10 Ridiculously Expensive Things The Cast Of Jersey Shore Has Bought

Jersey Shore is one of MTV's most popular reality television series. The original run of the show debuted in 2009 and aired until 2012. Currently, the show is experiencing a revival with the rebooted series, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. It follows the same cast, sans a few members like Sammi Giancola, as they return to the shore for more drama and adventures.

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Due to the series' popularity, it has made the majority of its cast into millionaires with brand deals and even spin-off shows of their own. We're checking out some of the most expensive purchases ever made by the Jersey Shore cast members.

10 A Florham Park Mansion

Nicole Polizzi, affectionately dubbed "Snooki" on the original run of Jersey Shore and by millions of her fans worldwide, is one of the most popular castmates. It's not surprising that her net worth ranks higher than several other members of the show.

With several million dollars to her name, Snooki recently cashed in on an expensive mansion in Florham Park, New Jersey. The house is a three-story colonial home. Snooki and her husband Jionni LaValle picked it out together. The last we heard of the family, the duo and their three kids are still living in the Florham Park home.

9 Moissanite Hoop Earrings

Fans who keep up with Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is probably already aware of Jenni "JWoww" Farley's break up from her wrestler boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello. They called it off after an episode aired, showing Zack getting cozy with Farley's castmate, Angelina Pivarnick.

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As a way to cope with the loss of her relationship, JWoww went shopping at Charles & Colvard. E! News reports the stunning pair of earrings are 3.72-carat moissanite hoop earrings. The pair she bought is 14-karat white gold. They're rumored to have cost her around $4,000.

8 The Toms River Home

Three years ago, JWoww put her opulent Toms River home for sale. The asking price was around $1.5 million. It is estimated that she paid less than $1 million for it at the time, but its worth has escalated over the last several years.

The home includes its own movie theater in addition to a gym and tanning bed. Considering how vital "GTL" time is to the Jersey Shore cast members, it's surprising that JWoww would be willing to part with the property. Patch states that the house has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and it even has a built-in espresso machine.

7 A Lamborghini Aventador

DJ Pauly D once shelled out $450,000 to buy a Lamborghini Aventador from notorious gambler and actor, Dan Bilzerian. He listed his Lamborghini for auction on eBay. The only reason Bilzerian gave for wanting to sell the car in the first place is due to no longer having space for it.

Pauly D decided he wanted the car for himself and even drove it around town to show it off. If we spent that much on a vehicle, we'd probably want everyone to see it too.

6 A Family house in Staten Island

Vinny Guadagnino used his lucrative earnings from his Jersey Shore days to ensure his family would be taken care of. The reality star cashed in on a large house in Staten Island for him and his family to live in together.

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Anyone who has seen the show understands how attached Vinny is to his family, especially his mother. It's not clear how much money Vinny spent, but considering how large his family is and his assurance he has an apartment downstairs for himself, it must have cost him a pretty penny.

5 A Lamborghini Gallardo

Even though Guadagnino likes to spend money on his mother, that doesn't mean he keeps nothing for himself. At one point, he also owned a Lamborghini Gallardo. Although it isn't entirely clear how much Vinny paid for the car due to the fact Vinny eventually tried to sell it on eBay. Vinny talked about his purchase to Page Six revealing that it wasn't a good investment and he sold it and then used the money to go towards a house, which he then flipped and sold for more money.

On eBay, the asking price for the vehicle when he listed it was $169,000. That is several hundred thousand dollars cheaper than Pauly D's car. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino also owned a custom Lamborghini of his own at one point. Although, due to legal troubles, it is unlikely he still has it.

4 Lots Of Diamonds

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is one of the most volatile members of the Jersey Shore cast. If a fight breaks out, Ronnie is often involved. He is also known for his romantic turmoil. The original run of the series frequently featured conflicts between Ronnie and his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola.

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But in the revival series, it's all about Ronnie and Jen Harley. Despite being arrested for domestic violence and the repeated legal troubles between Jen and Ronnie, he did buy Jen a diamond necklace last month during a visit to Rodeo Drive.

3 Mike's Luxury Cars

Mike Sorrentino spent a great deal of his Jersey Shore earnings on luxury cars. We've already briefly talked about his custom Lamborghini, but Sorrentino also owned several other vehicles.

All of his cars had custom rims and various design elements that likely made their asking price and upkeep costs even higher. Among his other cars was a 2008 Bentley Coupe.

2 Snooki's BMW and Cadillac Escalade

In the same Page Six article we linked above where members of the cast discuss their most expensive purchases, Snooki reveals she once bought a BMW. She doesn't state what kind of BMW it was, but considering it was one of her first splurges, we can imagine she spent more than $50,000, potentially more than $100,000.

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Polizzi claims her parents had money, but they never gave it to her, so she was happy to spend big on her first real car instead of her old one that frequently stalled out. Fans that watch the show are probably more familiar with Snooki's massive Cadillac Escalade with pink accents.

1 Louis Vuitton Bags

Again, we're pulling from the cast video shared by Page Six in which Angelina Pivarnick, Vinny, Mike, and Snooki reveal their most extravagant splurges. In Angelina's case, she always wanted her very own Louis Vuitton bag.

That was the first thing Pivarnick decided to splurge on after receiving her Jersey Shore earnings. Although Angelina is probably making more money on the Jersey Shore revival, considering she didn't remain on the original series for very long. The typical range of a Louis Vuitton purse is between $1,000 and $2,000.

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