Germany's 10 Luxurious Castle Hotels

Do you dream of owning a central European castle? Or perhaps just living in one as you travel around Germany? You can! The following are Germany’s best castle hotels that bring that fairy tale to life. Each one is located in a breathtaking forest setting not far from major tourist cities. All prices associated with the locations are relative and represent the starting price for a room.

10 Burg Wernberg Castle: $149 Per Night 

Burg Wernberg is one of the oldest castles in Bavaria. A former fortress, this massive building dates back to the 12th century. A long list of royals and other dignitaries owned Burg Wernberg before it was transformed into a hotel in 1953, at which time exterior and interior renovations began.

The hotel has 30 luxurious rooms, including suites, all decked out in Old World style – canopy beds, original oil paintings, as well as antique chairs, dressers and fixtures. Since the hotel is outfitted for wedding receptions it has a bridal suite (bedroom and bathroom) romantically decorated in florals, gold and white.

The castle sits on a high hilltop, so guests have panoramic views of Bavaria’s beautiful countryside and forest. Burg Wernberg is famous for its superb Bavarian cuisine, including forest game dishes, and its wine shop, which sells a wide selection of wines from around Europe.

9 Castle auf Schoenburg: $150 Per Night

Castle auf Schoenburg is the best preserved castle on the Rhine. It consists of three interconnected fortresses surrounded by its original defense wall. High up on a mountainside, the whole complex affords a panoramic view of the Rhine valley and its surrounding vineyards. Guests can dine on terraces, or they can eat in the knight’s hall.

The castle is filled with hidden rooms, twirling staircases and windows with views of the valley. There is a library with fireplace as well as other lounges and leisure nooks.

Schoenburg has 22 rooms, including two suites, all of which are massive and decorated in Old World style. Four poster beds with canopies, German figurines, and vintage chandeliers are just some of the treasures you’ll find in these quarters. One bedroom even has a turret.

8 Schlosshotel Gaussig: $159 Per Night

Schlosshotel Gaussig goes back to the year 1245, but it bears the mark of Palladian architectural design because Colonial Neitschitz and his wife Ursula acquired the place in the eighteenth century. The estate includes a vast amount of land, most of which is picturesque. Lakes, manicured shrubbery and walkways frame the castle so that each angle looks a painting.

Inside you’ll find massive rooms, including 16 bedrooms/suites, a huge dining room called the Hall of Mirrors, a chapel, lounges, study rooms with antique desks, and more. Everything is furnished according to period style; and some of the bath tubs are freestanding originals from the eighteenth century.

7 Castle Hugenpoet: $190 Per Night

Hugenpoet is one of Germany’s top castle hotels. It dates back to the seventeenth-century and now belongs to the Von Furstenberg family. The structure looks much like a mansion, but it’s surrounded by a moat. Guests can go horseback riding, golfing and hiking in the surrounding forest.

A black marble staircase in the castle’s enormous entrance hall is the first taste one receives of the interior’s opulence.

Hugenpoet has 31 rooms, including several suites, each decorated in Baroque style. All bathrooms are made of marble and carry luxury toiletries.

Plus, the hotel serves some of the finest German food. No wonder, then, celebrities have come to Hugenpoet just for the cuisine. Hugenpoet has grand ballrooms and outdoor space for wedding receptions as well.

6 Schlosshotel Münchhausen: $199 Per Night

This castle is a restored legacy of the Weser Renaissance, combining rustic charm with Old World elegance. Münchhausen boasts eight acres of well manicured gardens and golf courses. Statuary decorates the hotel exterior and its gardens. Plus, a moat surrounds the castle.

Guests have access to 66 rooms, including 10 suites. There is much to admire in the way of original artwork, furniture, chandeliers, fireplaces, etc. Schlosshotel Münchhausen has an indoor pool, conference and banquet rooms. Gourmet dining and modern amenities are also there to enjoy.

