Important Questions To Ask Before Traveling On A Private Jet

Travelers who don't own a plane, but want to travel on a private jet have to ask some basic questions before flying. So, if you're interested in taking things to another level up in the skies, know exactly what to ask to fly safely.

You can choose the local aircraft operator (Operator), or an air charter broker (Broker). The last option is the best one, as the broker knows the industry, and you'll find you the most luxurious options at the best price.

People who charter someone's plane normally rely on FAA oversight or consider the Broker's knowledge of making sure the aircraft has is maintained properly and are flown by reliable pilots. Still, it's good to do your own research and ask questions directly, and according to Ocean Home Magazines, these are the most important.

Via The CEO Magazine

1) How old is the jet? Don´t trust aviation more than 20 years old. Very recent aircraft it is also not recommended because of flaws and glitches that come with newer technologies

2) Who is in charge of maintenance? Choose a smaller operator, as it is more likely that their aircraft has good maintenance. Bigger operators outsource this duty to providers that are not familiarized with every aspect of the aircraft.

3) Can you confirm the information you´re providing me? You can double-check with the FAA (by tail number) the date of manufacture, the type of aircraft, and the name of the registered owner. Just go to http://www.faa.gov.

4) How are you´re aircraft inspected? Make sure the plane is inspected every 48 hours.


Via CEO Today

5) What company operates the aircraft? Is the aircraft operated by a legitimate business entity? The Operator should have anFAA 135 Operating Certificate, and the name on the certificate has to be coincident with the name of the company offering the aircraft.

6) Can you provide me with a copy of the Certificate of Insurance? Certificate of Insurance is important for liability on the aircraft, and the tail number has to be listed as covered.

7) Has the FAA issued any outstanding citations of the operator? The local FAA office should have information on citations from the last five years.

If you ask these questions, be sure that you will have a safe and unforgettable flight!


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