10 Expensive Ways Shakira Spends Her Millions

Shakira is one of the most prestigious names in the music industry and has a net worth evaluated at $300,000,000. The Colombian beauty mesmerized the world with her voice, dance, and charisma. She became a household name in the US thanks to songs like My Hips Don't Lie and Whenever, Whenever. However, she was already a star in South America, and she started singing when she was still a teenager.

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The singer is married to the soccer star Gerard Piqué, and they have two children together. The family spends most of their time in Barcelona, but they have properties all over the world. Keep scrolling and discover how Shakira spends her millions.

10 House in Miami - $11,648,000

In 2018 Shakira put her impressive mansion in Miami on the market for $11,648,00. She used to spend a lot of time in the city when she was a judge on The Voice. She bought the place in 2003, but now the singer spends more time in Barcelona with her family.

According to Parade, the waterfront house has a fantastic view of the city and a private dock. The residence has two floors, six bedrooms, and eight bathrooms. Shakira renovated the house that now has hardwood floors and a completely new kitchen.

9 Personal Trainer

Shakira has one of the most beautiful bodies in show business, but she doesn't take it for granted. The Whenever singer invests part of her money on an exclusive personal trainer. It also helps her to keep the rhythm when she is performing on stage.

According to Anna Kaiser, her personal trainer, Shakira works out five days per week, and the focus of the exercises is improving her heart rate monitor. "We alternate between strength and cardio intervals," Kayser told InStyle. "Some days, we do just cardio and then strength, and some days we start with strength and then do cardio, we like to mix it up."

8 Mansion in Barcelona - $5,500,000

Shakira spends most of her days in Barcelona, Spain. Her husband, Gerard Piqué, is one of the stars of FC Barcelona, so the family spends most of the year there. They had several addresses in the city and, most of the time, they rented. However, in 2015, they found the perfect place to call home. According to Sport English, the couple paid $5,500,000 for it. It was a bargain compared to the $11,000,000 initial price.

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The house is surrounded by trees and they had famous neighbors like Neymar, who later moved to Paris.

7 Private Plane

Shakira is one of the greatest stars in the music industry, and she is often traveling the world on tours and promoting her work. So it does make sense that she invested some millions on a private jet. Although there is no information about how much she paid for it, it costs millions to have one.

But owning a private jet doesn't mean you won't have problems. Last year, when she was traveling with her family in Colombia, they had to do an emergency landing due to technical issues in the jet.

6 Private Island - $16,000,000

Most people dream of spending some days on a desert island in a tropical paradise. However, few people have the chance to make this dream come true, and even fewer have the luxury to have a private island. Shakira is one of those people.

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In 2011, the Waka Waka singer bought a private island together with Roger Waters. According to Latina, they paid $16,000,000 for Bonds Cay, an island that is part of the Bahamas. It might be a great experience to spend some days with Shakira and Roger Waters on an island. Other multimillionaire stars, like Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio, also have private islands.

5 Personal Stylist

Shakira's style has changed a lot since she started her career in Colombia when she was still a teenager. She had a little help from some stylists. One of them is Rob Zangardi, who also has a long-time partnership with Jennifer Lopez. He helped Shakira to define her style when she was a judge on The Voice.

According to the stylist, Roberto Cavalli and Laboutin are some of Shakira's favorite brands. "Our first fitting was in Barcelona, where we planned her first 10 outfits. I think we brought 12 trunks of clothes and shoes for her to try on," he said.

4 Hairdresser

It is impossible to imagine Shakira without her long hair and perfect curls. Although it looks effortless, her hair demands a lot of care. The person responsible for it is the hairstylist Cyntia Alvarez.

Shakira once posted a video of all the work behind her curls."Getting ready, no one said it would be easy," Shakira says in the video, laughing. Looks like she's found her curling mantra. Shakira is also among the clients of Tracey Cunningham, who only has A-list clients like Khloe Kardashian, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lopez.

3 Car Collection

Most celebrities have a priceless car collection in their garage. Shakira is no different. She has a Mercedes-Benz SLK, which is evaluated at nearly $44.000. She is a fan of the brand and also has other models like S600, SL550, and GLK. Shakira also has a BMW X6 and an Audi A7.  Her husband is also a fan of luxurious cars, and the couple is often seen driving around in the vehicles.

However, having the money to afford fancy cars doesn't make her a good driver. In 2014 the singer made the headlines after she could not park a car in Barcelona and had to ask the help of her husband.

2 Personal Chef

Having a personal chef at home is common among A-list celebrities, and of course, it is expensive. Shakira loves Colombia, and she hired Chef Jorge Marquez, who grew up between the US and Colombia. He was the chef behind the Ritz Carlton South Beach, and his dishes conquered the Colombian singer.

The chef revealed that he adapted Colombian dishes according to the superstar diet. He was also responsible for cooking for her guests on several occasions. Now he prepares meals for several athletes in South Beach and exclusive parties in the area.

1 Charity

Despite all the success, Shakira doesn't forget her roots. She also believes education is the key to changing people's lives, and in 2009 she created the Fundación Pies Descalzos in Barranquilla, her hometown in Colombia. The place is a public school that was recognized as the best public school in Colombia.

"Right now, I'm in the middle of shooting something, but I have just received incredible news, and I want to take a pause to celebrate it," she posted. "Every year in Colombia, they create a list where they choose the best public and private schools according to their Saber test results. And guess who leads the list? Fundación Pies Descalzos in Barranquilla! Sending a big kiss to all the students there. I love you guys, and let's aim for more."

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