James Harden Shows The World His Diamond-Studded Wrist-Watch

James Harden Shows The World His Diamond-Studded Wrist-Watch

NBA Superstar James Harden shows off his collection of bling, including a diamond-studded wrist-watch with more rocks than he cares to count.

Harden doesn’t really need jewelry to announce his presence. The biggest beard in the game already has a calling card: his signature facial hair that he hasn’t shaved since 2009. He apparently started growing it since he was just too lazy to shave, and then it kinda just stuck.

Whatever you may feel about his unbound chin locks, Harden is hard to miss. The 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player gets the star treatment everywhere he goes, although it’s taken him a long time to become comfortable with wearing the sort of accouterments one expects from one of the NBA’s biggest stars.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine (where you’ll also find him on the cover), Harden goes over his collection of watches, necklaces, and bracelets, telling a brief story on how he acquired such beautiful pieces and what he thinks about style in the NBA.

Harden’s collection starts with a humble classic gold Rolex that he bought for himself after landing his first NBA contract. As Harden himself says, normally he “lets his beard do the talking,” but this timeless piece complements a slightly more reserved personality off the court.


But the next watch was anything but subtle. Dubbed the “iced out” AP, this 26th birthday gift is covered in so many diamonds that Harden can’t even begin to guess a number--and he refuses to even try. We know because the interviewer tried to get him to guess.

James Harden Shows The World His Diamond-Studded Wrist-Watch
via GQ

Harden also owns several chains, with one gold and diamond-studded affair coming from Jason the Jeweler in LA. This kind of flashy jewelry isn’t something that Harden wears often, preferring the somewhat more understated collection of necklaces that can be worn all at once without making as large a statement.

One thing Harden refuses to ever get is a set of grills.

Most of Harden’s collection are purchased for him as gifts from other people, but when asked just who those people were Harden remained entirely tight-lipped. Something tells us that his family isn’t the ones buying him super expensive Rolexes.

Whoever it is, it’s not like Harden needs the help. He signed a contract extension with the Houston Rockets worth $223 in July of last year.


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