Kanye West: 10 Crazy Expensive Things He Has Bought

Kanye West started his music career as Jay-Z's protégé. Now, he is one of the wealthiest and most recognizable hip-hop stars. Known for his inflated ego, ("I am Picasso. I’m Walt Disney, I’m Steve Jobs", West once declared in a lengthy rant), he has built himself an untouchable empire of record-setting albums, high-fashion clothing lines, and trendy self-titled sneakers.

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It's no wonder that Kanye West's raking in cash and living a lavish lifestyle. He has a staggering net worth of $240 million. However, he's also dishing out the cash. In 2016, he declared himself $53 million in debt. Scroll down to check out 10 crazy expensive things Kanye West has bought.

10 Photo of Whitney Houston's Bathroom: $85,000

At the last moment, Kanye West pulled the album art he had lined up for fellow rapper Pusha-T's hotly awaited 2018 album, Daytona. The prior cover art was replaced with a photo of Whitney Houston's dirtied, drug-filled bathroom. It was taken directly after the star was discovered dead in her bathtub.

Legend Whitney Houston struggled with drug abuse and was tragically discovered drowned in her bathtub in 2012. Cocaine and heart disease was thought to be the underlying factors. West paid $85,000 to secure the right to license to this haunting image, and told Pusha T that it was “what people need to see to go along with this music.”

9 Private Jet: $200,000 per hour

Next time you're squeezed into a tiny economy seat, think about the fact that Kanye West hits the skies in a private, two-decker Boeing 747. If this huge jet resembles Air Force One, that's because the president's iconic air-transport is the same make.

Kim Kardashian took her followers on a Snapchat tour of her husband's luxurious plane, including a bedroom suite, a "chill space," (aka living room), and a few spacious marble bathrooms. This Boeing 747 can fit 660 (!) if used for conventional air travel, so suffice to say the whole Yeezy crew has space to roam. Experts estimate that a plane of this caliber costs $200,000 per hour to operate.

8 G-Wagon: $240,000

Kanye West sure knows how to spoil his wife. After Kim Kardashian was spotted gleefully riding around Miami in a neon yellow G-Wagon (and a matching neon yellow wig), she revealed that Kanye had bought her an identical car for use in LA. The hitch? At only 5'2, Kim has a tough time getting herself behind the driver's seat. Luckily, she has Kanye to help out.

The recognizable Mercedes G-Wagon has found a place in the garages of celebrities like boxer Floyd Mayweather, superstar Britney Spears, and fellow member of the clan Kylie Jenner. The customized make Kanye bought for Kim is valued at a whopping $240,000.

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7 Gold Plated Toilets: $750,000

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian live like royalty, so, when they purchased their Bel Air mansion for $11 million, they set about renovating in it into a dreamy minimalist palace.

This studs-up $2 million renovations reportedly included installing necessities like four gold plated valued at a combined $750,000 toilets (that's almost half of the renovation budget). Only the best for the Kardashian-West family!

6 Kim Kardashian's Engagement Ring: $4.5 Million

Just one engagement ring's not enough. Three years after proposing to Kim Kardashian in a lavish ceremony at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, Kanye purchased her a second engagement ring. This 20-carat diamond is valued at $4.5 million.

It was one of the items stolen during a terrifying robbery of Kim Kardashian's Paris hotel suite in 2016. In total, the thieves stole a staggering $10 million worth of jewelry. Experts don't expert her goods will be recovered.

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5 New York City Apartment: $4.5 Million

Kanye West's minimalist fashion line, Yeezy, was the inspiration for this chic 2,474 square foot loft in Manhattan's trendy SoHo neighborhood. This apartment features a spacious master bedroom, a spa-like bathroom, and an eat-in kitchen--all in neutral colors, of course.

Like the look of this loft? Looking to make a move? Have $4.7 million you'd like to get rid off? Kanye's apartment is back on the market for an eager buyer looking to live in the lap of luxury in SoHo.

4 Bel-Air Mansion: $11 Million

Kanye and Kim pumped an additional $2 Million into renovating this Tuscan-style mansion into a minimalist dream home, with snowy white expanses. Of course, Yeezy also included with some very non-minimalist accents like four gold-plated toilets, and a Swarovski-encrusted fridge freezer.

In 2018, Kanye sold his Tuscan mansion turned gallery space to Ukrainian billionaire, Marina Acton. Acton would go on to sell the Bel-Air home at a multimillion-dollar loss.

3 Private Island in The Caribbean: $12 million

For North West's 2nd birthday, Kanye bought his daughter exactly what all other parents get their children--a seat on the Virgin Galactic (a company that promises commercial space travel) at $250,000, and a small private island for $12 Million.

This densely-forested island paradise is off the coast of Granada and available for full ownership by Nori when she turns 18.

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2 Wyoming Home: $14 Million

Kanye West's most recent real estate acquisition is Monster Lake Ranch in Wyoming. This tranquil property and working ranch outside Cody (population: just over 10,000) was listed at a cool $14 million. The West-Kardashian's new home is situated on over 9,000 acres of land (half of which is West's, half of which he leases from the federal government) and contains three lakes.

Kanye's already held one of his quickly-becoming-iconic, massive Sunday Services to over 4,000 members of the public and his family in the Cody.

1 Hidden Hills Mansion: $19.75 Million

In 2014, Kanye and Kim purchased a French-style Hidden Hills Mansion in the second most expensive transaction in Hidden Hills history. Set on over three acres of hand, this massive home features 15,667 square feet of living space, spread out over a kitchen with three islands, spacious living and dining rooms, a luxurious home theater, a game room with a wet bar, a paneled library, and a gym.

The home is set on over three acres of land, complete with vineyards. With eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, there's more than enough room for the whole Kardashian-Jenner-West team to roam.

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