Hustler: 10 Most Expensive Outfits Jennifer Lopez Has Worn

Jennifer Lopez is a queen in everything she does: she is a great singer, dancer, actress, entrepreneur, and producer. Lopez is one of the most powerful names in the showbusiness and has a net worth evaluated at $400.000.000.

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The singer is also one of the most elegant women on red carpets, and her looks are often worth thousands of dollars. J.Lo is the type of person who will wear expensive clothes at an event, at the airport, or just on a shopping afternoon with her children. Indeed, she is the ultimate definition of glam. Here are some of the most expensive outfits she's ever worn.

10 Airport Style - $26.156

Most people choose the most comfortable clothes when they are going to catch a flight. But if you are Jennifer Lopez, it doesn’t mean the look has to be cheap. In 2015, Lopez appeared at the airport using a Versace high-top ring (1.070), Brunello Cucinelli ($1.115), a Versace bag ($1.378), Lana Jewelry pair ($1.185), a diamond-encrusted gold cuff ($5.300) and a diamond ring that costs $16.000.

According to E! News, the total of her airport look was $26.156. Probably one of the most expensive airport styles you will see.

9 Tom Ford Gown - Price not revealed

Jennifer Lopez attended the Oscar 2019 wearing a Tom Ford gown. The dress is a piece of art and is a mosaic with mirrored tiles from head-to-toe.the top to bottom. Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, Lopez’s stylists, started to look for the perfect dress as soon as they heard she would be of hosts of the event.

“It was really fun for us as stylists, because we got to see what entire collections looked like before anyone else and were able to share our picks with Jen,” said Zangardi to Hollywood Reporter.

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8 Met Gala 2018 - Price not revealed

Met Gala is the event where all the A-list stars go the extra mile to impress on the red carpet. J.Lo is no different. She attended the event several times, and, as usual, she looks flawless. One of the most impressive gowns she wore was a Balmain gown with a huge cross.

The dress was sold in an auction a few months later, and the money was used to help people with HIV. There is no information about the final bid, but the initial price was over $5.000.

7 50th birthday - $27.000

Jennifer Lopez loves to celebrate birthdays, and turning 50 is undoubtedly a special event. This year she gave a party for 250 people with guests that included her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and DJ Khaled.

To celebrate the date, J.Lo chose a customized Versace dress with straps. She had an exclusive golden version of the black dress that was on the runway this year. The dress is evaluated at approximately $15.000. To accessorize the outfit, she wore diamond earrings ( $7,700) and a diamond ring ($4,300). The total amount of the outfit is $27.000.

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6 Dating night outfit - $68.000

Last year Jennifer Lopez appeared wearing pink from head to toe for a date with Alex Rodriguez. It is hard not to get impressed with how she always looks flawless and perfect with anything she wears.

The singer chose a Valentino pink dress that is worth $7,300, stiletto sandals by Gucci that are evaluated on $1,250, and a Fendi purse that costs $3,890 ( far away from being the most expensive handbag J.Lo has). The most expensive item on her look is the earrings from Yeprem that costs $56,000. Her look is over $68.000.

5 Another dating outfit - $82.000

Jennifer Lopez likes to impress when she goes out on a date. Last year, when she had a date with Alex Rodriguez in Santa Monica, she wore an outfit that cost a total of $82.000. The most expensive item on her look was a Birkin bag that is evaluated at $70.000.

She also had a fox fur coat that costs approximately $9.000 and Balmain Ava boots that costs $2.000. If she puts so much effort on a dating night, we can expect something outstanding on her wedding day.

4 Shopping outfit - over $100.000

What do you choose to wear when you go shopping? Probably something casual and comfortable. If you are Jennifer Lopez, casual doesn't mean cheap, and her shopping outfit can cost thousands of dollars.

In 2018, J.Lo took her daughter to shop on H&M wearing a $100.000 exclusive Birkin, a $695 Vince coat, $490 Alexander McQueen shoes, and a $60 sunglasses from her collection. It is possible to buy a house in some countries with that amount. Jennifer Lopez has a priceless purse collection, and we have seen her caring bags that are worth thousands of dollars.

3 Versace Jungle Dress - Priceless

There are some things in life that are impossible to put a price tag on it. The Versace Jungle dress is one of them. In case you don’t remember is the one she wore in 2000 during the Grammy Awards. It was important enough to be responsible for creating Google Images.

"At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J.Lo wearing that dress”, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, said. "Google Image Search was born." J.Lo wore a similar dress again earlier this year in a Versace runway. And she is still just as gorgeous as in 2000.

2 Golden Globe - $5.000.000

Jennifer Lopez attended the Golden Globe 2011wearing a gorgeous Zuhair Murad gown that she matches with Christian Louboutin heels. She looked flawless all in white. As the sky's the limit to her, she also wore a bracelet with 600 diamonds encrusted and Harry Winston diamond earrings. According to Yahoo!, the total amount of the outfit was $5.000.000. She also had a small white bag matching the look.

Although Versace is one of her favorite brands, she also loves wearing Zuhair Murad gowns on the red carpet. We have seen her wearing the high-fashion brand several times on the red carpet.

1 Met Gala 2019 - Approximately $9.000.000

Jennifer Lopez knows how to dress to impress. This year she crossed the red carpet of Met Gala wearing a fashionable Versace dress covered in sparkles. The Italian high-fashion brand is one of the favorites of the singer. Although the price of the dress was not revealed, it is easy to imagine it cost some thousands of dollars.

To match with her dress, J.Lo chose Harry Winston jewelry, which costs nothing less than $8.800.000. What makes this one of the most expensive outfits she ever wore.

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