10 Of The Most Expensive Houses Sold In The World In 2019

It is amazing how much some homes can sell for. Worldwide,  there are so many over-the-top homes that make jaws drop. Whether the home has gold toilets or manicured lawns, people from all over flock to see what's for sale. These homes have the best of everything within their walls.

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They are so well-equipped that you really don't need to leave your home. You can enjoy a movie in your private movie theater or play a round of golf on your personal course. Let's open up the doors to 10 of the most expensive houses sold in the world in 2019.

10 Pumpkin Key, Key Largo, Florida – $95 Million

Pumpkin Key is not just a house, it is an entire island! This piece of paradise located in sunny Florida and has a price tag of $95 million! There is more than one house on the island where you can hang up your hat. The main home has three bedrooms but there are also two cottages and one big apartment. In case you need to park your helicopter, the tennis court is a place that was also made to land your chopper. The selling price has dropped from $110 million to $95 recently and there are a few interested buyers.

9 Owlwood Estate, Holmby Hills, California – $115 Million

Originally priced at $180 million, this gorgeous pile of bricks is now for sale for $115 million. You know, pocket change for most of us, right? Located in Holmby Hills, California, this mansion has been the home to Tony Curtis as well as Sonny and Cher. The mansion has an Italian feel to it and is decadent inside. This home has housed many famous faces and it is not hard to see why. The home has nine bedrooms, ten bathrooms and four garages! Every room seems nicer than the next and for a hefty price tag, this place could be yours!

8 Villa l’Echauguette, Monaco – $125 Million

This over the top pink mansion is located in Monaco and is priced at $125 million. It is rich in history and will take your breath away. The home has views that overlook a port, the sea as well as the Formula 1 Grand Prix racetrack. The home underwent renovations in 2008 and is still as amazing as ever.

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This pink paradise has six floors, a 22-meter swimming pool and gigantic terraces. It remains one of the most expensive properties ever listed in Monaco. There is no question that anyone would ever want to leave if they owned a pad like this!

7 Mesa Vista Ranch, Pampa, Texas – $250 Million

Texas is home to this beautiful ranch for a price tag of $250 million. Also known as the Mesa Vista Ranch, this home is located on over 100 square miles of land. The ranch has its own airport, chapel and fire station! The ranch is owned by Boone Pickens, an oil tycoon. Pickens actually helped build the ranch and it has pretty much everything you can think of. Whether you would like to play golf on the course or swim in the fresh lakes nearby, Mesa Vista can provide! This exquisite home can be yours for a mere few million.

6 10 Chancellor Court, Ottawa, Canada — $2.9 Million

Canada has some of the most beautiful nature. Canadians sure are lucky to have some amazing properties also. 10 Chancellor Court in Ottawa is the address to one amazing home. It is newly built and has a price tag of $2.9 million. Owners will love it because it is in a private area in a cul-de-sac. The home was built to incorporate fire, earth, metal, water and wood into the decor. It is the perfect place to host a party because it has many areas to entertain. It is spacious, modern and the exact home everyone would like to live in!

5 1000 Sulphur Springs Road, Hamilton, Canada — $6.9 Million

Another beautiful Canadian property is located at 1000 Sulphur Springs Road. This Hamilton home has pretty much everything you can want in a home. There is a movie theatre, a three-car garage, gym, steam room and even a grotto. This home would make the late Hugh Hefner proud. The big windows allow for some amazing views. The pool area is to die for, it is massive and has a built-in barbeque area for any sunny day. The home was built in 2008 and has a colonial/french look. For a mere $6,999,900 this amazing property could be yours.

4 124 Park Road, Toronto, Canada — $19.8 Million

This home was built in 1857 and is now considered historic. It is worth a whopping $19,800,000 and located in Toronto, Canada. It has everything possible thing you can think of from a billiard room to a basketball court. The guest house alone outshines any average house around the block.

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The wine cellar is bigger than most restaurants and the home is one hell of a place to entertain. There are five huge bedrooms and nine bathrooms. This house roughly 12,000 square feet and amazes anyone who has a chance to see it. There are seven listing agents working around the clock to sell this!

3 594 S. Mapleton Dr, Los Angeles, CA — $119.7 Million

This insane mansion is also known as Spelling Manor. In June 2019 the home sold for an insane $119.7 million to an anonymous buyer! Many famous celebrities had their eye on this home including Jay Z and Rick Hilton. This sale made history. It is the highest sale in California's history to date. You may be familiar with this mega-mansion because it was once owned by the late Aaron Spelling. Now, this is what you call Beverly Hills 90210! The house has 123 rooms including a gift wrapping room. There are hotels with fewer rooms than this private home!

2 Palazzate, St. Peter, Barbados – $125 Million

This home has it all, it is big, beautiful and located in a perfect place. Escaping to the Carribean is definitely a treat, but owning a mansion in Barbados is ideal. Selling for $125 million a beachfront mansion called Palazzate has tongues wagging. This prime piece of real estate is actually the most expensive in all the Caribbean! This beautiful home has an underground parking lot that can fit up to 18 cars! Having great security is essential in a palace like this. The home has a special security room. The sophisticated camera system will stop intruders from trying to move in!

1 24 Middle Gap Road, Hong Kong – $447 Million

This home is located in a very fancy gated community like many of the other mansions mentioned above. This mansion costs $610 million and is located in Hong Kong. It really is one of the most expense homes in the world. There are only four bedrooms in the home. The home is actually quite modest considering its price tag. The cost of the property is so high because of the land that it is located on. Owning a property with this much value is very appealing to many buyers. Unfortunately not too many Average Joe's having $600 million in their back pocket!

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