5 Schlosshotel Kronberg: $220 Per Night

Schlosshotel Kronberg used to belong to Empress Victoria, daughter of England’s Queen Victoria. It is an enormous palace/castle whose nineteenth and twentieth-century décor has been largely preserved. Guests can admire original fireplaces, tapestries, oil paintings, porcelain, woodwork, staircases, in addition to modern amenities.

Kronberg has 62 bedrooms and suites. Each client has a choice of room(s), the most popular of which is the Royal Suite - Empress Victoria’s bedroom. A terrace lounge, living rooms, and library give the hotel a domestic feel and there is a gift shop that sells historic goods, such as books about the royal family.

Guests have access to a beauty salon, extensive gardens, a golf course, and many mysterious pathways to walk through the surrounding forest. As if all this weren’t enough, Kronberg offers cocktail classes and puts on concerts in its music hall.

4 Schlosshotel Lerbach: $275 Per Night 

Schlosshotel Lerbach is near Cologne. Considered one of Germany’s best luxury hotels, it’s situated in the middle of an enormous private park/garden complex and offers every 5 star amenity one can wish for. There are over 200 rooms, including spaces for banquets, meetings, and smaller receptions. The gourmet restaurant Dieter Muller is one of the country’s five best.

Lerbach hotel is known for its top notch service: all clients get individualized attention, and the staff continually cares for the premises.

Schlosshotel Lerbach has a pastoral but elegant, Old World atmosphere, with rich wooding, sweeping staircases, and creamy marble interiors. Woodland accents complement the hotel’s natural setting and contribute to its fairy tale charm.

3 Schlosshotel im Grunewald: 289 Per Night 

This leading 5 star castle hotel is located in Berlin’s exclusive district of Grunewald and it’s one of the German capital’s best. Located within the Grunewald Forest, the complex is the perfect mixture retreat for grand receptions (i.e. weddings) and intimate getaways alike.

The hotel was originally the home of Walter von Pannwitz. It retains its early twentieth-century palatial elegance and includes a great variety of modern amenities. Karl Lagerfeld designed its 53 guest rooms/suites in rococo/neo-classical style. All rooms have windows affording beautiful views of the surrounding forest and grounds.

There is fine dining on site and a fitness center. Close by you’ll find major museums, theaters and shopping centers.

2 Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe: $300 Per Night

Situated on a high promontory in the Black Forest, Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe has panoramic views of the Rhine River and France’s Vosges Mountains. An outdoor dining area with woodland animal sculptures is connected to the façade.

Its imposing exterior matches the opulent neo-classical interior. Consider the circular hall with its marble columns, floor and stucco scrollwork. Decked out in white, gold and black, the room is elegance par excellence.

Bühlerhöhe has 45 massive guest rooms/suites. Several wings contain extensive living spaces, such as an Espresso Lounge and quiet reading rooms. The hotel has a spa, an indoor swimming pool, as well as a fitness center.

1 Schlosshotel Bensberg: $359 Per Night

Schloss Bensberg is not only one of Germany’s best castle hotels, it’s also a leading world hotel. With its extensive wings and four registers, Bensberg is positively palatial. The pristine white and grey exterior combines neoclassical and rococo designs and matches the interior’s cream/beige/white/gold/black palette. All of the massive rooms are fitted with marble, crystal, lead glass, gold fixtures, floral bouquets and fine porcelain.

Bensberg has 120 rooms, including suites, all of which are spacious, luxuriously furnished and linked to a large marble bathroom.

Bensberg is famous for its Michelin starred restaurant, La Vendôme. Here, guests can taste the best gourmet food in the country. In addition to its cuisine, Bensberg’s gorgeous ballrooms have made the hotel a favorite wedding destination.

Schloss Bensberg has every 5 star amenity in the book, including sauna, spa, and fitness facilities. The vast grounds include fountains and panoramic views of surrounding attractions, including Cologne Cathedral.

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