Hugh Hefner's 10 Favorite Luxuries

Hugh Hefner, icon of upscale glamour and sexuality for over 60 years, is a pioneer on many fronts. He is well respected by people from all walks of life because he managed to take sexuality out of the

Hugh Hefner, icon of upscale glamour and sexuality for over 60 years, is a pioneer on many fronts. He is well respected by people from all walks of life because he managed to take sexuality out of the closet in an artsy, classy manner without lowering his standards.

He started the playboy company by gathering investment money from friends and relatives. The result of this $9,000 investment proves the man is in a league of his own. He had a vision and followed his intuition; his efforts paid off exponentially. Even though the corporation has gone through rocky waters during certain decades, Hefner's business acumen continued to successfully navigate the ship to higher grounds.

He truly had a hand in changing the ways Americans treated sex. Playboy's evolution helped open the doors to the sexual revolution of the 70's. Yet, he always presented himself and his company with the utmost in taste, refinement and luxury. The quintessential playboy image was adopted and further developed by this icon. Even though most men probably don't purchase playboy for its haute journalism, Hefner always had the vision to ensure the publication included helpful information, as well as well-written essays along with the playmates' photos and biographies. We believe Mr. Hefner achieved the goal he professed in this statement:

"I would like to be remembered as somebody who has changed the world in some positive way, in a social, sexual sense and I'd be very happy with that," Hefner said. "I'm a kid who dreamed the dreams and made them come true."

Read on to get a glimpse into Hefner's most treasured luxury items.

10 Hef's Meals All Served In His Bedroom

Hugh has stated loud and clear, he'd rather eat his meals in bed, so he never has dinner parties. He loves home style cooking, like his mother's fried-chicken. The beauty of being the kingpin, is the kitchen is open 24 hours a day and in just about every cuisine or diet. The talented kitchen staff bakes everything in-house and prepares four star quality food for him and his guests.

9 200 Pairs of Silk Pajamas

Mr. Hefner is always seen in his black silk pajamas during the day, as he feels it is more business-like. Generally, he is seen walking around in pajamas beneath his smoking jacket-style robes. This is Hef's iconic look and one that is as recognizable as the Playboy bunny. The almost royal-looking, deep burgundy silk pajamas with stripes is one of our favorites.

8 Hef's Master Bed

So luxurious it can handle a group of people all at once. One bunny's tell all book revealed that Hef has sex parties a couple times a week with his girlfriends. We guess new wife, Crystal doesn't mind sharing. His old bed, also an iconic, upscale, bachelor symbol, was the over-sized, circular, spinning bed. We hear his new one is a typically shaped, rectangular bed that is double or triple the size of a normal king-sized bed with sexy satin sheets.

7 Bedroom's Television Screens and Movie Theater

This is an older photo when Hef's rotating bed was still in the master suite. However, you can see the two large screens in the background - one is running a classic black and white movie, which is still on the playboy's weekend schedule. It's no surprise that the large television screens can be viewed from the bed. There is also another part of the suite that has movie type seating so they can watch new feature films on the weekends. We've heard it's strictly classics on Fridays, Saturdays and new films on Sundays. Hefner is a known movie buff and loves to snuggle up with his bunnies to watch a few.

6 Private Zoo for Bunnies and Guests

The Playboy mansion is the only property in the Los Angeles area that has a zoo license. So the mansion's visitors can enjoy the peacocks, monkeys, marmosets and about 50 varieties of additional exotic birds. The mansion is also home to dogs and cats, as Mr. Hefner has been an animal lover since he was a child. Rumor has it he once said he'd have become a zoo keeper had he not selected his playboy career.

5 Prohibition-era Hidden Wine Cellar

Unfortunately this secret wine cellar is so secret there are no photos allowed. Even former resident, Holly Madison, said she never even knew where it was during the first six months of living there. It's said that the cellar is sometimes used to hide valuables during large events at the mansion, so the security teams feels it unwise to promote anything having to do with this luxurious treasure that Hefner loves. The cellar was built and used during prohibition to store liquor.

4 Wife, Crystal Harris's New Home

Hugh bought wife Crystal her own $5 million, 5,900 sq. ft. home in the fabulous Hollywood Hills area. He is so generous with his new love, he put the home in her mother's maiden name as proof it will remain hers even after his death. After all, rumor has it that Hefner has no final will and testament, so providing his lovely wife with stability is a luxury most men could not afford. On the flip side, for now - the place is perfect for both of them. This is where the couple escapes to from the Playboy Mansion's frequent, yet welcome guests. The home includes a jumbo kitchen, home theater, game room, horizontal shower room, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, plus has an phenomenal view of Los Angeles.

3 Playboy Mansion's Famous Grotto

We've all heard the stories of "the grotto" with lots of people drinking champagne, maybe a few drugs, mood music and pretty much butt-naked. Not everyone bares their privates, of course, but we're guessing most visitors get in the act or tool on out to the other fabulous areas of the mansion. This grotto is one of the estate's highlights without a doubt. Can you even imagine being able to dip a toe in Hugh's waters? Our guess is that the grotto is probably fully stocked with guests and water toys all year round.

2 Velvet Jackets

What's an expensive pair of silk pajamas without a velvet jacket to dress it up? Hugh Hefner has been known to say he is comfortable being in pajamas and velvet jackets while he is socializing or pretty much doing anything. His smoking jackets are as iconic as his pajamas. We have to say, he always looks good, particularly considering this playboy is pushing 90. He's always been a trendsetter and will continue to demonstrate how to live a free and easy, luxurious lifestyle.

1 His Wife and Girlfriends

Love has always been a part of Hugh's dreams. He says it time and again, he loves to be in love and knows he is a lucky man to generally have seven girlfriends at a time. Now that he's again a married man, though, Hugh has decided to try monogamy, although he's not sure it is a normal state. That doesn't stop him from surrounding himself with his platonic girlfriends and bunnies. We're pretty sure that in Hef's life, playmates make the world go round. He has pronounced wife Crystal Harris as "the one", so it seems that even at the mature age of 89, an old dog can learn a new trick. Crystal and Hugh tied the knot in a small ceremony on New Year's Eve 2012. Make no mistake, the self-professed playboy will never give up on his bunnies.

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