Impress Your Clients With These Luxury Business Cards

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary is one of life’s most wonderful luxuries. It brings a little bit of excitement into something that you would normally take for granted, it adds happiness to aspects of your life that you had never thought could particularly influence how you feel. With today’s social media platforms allowing people to share their creative endeavours, it’s becoming more and more of a common occurrence, leaving us with the feeling that anything can be customized to add this little bit of wow to the normal and boring!

Business cards are a fantastic way to showcase not only your business, but your personality and individualism. For those who can afford to go the extra mile, business cards can also show the world your willingness to spend big on the little things.

Most business cards are made to order, so how much a personalised, luxury business card will set you back is all up to you. Your basic business card will only usually set you back about $10 per 100 pack, however, there are a few details that are sure to add a touch of luxury to your business cards such as embossing; using silver/gold foil; having them print pressed; using expensive colours; using high-quality paper or, as some are for putting diamonds on them.

10 Luxury Business Cards by Dingbat Press: $50 per 100 pack

Dingbat press started off as a basement adventure by mother of three, Adrienne. Set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Dingbat press has been making headlines for their beautifully custom made business cards that can fit any budget but are always sure to make you stand out from the crowd. From quirky and kitsch, to luxury and sophistication, there hasn't been a style that Dingbat Press has yet to master.

9 Luxury Business Cards by Dolce Press: $84 per 100 pack

Dolce Press is a boutique print shop and design studio located in Long Island. Specializing in letterpress and one-of-a-kind custom pieces of work, Dolce Press run a series entitled “Back to Business” where they feature some of their more creative and luxurious business cards. Some of these cards are truly remarkable, with Dolce Press working from start to finish on each piece, but that extra attention to detail can cost you a pretty penny.

8 Studio on Fire: $100 per 100 pack

Studio on Fire is a design and letterpress company that was started over ten years ago with an old printing-press in a basement. Located in Minneapolis, this printing press is obsessed with details, describing their team of a dozen or so people as attention-to-detail “junkies”. Now with over a dozen well-oiled printing-presses, Studio on Fire utilises their vintage press machines to the fullest, offering many options that traditional letterpress companies usually can’t. Their blog, Beast Pieces, chronicles all the first-class projects that they undertake in a lot of detail, providing the world with all their glorious creations.

7 Taste of Ink: $100 per 100 pack

Taste of Ink specialises in full colour silk laminated business cards, while also giving you quality, professional art work; a combination that very few printers have been able to master in such a sophisticated and elegant way as Taste of Ink. Taste of Ink offers their clients the best in customizable options, with very few limits put on what can be done. To top it all off, Taste of Ink have their very own in-house design agency that can help you create your very own logo and brand, and give your business that polished look that will set it apart from your competitors.

6 Moo - Luxe Business Cards: $100 per 100 pack

Luxe Business Cards is brought to us by MOO who’s Product Designer, Paul Thorogood, who creates the cards with the intention to make something that would be a good “conversation starter”. Moo’s mission statement revolves around making the most beautiful business cards possible, and to do so, they use only the best products. Using the award winning, Mohawk Superfine paper with their very own Quadplex technology, Moo provides their clients with more options than ever before. Their cards are triple the thickness and weight of ordinary business cards, ensuring that the bearer of one of their creations knows that they're holding something extraordinary. Moo’s ground-breaking technology also allows them to create a seam of colour between each layer, thus adding another touch of luxury to their work. You can be certain that a Moo Luxe Business Card will get you more than noticed.

5 Elegant Press Business cards: $200 per 100

Elegant Press is a European based printing-press company that specialises in business cards. Established in 2009, this fledgling of a company has begun to make waves in the printing-press business in Europe. Situated in Lithuania, Elegant Press, like many of the more luxurious, high-end business card printers, serves their clients on a one-to-one basis and make it part of their mission statement to make their clients leave feel exceptional. Their work, while often very creative, leans more towards sophistication than drama, and thus, they live up to their name .

4 We the Printers: $200 per 100

Standard, silk or plastic? Foil? No problem! What colour? Layered? Embossed? Folding? Spot UV? We the Printers has it all, making creating a unique and individual business card very easy to do! Having worked with the likes of Lamborghini, Black Arts Magic and PTTOW, you know you'll be surrounded by the right people if you go to We the Printers for your one-of-a-kind, stand-out-of-the-crowd business cards!

3 Carbon Fiber Business Cards: $5,000 per 100 pack

Finding those darn business cards too heavy for your wallet? There is a solution to your dilemma! With Carbon Fiber Designs you can reduce the weight of your wallet in no time. These cards are customizable, but currently the company only sells blank cards that you can then provide your business card service provider with as a base for your new business card! However, a single card will cost you $5, and a pack of 100 cards will set you back around $5,000. This is before you actually have anything printed on it.

2 Mitsubishi Gold: $22,500 per 100 pack

Gold prices are skyrocketing, so there’s no better time to show off just how much disposable income you have with a gold business card. Mitsubishi Materials will make you a customized gold card for the person who has everything, and wants just that little bit more. The cards cost $225 per card, but you get a wooden box with it (Although I think a safe would probably be a better idea!)

1 Black Astrum: $153,400 per 100 pack

If keeping your gold business cards in your safe seems stupid, how about your diamond encrusted ones? Astrum has designed a beautiful, diamond encrusted card that's targeted at ‘ultra-high net worth individuals across Europe, the Middle East and Asia’. Originally supposed to be a one-off commission for a wealthy Middle-Eastern family, the Black Astrum has become a product that is reserved for a select few. The extravagant cards can be received by invitation only. How you get an invitation, however, remains to be seen!

This card is made from a precision cast acrylic constructed in Switzerland and are specially coated as to ensure that they are scratch and chemical resistant, and with a set of these cards containing around 30 carats, heaven forbid you scratch one of these babies!

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