10 Most Expensive Things Gwyneth Paltrow Has Bought (& Told Us We All Need)

For the past three decades, Gwyneth Paltrow has changed the film industry with her charismatic personality, soft expressions, and distinct blonde hair. Paltrow, who is the daughter of veteran actress Blythe Danner, and director, Bruce Paltrow, gained notoriety for her roles in the films: Seven Pounds, Shakespeare in Love, A Perfect Murder, and most recently, as Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

In September 2008, the actress created the lifestyle brand, Goop, which began as a weekly email newsletter that provided “new age” advice on topics such as: eliminating white food, nourishing the inner-soul, and policing your thoughts. The brand expanded into an e-commerce that collaborated with fashion brands, local pop-up shops, and magazines.

Despite the brand’s attempt to give a new approach to living a “holistic” life, Goop has received backlash for promoting and selling products with no scientific background. Paltrow herself has also been criticized for being “out of touch” due to the prices of certain items she insist every-day Americans need.

What are some of the most expensive things the actress owns that she has suggested for others to use? Here are the top ridiculously priced items Gwyneth Paltrow owns that she insists everyone should have.

10 A Steamer Seat - Price: $55

Vaginal steaming has become a new trend among many women. While some doctors have not given it the a-okay, others swear by this method, particularly Paltrow. The actress claims that by doing vaginal steaming, she was able to get pregnant after having infertility issues. There have been other women who also say steaming was the answers to their prayers. This particular brand isn't too much money, but prices may range depending on if a person does a DIY steam or goes to professional to get it done.

9 The Standard for Josephier - $950

This product, also dubbed as "toilet paper for rich people" is suppose to be toilet paper "reinvented". The Josesphier brand is a conscious product that doesn't include harsh chemicals or plastics. The brand is also eco-friendly and natural that should leave your bottom feeling clean and moist.

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It has been approved by Swiss dermatologist, but there is no word from any American scientists if this brand is safe, or worth the money.

8 Rosewood Handle Truffle Slicer - Price: $40

While this slicer isn't as pricey as its counterparts, it is still a bit more than the normal cutting boards. The Rosewood Handle Truffle Slicer is an oliver wood designed in Milan. The razor-sharp blade attached to the board is normally used for creating such delicacies, like: fresh truffles, strawberries, and chocolates.

7 Goldloft 18K Gold Dumbells - Price: $125,000

The Shallow Hal actress is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, but the requirement of these Goldloft 18K Gold Dumbells may be a bit of a reach. The dumbells were made with Grenadilla wood and 2Kg of worth of 18K gold per dumbell. Created in Germany, this item could be a good investment but a costly one, as there is no reviews if using this product has paid off.

6 Cedes Milano Toothpaste Squeezer - Price: $244

Another Milano product, this luxury item is considered to be the best of it's kind and given it's price, it should be. This toothpaste squeezer comes from the house of Cedes Milano and will give a glamorous appearance to any bathroom. While this item is currently out-of-stock, for $244 any body can get their toothpaste squeezed out in style; which doesn't seem like a necessity but if Gwyneth Paltrow thinks it's worth it, maybe it is.

5 Antonio Lupi Baia Tub - Price: Unknown

Described as a "masterpiece by Antonio Lupio", the Baia Tub is a clean and elegantly designed item that has re-imagined the way bath tubs are made. The Baia Tub was made with cristalplant and white-washed giving it an ethereal and angelic look.

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The tub can be purchased on the Antonio Lupio website but its price is not listed, so it may cost more than a few pennies.

4 Pizza Oven - Price: $1,000-$6,000

Who wouldn't enjoy a fresh-baked pizza fresh out of the oven from their own home? The 47-year-old actress loves to make her own pizza, however this could cost a bit depending on where it purchased from. The average cost of a pizza oven ranges from $1,000-$6,000, so it may be best to keep Pizza Hut on speed dial.

3 Condom Dispenser - Price: $42

The average cost of a condom can range from .50 cents to a $1, depending on where a person lives and the brand they're buying. While this German-designed cube can make sexual activities easier between partners, one may question if it's really worth the cost? The Canoe Condom Dispenser is stainless steel, which can add a bit of flare to a bedroom. For $42 this could make life a lot easier, but it still has to be stacked with condoms, so it'll add up eventually.

2 Hermes Mahjong Set - Price: $46,000

The price range alone makes this one a head scratcher, particularly because it just a gameboard, but perhaps the meaning and its quality will persuade potential buyers to purchase it. The term "mahjong" is Chinese means squabbling sparrow, which is an allusion to the noise that the 140 tiles this set comes with makes. The Hermes Mahjong Set is created in palissander wood and printed in Swift calfskin, while the tiles are printed in full leather. For over $40,000, this game board could become a prized possession.

1 World View Exploration at the Edge of Space - $90,000

This two-part adventure is a two-year trip which would explain the expensive price. For the first part, travelers can spend three days at a resort in Arizona where they will learn behind the scenes secrets with pilots and the CEO, Jayne Poynter, in preparation for their flight. The next year, travelers with five of their companions will experience 360 degrees views of planet earth from a high-altitude balloon that lifts people 100,000 feet above the world. While there's no word if the famous actress owns or has done this, it was on her infamous Christmas list.

Given the amount of training, safety, and time needed to complete this trip, the price may not too out of reach.

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