Interactive Tool: Best Worldwide Travel Destinations For Families

Planning family holidays can be complicated when trying to find the right combination of activities for adults and children. Luckily, a new study by travel experts Sovereign has revealed the best locations to travel with family, emphasizing the destinations that have the best assortment of entertainment, beaches and spas, and sights to experience.

Destinations include Sardinia, Italy, which boasts over 370 white sand beaches for maximum relaxation for parents and 271 sports and recreational attractions for the kid. The island also features historical attractions, such as the Nuragic ruins, and the shipwrecks off the coast of Cagliari, which can be explored on scuba diving tours.

The Dominican Republic, aside from magnificent beaches, also includes a variety of geographical features across the country, as well as hiking, surfing and shady bays once conquered by pirates. Also, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a great family destination with the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and immense shopping centers, as well as aquariums and ski slopes. Also, Crete, Greece, former home to the labyrinth with its minotaur, is great for local food and hikes along the snowy mountains.

For those looking for more cultural attractions, few cities beat Rome, Italy, which has over 1358 family-friendly sights, 100 relaxing nature parks and 10 water and amusement parks, as well as fantastic food and lively nighttime attractions.

To choose the right holiday for your family, you can use the Sovereign interactive tool, which helps travelers balance the needs and wishes of everyone travelling. Based on a study conducted by Sovereign that looked at opportunities for experiencing entertainment, culture and relaxation in popular holiday destinations around the world, the tool allows users to filter by their most important metrics and highlights the destinations with the greatest overall holiday balance.

Other popular destinations include Majorca, Spain, which offers 89 pristine beaches and 88 spectacular nature areas and parks, as well as your choice of 81 spas and wellness areas.

According to Helen Adamson, Sovereign Brand & Commercial Director, “It can sometimes be difficult to agree on the perfect holiday destination when you’re not travelling alone. Everyone has their own preferences, which is why it’s helpful to be pointed towards the top destinations that really do offer something for everyone. After all, a holiday should be the most enjoyable and well-deserved experience for each holidaymaker, from start to finish.”

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Sovereign Luxury Travel has more than 45 years of experience as a bespoke tour operator offering tailor-made holidays of outstanding quality and exceptional value around the world. To see more of the top balanced holiday destinations, see the full study on the Sovereign website here.

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