Jordan Brand Collaborating With Football Club For New Fashion Line

Jordan Brand is collaborating with Paris Saint Germain for a new fashion line.

Due to a hard sponsorship push, Nike received a boost in popularity during the past World Cup. According to GQ, over half of the World Cup's athletes wore clothing from Nike, which resulted in sales going up overall. Knowing this, it's clear that it was only a matter of time before the giant athletic clothing company paired with a soccer club for a new line of clothing.

This makes the recent news of Nike's Jordan Brand collaborating with the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club unsurprising. This collaboration was revealed in the most unlikely of ways- singer Justin Timberlake wearing a black jacket that bore the Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan Brand logos. In addition, news of an exclusive Air Jordan 5 Paris Saint-Germain's release came out a couple weeks ago, indicating more going on between the two brands.


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The relationship between Jordan Brand and the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club doesn't seem to be just another collaboration. Rumors continue to swirl that this will lead to an extensive partnership for both brands. The recent news of the team's soccer players wearing Jordan Brand kits by the start of Champion's League seems to only add to the rumors' validity. But as of right now, neither organization will comment on whether this is true.

Outside of this partnership with the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club, Nike seems to continue to saturate the soccer market now more than ever before. This is largely thanks to the large apparel company making many deals with most of the 100 highest-paid soccer players and dressing more teams that played during the past World Cup. Moreover, the movement of consumers wearing sports clothing—such as soccer jerseys, in the case of this sport—like regular clothing. It seems as though the newfound trend of wearing sports apparel as though they're statement pieces is taking off, giving Nike a better chance to increase sales of soccer-related apparel.

With Jordan Brand's collaboration with the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club inevitable, it will be interesting to see how this relationship will develop and whether the rumors of a long-term partnership will turn out to be true after all.


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