom, six bathroom penthouse.

With 7,200 square feet of space, the family definitely had room to move. There were even seven outdoor terraces, perfect for outdoor time. Kardashian has revealed that the stay was complimentary, but we think that the price tag on this amazing pad is too insane not to include on the list.

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