10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Jennifer Aniston Has Bought

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most talked about and beloved actresses in Hollywood, with fans and critics alike all watching her every move. Since her role as Rachel on the hugely successful television program Friends, people have watched everything Aniston does, from her relationships, purchases, and suspected pregnancies.

While not one to be overly flashy with her money, there are many things that Jennifer Aniston treats herself to. And who wouldn't with an income like hers? She has been spotted regularly at exotic locations around the world, living it up with close friends. While she treats herself to the occasional bit of luxury, Aniston is also known for her charitable work as well, which is quite commendable. Here are 10 of the most ridiculously expensive things Jennifer Aniston has bought.

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10 Rolex Day Date - $34,000

The epitome of wealth - a Rolex watch. Most people with sizeable bank accounts have at least one of these prestigious watches, and Jennifer Aniston is no different. She purchased this beautiful piece sometime in 2008, although it has been noticed on her wrist more often recently.

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While not one to flash a lot of bling like some celebrities, Aniston has been spotted wearing this gorgeous watch several times recently. This is not any ordinary Rolex either (is there even such thing as an ordinary Rolex?) but one of their pricier pieces, and Aniston is quite proud to show it off.

9 Honeymoon In Bora Bora - $4,000/night

When you're embarking on a new marriage, you want to celebrate in style! Most honeymoons are fairly exquisite, with couples spending a small fortune on the location as well as the accommodations.

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Jennifer Aniston is no different. Following her marriage to Justin Theroux, the couple enjoyed a honeymoon in Bora Bora. The Polynesian island offers resorts like the Four Seasons, where couples can rent villas for anywhere between $4,000 - $12,000 per night. They also needed to get to the island, and a private jet would cost around $250,000 round trip. A luxurious honeymoon indeed!

8 Porsche Panamera - $100,000

When you're in love, you want to show it however you can. People often buy their significant others gifts as a way of showing their love and adoration. Those with larger bank accounts opt for larger and fancier gifts, of course.

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Just before their wedding, Aniston purchased a Porsche Panamera for her hubby-to-be, Justin Theroux. The fancy sports car would have cost her approximately $100,000, and that's before any of the bells and whistles were added on to the car.

7 Beauty Products - $140,000/year

Known as one of the most beautiful people of all time, Jennifer Aniston has kept her youthful appearance by taking good care of herself. While she does not believe in following any fad diets, she maintains a healthy diet of nutritious foods, while drinking lots of Smart Water, a product that she not only consumes but also endorses.

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Another way that Aniston maintains her beautiful looks is by investing in high-quality beauty products. It is estimated that she spends around $140,000 on beauty products every year. Not in her lifetime, but every year. That is some top quality face cream!

6 Bentley Continental GT - $214,000

Another sign of wealth is your choice of ride, of course. Many celebrities show off their elite status by purchasing not just one but several fancy cars to line their driveways. While Jennifer Aniston doesn't own a whole line of cars, she does possess a couple of very nice and very chic cars.

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She has been seen cruising around town in her Bentley Continental GT, which would have cost her around $214,000. This car comes with every fancy feature you can imagine, including a 6.0L twin turbo engine that can reach top speeds of 205.7mph.

5 Jean Royère Polar Bear Sofa - $754,000

Every now and again, it's nice to splurge on something really fancy, and not a little ridiculous in price. When Jennifer was furnishing her Bel Air home, she purchased a beautiful Jean Royère polar bear sofa for a mere $754,000. Yes, her sofa costs more money than most people's homes.

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These sofas by the French designer are the latest rage among celebrities, with Kanye West and Ellen DeGeneres also own one. They are the epitome of comfort and style, with a nice price tag to go along with it!

4 Home 3 Doors Down From Courteney Cox - $5 Million

When you have a friendship that spans decades, you want to keep that person close to you as much as possible. Since working together on the hit show, Friends, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have been virtually inseparable. They travel together, celebrate birthdays together, and even live near each other.

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In 2006, at the height of her success and friendship with Cox, Aniston purchased a home 3 doors down from her BFF for a mere $5 million. The two continue to be best friends these days, and are still travelling and celebrating together whenever possible.

3 New York City Apartment - $8.7 Million

Some of Aniston's biggest purchases have been her homes, as she has demonstrated over the years that she has quite a taste for real estate. While she doesn't live in any of the homes very often, jetting all over the world depending on what project she's working on, she enjoys having beautiful homes in a variety of locations.

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Recently, she purchased a stunning 3-bedroom apartment in New York City, overlooking Gramercy Park. This 2,873 square foot apartment, all tastefully furnished and decorated, cost her a whopping $8.7 million.

2 Beverly Hills Mansion - $13.5 Million

Along with a taste for real estate, Aniston also claims to love decorating her homes and choosing beautiful pieces to add to each room. She purchased this home in Beverly Hills for $13.5 million in 2006, and after numerous upgrades and improvements, it is now estimated to be worth $42 million.

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The home is nicknamed Ohana, which means family, and it has five bedrooms, seven and a half baths, a family room, and two living rooms. One of the living rooms has a stunning wet bar in it, while the rest of the house also offers a gym, a staff room, 3-car garage, and a motor court.

1 Bel Air Mansion - $21 Million

Jennifer Aniston's Bel Air mansion was one of her biggest purchases at $21 million, and she has since invested considerable money in renovating the interior and making it more to her liking. The tranquil setting, high above Los Angeles, required some updates, according to Aniston's tastes.

Aniston and then-husband Justin Theroux were married on the grounds of this beautiful home, and they worked together to renovate and decorate the interior. Although the couple has since broken up, they have remained amicable and have agreed to sell the home.

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